I TRIED SCULPTING for the first time! | Polymer Clay Sculpture + Painting

Inspired by Ace of Clay, I’m gonna be
creating my very first sculpture using this one that I found in the thrift
store and turning it into something completely different here goes! ♪ here is my victim: this cute little koala as soon as I saw this koala it made me think of a
cat for some reason and I thought maybe I could turn it into a lion if I
extended its rear-end made, the mane around the Koala ears, and then extended
his snout I decided to take some inspiration from Devin Elle Kurtz over on
Instagram (and if you know anything about this artist – which you should, I’ll have
them linked in the description – this lion is not going to be your ordinary lion now before I even get the clay out I had to bulk out the sculpture since I’m
going to be changing the shape of this koala into the shape of a lion I did this by using a mix of
masking tape and tinfoil what I did was just crumpled up
tinfoil and slowly build up layers bulking-out the sculpture and then using
the masking tape to flatten that up against the sculpture and like connect
it and what I’m really trying to do is make sure that there’s no air inside the
tinfoil at least that’s what I’ve learned from watching Ace of Clay – you
don’t want any air in your sculpture or it can crack and pop when it’s
cooking and that’s not what I’m looking for (these aren’t Rice Krispies) from what
I’ve read you want to bulk out any of the areas that I need to make at least a
quarter of an inch of clay thicker so like the mane (although that exact same
source told me not to use anything glazed as an armature so….. let’s hope this
turns out) so once I was done bulking-it-out it looks kind of like this, the most
extremely paranoid koala on the planet ♪ paranoid ♪ and it was finally time to get the clay
out I’ll be using this super sculpey as per Ace of Clay’s suggestion, and let me
just say this stuff is so much softer than anything I’ve used in the past back
when I was like a teenager I used some like I think it was fimo polymer clay
and I tried to make like little tiny polymer clay sculptures and I just did
not like it my fingers would hurt by the end and it was just so hard to knead the
clay but this stuff was great I got it on Amazon and it was quite soft so can’t
complain (I apologize if my yellow nails are a little gross, the
medicine I’m on that keeps me alive makes them a little yellow which is why
I usually coat them in something pretty like nail polish but I had a feeling I
was gonna have to cut my nails to be able to do this clay sculpture so I
wasn’t really worried about painting them again because I thought I was just
gonna have to cut them off which is why they look the way they do but I
discovered they weren’t really that much of a problem so I end up painting them
later on) this whole sculpture I think took almost….*thinks* no because I didn’t record
the whole thing because there’s a lot of like repetitive stuff but I think it
took somewhere between eight and ten hours (I guess that’s a pretty big
difference) let’s go with nine so before I can really sculpt it into what I want
I really need to just coat everything that needs to be coated with the clay
and I’m kind of fighting with myself through the whole process trying to keep
as much of the Koala as possible making sure I’m smoothing out the clay as I go
– so then our little buddy looked like this and I started to give him ears
because I want to see if I could turn the Koala ears into our lion ears and
see how much of the Koala ear I could hide with a mane and this is much
experimentation just trying to figure out where to look good and I’ve never
really sculpted anything [like this] before so I’m taking in a lot of information about
like what’s working and what’s not and using that as I continue into other
elements of the lion – now Here I am elongating the front legs because I
realized the lion doesn’t have little short legs like the Koala did and trying
to figure out how I’m going to add detail to the feet at first I just like
drew into the foot lines but then later I realized: “I think I’m gonna have to do
these separate and then just somehow attach them” because the head was getting
in the way so I took a big lump of clay etched in the four fingers of a paw …ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵉʳᵐ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵃᵗ…. but a key was to keep it pretty round and
I also added bulk to like the tip of the paw giving it that general
paw shape, like adding claws and fur and then I had to attach it to the actual
sculpture by squishing the crap out of it and then blending it out and then
for paw number two, I saw on one of the reference pictures of the many pictures
of Lions that I was looking at, the lion had its paw flipped over (I assumed he
was grooming) and I thought it was just so cute so I decided to give that a try
so for this paw I’m actually drawing the bottom of the paw which was a lot of fun
adding in the pads and still playing with that shape because after making
that first paw I kind of felt like I had an idea of what they look like and then
I just translated that flipped it over and added the little pads and 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙨𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙩𝙚! played around with that a little bit more adding some more detail and
then I had to attach that to the entire sculpture as well after the paws were
firmly attached to its body I decided to give our little koala a mane, I did this
by adding multiple like triangle sections and then sculpting into it with
this like metal tool to create like a fur texture but I also wasn’t looking
for straight hair, I wanted it to be very curly organic and almost leafy,
like I wanted it to seem more like it was solid and like a physical shape
instead of like flowy hair so that’s my goal for the mane because I’m not doing
just an ordinary lion as I said earlier when I had this much of the mane done I
decided to start working on the face because I wasn’t entirely sure how I was
going to hold on to this object without smashing in the mane and like I put a
lot of detail into that I didn’t want to ruin it so I left some of it plain while
I was working on the face – I started with a big chunk of clay and then like
chiseled away at it kind of the way I approach art and I always say like it’s
kind of like a sculpture and you like chisel away at the art so this time I
was actually making a sculpture and chiseling away at like something
physical – it was pretty cool – this was probably my favorite part, I enjoyed
every step of the face from like chiseling away big chunks to chiseling
away little tiny bits and like adding extra bits and like rounding them off and
then adding a nose, and I just really liked this part
of it and while not everything I tried worked it was still very very enjoyable
and I have to say this whole sculpture was just so much fun like I haven’t had
this much fun in a long time and I spent like I said like about nine hours on
this thing and the entire time at no point was I like thinking about a future
project or anything which sometimes happens when I work on like long term
art projects it might be because this is my first time sculpting so like I
haven’t gotten to the point where it feels a little redundant but oh!! I had so
much fun *happy sounds* this reminds me of something I was thinking of when I was working on
the face was I feel like I’m working on like competing styles with this
sculpture and again that’s probably because it’s like my first time
sculpting and I don’t really know what my sculpting style is but when I was
working on the face I was using big chunky features and I loved it – it gave
me almost like Ice Age vibe you know how like Diego’s face is shaped, it’s not
like it doesn’t look exactly like a lion it’s very stylized and I love that I
guess he’s a tiger actually I mean but still the way his face is built, it’s very
stylized and they exaggerate certain features and I was having a lot of fun
doing that with my lion and it just makes me wonder like the more I sculpt
things if I’ll develop a certain style and it’s just it’s so fun to think about
and I just wonder if I keep up with this what will happen and I definitely want
to try sculpting again in the future I need to practice all the steps including
the painting which we’ll get to now I can’t have just a two-legged lion, I need
to find at least one more leg, the way I have him sitting, he’s sitting on top of
one of the legs so he’s going to be a three visible leg lion so very I’m
working on that third leg making sure it’s the same size as his other two feet –
he’s kind of sitting on top of it and this leg is gonna be very squished
underneath him I just sort of repeat the steps I did it the other leg and then
end up actually like cutting it in half and then sticking it underneath the
sculpture so half the work gets thrown away but I think it turned out really
really good and I’ve got a newfound love for sculpting cat feet so.. (paws I guess
is the word) but yeah! I enjoyed it! the knee of that leg I first just sort of like drew
it into the clay with the tool to try and get the shape of it out and then I
made that shape in clay and just plastered it onto the side of the lion
and it actually worked really well for I mean I think it looks like a leg so yeah
I can’t complain there then I went back to working on the mane and I just
finished up the entire head so we have a koala with beautiful locks and I kept
jumping between the mane and other elements like adding legs and a
tail and then after that I had everything basically done and it was
time to take a turn for the mystical so here I am using a marker to flatten out
the clay because I don’t have the right tools and I’m using these very flat
sections to create roses now from what I’ve seen and the research that I’ve
done they say you should use the color of clay that you want for the rose
because it’s very hard to paint them but I wasn’t about to go out and buy a ton
of different colors of clay so I decided to break the rules and just make the roses
anyway, so I used these and I like kind of just plastered them all over the main
because I’m picturing the main being like a green color made of like leaves
and then the roses would be like coming from that and the head is sort
of mossy and things are growing on it and the entire lion is kind of meant to
be more of a mystical beast so it’s not your ordinary lion like it’s not like so
dirty that stuff’s growing out of its Mane but rather its Mane is the growth
and that’s the stuff that grows out of his head is just roses and leaves and
bunch of organic stuffffffah the most difficult part of making the roses was trying to make one small enough where I felt like it fit into the
sculpture but since I did have so many large ones I decide to incorporate them
into the sculpture anyway by like making the lion sort of hugging them I kind of
just wanted to use it because I had it and I thought they looked cool so I just
basically plastered the roses everywhere, since this idea was
working so while I also decided to take parts of the mane and make them look
even more leafy by changing the shape of them and having them stick out and like
come forth from the mane and you know look like leaves and although most of
the flowers are roses I did try to add some variety with some more like pokey
looking flowers and more round bulbous flowers and then at this point the tail
felt a little plain so I also included a bunch of roses and flowers around
the end of the tail I think it looks cute kind of looks like it should be
a ribbon which I did try but it was kind of difficult to sculpt so I decided to
go with the flowers since I had a couple left over anyway – then I just took some
mineral oil and coated the outside of it and this really helped remove the
fingerprints as the internet suggested and it actually around the mane, when I
was sculpting the mane, there was all these like beaded up bits of clay that
were kind of like stuck in the cracks and when I went over it with the mineral
oil those things just like dissolved which was fantastic this looked ten
times better after giving it a little bath which brings me to my biggest
noobish mistake is that I did not cook this thing long enough so it came out
very crumbly and a lot of the details just like popped off and I was very very
disappointed about that little upset and I realized I could either bury this
thing and have a funeral or I could paint it anyway, put it on a mantel, and
never touch it again – and I decided on the latter, so I picked out my paints: I
picked these pretty blue and greens and one pink I did test out the colors first
on a piece of paper to see if these were the colors I wanted to use for a lion
and I just sort of like created a color key testing them out and I really really
liked it so I moved on to coloring the actual sculpture I decided to change
things up from the color key and make the mane the darkest section of the lion
so I started with the very darkest color coated over the mane and had it
get lighter as it reached the face of the lion, I wanted it to be a gradient
and I think it turned out really good like
originally pictured the mane being green like I said with leaves and things but
even though I went in a more fantastic direction
I think it’s cool like it wasn’t my main idea but I like it, and then for the
face I went with the lightest color that I had and colored that in especially for
the front of the face which on actual lines is usually lighter than the rest
of the face so that’s the lightest color and then it gets a little darker and I
had a lot of fun painting the face of the line I think I put the most time
into that – and the mane like right now actually I really like the way that
looks right now but I start trying some different techniques like trying to coat
just the outside edge and sometimes just trying to color in the cracks and you
know playing around with it because it is my first time painting a sculpture
like this so I really want to try and gain some experience and see what does
what and when I use more ink on the brush does it coat the cracks or when I
have more water on the brush does it like flow over some of the
sections like what happens? so I definitely use this as a learning
experience and yeah a lot of fun now at this point the roses were looking a
little gross so don’t worry about those we come back to them but for now I’m
coloring the body with the lightest blue color making it match the face and then
I’m also adding shading to that so even though this is a 3d object I’m taking
time to like add darker colors like between the paws and also like coloring
in the pads on his paw after coating the whole body in the light blue I came back
around to the front which is where I was focusing most of my attention and my
attempts to make it look good and really working on that face and then the roses
were really where it was I feel like lacking so I really spent a lot of time
trying to make the roses look good even though I thought I was done but I went
back in and started adding some more details to those, really trying to make
the texture of the sculpture pop so using darker colors further into the
rose lighter colors farther outside of the
Rose to really exaggerate the shape of the flowers and I went around and did
that to every single flower on its head so starting with that one that blobby
one with the weird slug and then going all the way around and putting extra
detail into those like big roses because they you know we’re bigger so there was
more room to put my brush and I could put a lot more time into making those
look good and I think working on that big rose right there it was when I
really figured out what I was really trying to do so I was taking like the
farther points painting them darker and the points that protruded further were
painted lighter and this just accentuated the sculpture aspects of.. the…
sculpturrrre …….yeah…. that sounded clever *slow claps* good on me but regardless of my inability to
form sentences I was just about done, I just added some details here and
there just some finalized painty bits and yeah! and then after he was fully
dried this is what he looked like I honestly I’m very happy with the way
it turned out like I see a lot of mistakes and I’d really like to try
again in the future but like first attempt I cannot complain Tooting my own
horn but I just had so much fun and I have this like trophy for what I’ve done
like it just it makes me very happy because when I draw something on paper I
don’t know some reason it doesn’t feel like it means a whole lot it’s just
…you’know, something in a sketchbook over there, some art I made, but with this
it’s like a physical thing and like it’s 3d and it’s-it’s-it’s something you
could chuck and it would break!! that just means something to me, and I’m I’m
very happy with the way it turned out I had so much fun so I do want to thank
Ace of Clay for inspiring me, for some reason you showed up in my
recommendation and I was hooked I’ve watched them all including your
like Q&A videos which were very very helpful so thank you for those anyway
this is my sculpture I’m happy with it
so yeah thank you guys for watching I hope you all have a delicious evening
full of waffles, I’ll see you guys all next week! BUI!! ♪


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