I Went To The BIGGEST Art Supply WAREHOUSE?!

Hello there! So, I am currently in
California because I have been at VidCon all weekend and basically we had a huge
artists meetup because a lot of artists came this year. And we just all met up
for the first time and it was just honestly such a heartwarming wonderful
experience, and it made me really grateful to be part of this community. Before I
came here though, I discovered that there was a huge, huge art warehouse very very
local to the Anaheim area, and I thought it would be so much fun to go there, take
you along with me, along with some of my art friends and go and check out some of
the supplies they’ve got there, see if they’ve got anything kind of unique or
original. And yeah, I’d like to take you with me so let’s go. *Music* This place looks so cool! *Gasps* Beautiful. *giggles* This place has literally everything. Look at all the pencils! It’s insane. I’m so incredibly self-conscious right now because there are so many
people in here because it’s a Sunday, but I love this shop, I think I would
just fly to California just to go in the shop. Look at it. This is my dream come
true. This is Hannah. Hannah Snow, everyone. Her link, her channel is in the link, in
the description stuff. Here’s your wall of brush pens that you wanted. -(Hannah): Yes! -(Chloe): Yes. (Hannah): Yaaas. Oh my god, 23 dollars! (Chloe): What? Okay, at least they’ll, they’ll… Hi. Probably shouldn’t have worn a green top, should I? So while you look at these wonderful clips, I thought I would let you know
that this trip cost a lot of money. California is EXPENSIVE. But luckily, this
video is being sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning
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in the description and it’s free. I said that, but it’s FREE. And if you like Skillshare and want to pay for an annual subscription, it’s less than ten dollars
a month. Also, check out this class on gouache as
well. I’m actually taking this currently because spoiler, I actually found this
really weird cool paint in the shop that I’ve never seen before so I took this
class. I forgot, I actually also teach classes on Skillshare if you want to
check them out, digital art painting classes, check em out, self promo over. (Chloe): What are these? Admarker? I’ve never
heard of that. Wow, that’s a very thick marker. *Hannah talking in background* Oh, that stinks! Ah, Spectrum Noir markers! These are what Jazza had in his box. There are so many! *Gasps* Oh my – look at the Copic markers! Definitely gonna need one of these. What’ve you seen? *Gasps* No w- Okay, so you probably know that these are really popular in
the art community, these little Uni-ball white signo pens. I had no idea
they had them in gold! Also maybe a silver. Hello, Chloe. (Chloe): Vlog-ception! (Hannah): This is Chloe by the way. I love her very much. (Chloe): This is Hannah. *Both laughing* So I’ve just come across these little things here. Apparently they are like portable water
holders so they, they open out. And, they’re like silicone that you can fill with water, which I think is such a good idea! I could use these. Okay, so I have got a handful of these really nice
little pointy paintbrushes that I stupidly left in my water at home and
they all look kind of like that now, so… I think I’m gonna get some more like,
detail brushes. This one doesn’t look too healthy, so probably won’t go with that one. So, just so you know, Hannah is an artist and
she was also a prop maker on Beauty and the Beast, Justice League… there you go!
Justice League and, what was the other one? Umm…Tarzan, but I made the leaves so I don’t
know if I- (Chloe): Oh, she ONLY made the leaves in the Tarzan movie! Not all the leaves! She has a channel, go and check her out because she’s gonna be starting making real proper art videos so go check her out. Check her out. Go “check-er” out. These are actually my favorite brushes, the Velvet Touch ones because they just
have like, the Velvet Touch. *Laughs at bad pun* (Hannah): That is so small! (Chloe): I know, it’s tiny, but it’s good for like… It’s tiny. Detail brushes and stuff. (Hannah): This is really good for model making. -Is it really? -Yeah. You should teach me how to model make and not fail. There are literally people
everywhere. And I’m so self-conscious because everywhere I go there are people like, “There’s this crazy person filming herself!” *Piano music* Ooh, they’ve got some HUGE paper cutters!
I would not trust myself with that. *Continues* Ah, this is so cool! All of this is ALL clay. I feel like I would be so bad at modeling things but I definitely
wanna give it a try in a video one day. If you would like to see me try doing some
sort of modeling one day, again let me know in the comments and give the video a
like or something and I’ll see if that’s something that I can do for – oh my gosh look at these
tools! I mean, I don’t have a clue what they’re for but they look quite … smooth. I actually haven’t seen the acrylic paint Not seen the acrylic paint yet so I
need to go find that because that’s my – MY AISLE Okay, I absolutely love these pens
because they have such a fine point. Actually, it was in Jazza’s art box. Okay, so this aisle – oh, this one has pastels. This is the pastel aisle so basically
this is the aisle that I hate. *Gasps* Look at all the erasers they’ve got! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited
because these are so, just, I mean, I’m getting excited over erasers here but
like, there’s SO MANY! I found the aisle. So this side you’ve got all of the oil colors. Tons of – oh *Gasps* They’ve got the Van- I’ve wanted to try these for so long! I wonder if they’ve got the watercolors because I’ve never actually seen these in any shop
before, I didn’t know they actually had them in the shop so I definitely want to… I want to try them. I actually had no idea that Ecoline did watercolors. That’s actually
quite exciting because I love their markers. I always feel like I wanna try them… but they might smash my case! Imagine all my clothes just get stained by turquoise
blue. These are great watercolors, PH Martin’s, I absolutely love them. Oh look,
it’s another museum for pigment sticks. They’ve got dry pigment? What? Okay, NOW I found it. I found it. This is – I mean, th- This is my aisle. This is, I’m living here.
I’m gonna make a little space in there and sleep there and live there for the
rest of my life. Look at all of the paints! *Big gasp* There’s so many! *Music resumes* Look at it! I’m in heaven right now. So this is apparently acrylic gouache.
Have you ever heard of that? (Hannah): No. (Chloe): I’ve heard of acrylic, I’ve heard of gouache,
but I’ve never heard of one that’s both. They have a- ooh, they have a little set.
I’m always tempted to get that. I like the purple. *Voices in background, indistinct* (Hannah): I’m so curious what this is like. (Chloe): Same. Like, I kind of want to try it but – (Hannah): Ultra-pigmented, opaque, smooth veneer with small brushstrokes, matte finish. (Chloe): I have never seen this before in my life.
“Buy $20 of Liquitex, receive a free sample,” yes please. Got two. *Both laughing* So this is what
it looks like apparently. *Gasps* Oh, look how nice that one is! (Hannah): Yeah, that’s the one that’s gone out. (Chloe): Damn! They look really cool though. Oh, I thought – oh there is more. *Gasp* Oh! Okay.
I broke the drawer. I found the Van Gogh watercolors so I probably would get a pan set if I get anything at all. -These are really pretty looking. -Ooh, yeah. *Gasps* Oh my gosh, that’s so cool, look at that! It’s like a, it’s like a green. Have you seen this easel? Look at the size of it. It is $350 for THAT. I really want to get like, a
proper easel one day, like this type of easel, because I would feel very Bob Rossish. I actually really wanna try and use – oh my
gosh, look at this color! Look at this! I’m gonna get that and use it in my
paintings I think, so that would probably – This is pretty. I think I’m gonna need a bigger basket at this point because I’m just seeing stuff – *Gasps* they’ve got wood! I don’t need wood but they’ve got wood. Okay, I have a question for you if you
are into acrylics. I really love the Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint but
golden is very similar. I already like this paint color. I don’t have any need for it
but I’m gonna get it because I think it’s pretty. The last thing I want to get,
because I’ve got like, a lot of paint here, I really want to try to get a nice
decent sketchbook because I feel like, you know, the 5 million I’ve already got
at home aren’t quite enough so I’m gonna see if I can get some more. Oh my gosh,
sketchbook heaven! (Whispering): Oh this is so cool! So I’m really curious, um, I have a handful of
sketchbooks, but I’ve drawn a couple of things in them that I don’t like, so now
I’m just like, put off of sketchbooks entirely. *Piano music* Okay, so in Jazza’s box he put in these
Hah, Hahnemuhle – I, again I know I’m saying this wrong, but he put one of these in but in a different
shape and I don’t know, I kind of liked the paper thickness so I think I’m gonna get
one but like, in a different shape because, might be fun to experiment with
and maybe actually fill a sketchbook for once! Are these $1.99? I mean, they’re not the best
paintbrushes but they’re not the worst. (Hannah): That’s so soft! (Chloe): Looks like a bear’s
backside. Like, Winnie the Pooh’s backside. (Hannah): Trying to vlog in public. Doo-doo-doo-doo! (Chloe): And here we have the Copic marker museum. (Hannah): Yeah. Maybe look – okay, put one arm like
that down and then one arm up. Up, straight up. Yeah. I think that looks
alright. As if by magic, I am back in my art space
again. I’m very excited to be home and I thought I would quickly show you
everything that I picked up in the art shop because I didn’t get a chance to do
that when I was there and I’m not gonna be making art with any of these supplies
today but I have a really fun video planned within the next few weeks using certain
supplies that I have here so keep an eye out for that, make sure my notifications are
on, but yeah, I thought I would just quickly show you everything that I
bought. So the first thing I saw when I was there were these very uninteresting
highlighter pens, just because they were pastels and I just liked the color of
them! These were all in this little baggie here and basically I got the
silver and the gold Uni-ball signo – are they signo? Nope. I got this little Tombow
marker in purple because I really like the black one that I have and I just
thought that it would be quite useful in the future. I then got these five
paintbrushes and every single one of these was actually on clearance for $1.99
except for this little guy here. So, really good deal, I can always use new
paintbrushes, so very happy with that. Then I found this thing which, it pops up.
A Faber-Castell Clic & Go container which, pretty much just does that and it
allows me to not use or waste any plastic when I travel so very, very happy. (Imitates heavenly singing): Ahhhh! I got some Van Gogh watercolors which I’m so excited about. I actually got the
pinks and violets because these are the only colors that they have left
available! Inside, as you can see, you’ve got some beautiful colors. It also has a
little paintbrush! How great – oh I’ve lost it. Wait what? Oh hang on, here it is. It also has a little paintbrush! How cool is that? Very, very, very pleased with that.
Can’t wait to use that. I got these metallic acrylic paints, Lumiere by
Jacquard, and this one in particular, I love. I’m going to be using these as kind
of, um, like just basically on my prints to give them a
nice little metallicky effect in certain areas. I also got some Golden Fluid
Acrylics teal paint just because I really liked the color of that. My very
favorite thing that I bought is this acrylic gouache which I literally never
seen anywhere before but uh, I’m very very excited to try it. It comes in all of
these colors, this was about $47. I also got some extra colors
because I feel like I’m gonna really enjoy using them. And I want to make sure
that I have enough fun colors to use. I got another Nostalgie Hahnemuhle book
because I really liked the one Jazza put in. Um, the paper’s nice and thick, 90
pounds as you can see, and I just liked the shape of it because I don’t have a
sketchbook that shape yet. Let’s hope I don’t ruin it! I literally look like a gremlin because I’m so tired. But thank you so much for watching this video, I
really really hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments down below
by the way if there’s anything you’d like to see me do differently in these
art shops next time or if there’s any art shops that you’d like to see me go
into next time. I’m really excited in particular for the acrylic gouache, so
keep an eye out for that video and yes, thank you so much for watching this
video, I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you
in the next video. *Piano music*


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