hi guys today I’m going to the first
makeup artist in my city so let’s go and by the way I just dyed my eyebrows so
sorry they’re a little bit too dark and I don’t have any makeup so we are going
to do my makeup it seems like everybody is making this video right now it’s very
popular and so will I and also guys I’m a little scared because I’m really
honest person and I want to tell her what type of video I’m recording the
police so there was a police I must stop the video
and I want to tell her that one time of video I’m recording because
she was very kind on the phone and I’m sorry but what can we do
you don’t know who is she and anything about herself
it’s okay and also I’m a little scared about my face not about makeup wash it
out but about my skin I don’t want any black guys English is not my native
language so I will translate everything you you you you oh my god guys look at that makeup it
looks like I cried all night oh my god I’m so cakey you can see that time there
is highlighter around my face can you imagine that glowy cat and guys
I can’t wait to brush this out I don’t want anyone see me I said her that my
boyfriend is going to propose me tonight he would never marry me if he sees me
like this so guys it’s a little dark outside but currently now I can’t record
this anywhere else so I just want to wash this out and see you guys in next

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