IBM Design

IBM is on a mission–a mission to create a
sustainable culture of Design and to bring human-centered design to thousands of product
experiences. And to accomplish this, we’ve launched a new design organization based here
in Austin, Texas. This is a place where designers, engineers, and product managers collaborate
to help change our approach to product design and to impact humanity in ways that matter
and endure. As IBMers, we don’t just make great products; we we painstakingly craft
experiences that delight our users and shape the future. The challenge of driving such
a massive cultural change is monumental. We practice design thinking at a global scale
and at a level of complexity that’s never been seen before. With product teams dispersed
around the globe, collaboration and alignment among key stakeholders can be extremely challenging.
And the deep legacy of many of our product and businesses adds to this audacious push
towards positive change. We believe that people learn best by doing, so all of our educational
experiences are infused with an active learning approach. When people come to our IBM Design
Thinking workshops, they’re up, they’re out of their seats, they’re working with their
teammates, they’re doing design–rather than hearing us talk about it. IBM makes the technology
that makes the world run. So if we can meet our mission to build a sustainable culture
of design, we’ve made the world around us a better place.

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