Ice Sculpture Philly – Peter Slavin’s Story

You know, there’s a different player On our team that has a purpose or responsibility and a mission and they perfectly execute it knowing their strengths and their weaknesses I design the piece around that it’s a snowball effect Everybody’s on board and everybody’s running with the snowball and we were getting bigger and bigger and bigger To the point that we’re ready to actually produce the whole process is totally active. It’s this nucleus of this controlled tornado I was on my way to California and I went in for my physical but all these other doctors and they all look down on me. I’m gonna like mr. Slavin We don’t know how to tell you, but we found a tumor in your heart over one and a half centimeters and Another tumor a little bit small in your right in your right atria That was a hard phone call to make I just didn’t have the heart to – I couldn’t I couldn’t get the words to Roll out of my tongue. Within 24 hours I had emergency open heart surgery. I was just like I am gonna get better. I’m gonna get better. I just have to get through this. It was a crazy night because It seemed like it Beep-beep-beep. It seemed like everybody was dying all around me I was the youngest person in there, you know The guy’d be coming by and went – zap zap – zappin’ other people reviving them and I was like thinking when is it gonna be my turn? And I was like, there’s no way man. I just stayed positive and focused on my steady heartbeat I was like, I’m gonna get healthy, you know when something like this happens you’re like Is God trying to tell me something? Do I need to slow down? Or, am I being too selfish? Am I too self-centered? I kept envisioning me sculpting ice again and doing big projects and being around my friends you want to show them that you’re gonna get healthy and you’re gonna get back you’ll get back to your life do the norm and That’s what I did. It was a local project All I could really do was like hold a little bit of water and a syringe to glue all the ice components together but it was up and that’s just what I needed because it was like it gave me the confidence to like Get back out there and get on the bike and I wasn’t scared anymore that I was gonna die. That I wasn’t healed properly That’s just what a person needs we get over any obstacle like that in life. A few years later They find another tumor in my heart and then they find some tumors on the outside of my heart, too Here I am again, and I said, I don’t want to have open-heart surgery Let’s come up with another way to get these things out. They decided to go in through the right side of my chest just under in front of my arm pit. That vision of me like Getting through the surgery to know that I could see my boys and my wife At the end when they say I’ll see you on the other side It was so true that worked for me and it’s all about that vision Picturing yourself healthy and seeing what the end result is and anything you do. That first day We had a job in Denver. It was like three weeks after my surgery It was hard lifting and the balance and everything but I think after that, that was a turning point again. Boom! There I was I’m back to it back. I’m rocking. When you’re with your team, you’re in the moment. I think you gotta enjoy it. I think you have to Captivate them in a way that no one else could captivate them. For me, there’s no challenge that’s gonna scare me. There’s no challenge. I love it, man. We could do anything. We could do anything we put our minds to.

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