I’ll Buy WHATEVER You Can Spell!

– Hey guys it’s Karina
– and Ronald from – [Both] Sis vs Bro And today we’ll be doing
I’ll Buy Whatever You Spell – [Both] Challenge! – But there’s a twist. We are going to be spending
each other’s money. – Dun, dun, dun. – So we’re not going to be
spending money from our parents. We are going to be using
each other’s money. So I’m going to get all
of the expensive stuff, like Gucci, Louis Vuitton… – Wait, wait, wait, wait. I am not allowing that. I am gonna get all the expensive stuff, Apple, Best Buy, whatever. – Okay, but right here
we got our mystery wheel with numbers of how many
letters we are gonna take. The highest is 50, the lowest is eight. – And Karina’s gonna get eight
because she just needs it. – No, I’m gonna get 50. You’re gonna get eight. All right, but rock-paper-scissors
who’s spinning first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yes, yes. – Why?
– Yes, yes, yes. – You always go first. Every single time you go first. – Yes, I’m a chicken. I am flying across the sky. – What? (beep) – So guys, this is round number one. I’m gonna get 50 hopefully. (wheel clicks) – Please, something good,
something good, something good. 25. – That’s halfway. Not bad. – It’s okay, but there is better. Okay, so I’ll get 25. Okay, so guys, I have 25 letters and Should I flip them over? – No, not yet. After until I get my letters. All right, hopefully I’m gonna get 50. All right.
(Ronald squeals) Three, two, one, spin. Oh, my God, cross my fingers. (squeals) – No, don’t cross your fingers. – No!
– Yes! – I got 18. 18 is not so bad, but not that good. 17 and 18. – OK. – All right. – So, let’s flip up our letters. Three, two, one. – [Karina] Oh, I think
I know what I’ve got I got double Rs. – [Ronald] I got an X which is not useful. I got a double L. – [Karina] No, I don’t have an I. Oh, gosh. – [Ronald] What do you want, Gucci? – No, I wanted Dior. – [Ron] Wait.
– [Karina] Don’t have an I. – [Ron] Wait, wait. – [Karina] I don’t have Ps. – [Ronald] Ps, why do you want Ps? – [Karina] Apple. – [Ronald] Oh, I just got a P. – [Karina] Oh, gosh. – [Ronald] Wait, I need another P though. – [Karina] I have a G. G-U I don’t have a C for Gucci. – If you get ‘apple’, you’re
just gonna get an apple. – No, I’m gonna get an Apple product. – You have to spell out the product. – No, you don’t have to do that. I just spell ‘apple’, OK. Oh, gosh. – So, I have a G, right? Please, do I have a G? I don’t have a G? – [Karina] Do I have a K? Please say I have a K. I don’t have a K. Oh, I can’t spell Bershka. Um, Zara, do I have a Z? No. I gotta have an H. I have an H. H… And… M, do I have an M? M, M, M, I don’t have an M. – Karina, can I borrow another P? – [Karina] No.
(they laugh) – [Ronald] I need to spell Apple. – [Karina] This is a lot
harder than I thought, OK. – I got an enye.
– [Karina] I can spell hand. – I’m not sure if I want a hand though. – [Ronald] Do you want my hand? – [Karina] I don’t want your hand. (Ronald laughs) – Oh, what can I get? OK, some expensive things. Best Buy, can we get Best Buy? Do we have a B? No, I don’t think we have a B. – [Karina] I don’t have a T. – [Ronald] I have a T. I don’t have a B though. What can I get? Maybe, Gucci. Nope, I don’t have a G. What else? What other stuff is there? I was gonna spell Louis Vuitton, but I don’t know how to spell it. – [Karina] I know how to spell it. I’m not gonna tell you. – [Ronald] Just spell it out right there. – I don’t have all the pieces to. I don’t even have an L. – [Ronald] You have a double R. What is even that for? – [Karina] I don’t know. This is the most useless piece ever. Why would I need a double R? (emotional piano music) – Guys, I can get tax. (record scratches) I can get tax. (laughs) – [Karina] Why would you want tax? – Please help me. OK, what other expensive stuff? Can I get McDonald’s? Can I get that? No, I don’t have an M. – [Karina] Come on. – [Ronald] (muffled
speech) I like, please. I just need to get something good. – I just need to think of Beverly Hills and think of all expensive shops in it and maybe I can think of something. – Can I get Zara? Do I have a Z? – [Karina] Why would you want Zara? – I don’t know. There’s clothing there. (they laugh) That’s the only thing I can think of. Okay, I don’t have is a Z. I just need one more please. – I don’t have double Ls. – [Ronald] Oh, Hollister. – [Karina] No. – [Ronald] Holl – [Karina] There, Holl – [Ronald] I. – [Karina] I-S. – [Ronald] S. – [Karina] T. E-R. – [Ronald] Karina, why did
you just help? (giggles) – [Karina] ‘Cos I’m nice, OK. – [Ronald] But you have to pay for it! – [Karina] Oh no, I do. – [Ronald] N. – You don’t have an E! (dramatic horn) – Wait, I don’t have the
most common letter, that I… No E?
– You can almost spell it, but not yet. – [Ronald] I don’t have an E. I just need a E. I have a R right here,
just an E, por favor? – [Karina] I have an E. – [Ronald] Could I borrow it? – [Karina] (voice deepens) No. (they laugh) – Just for a bit, please? I’ll trade you something, I’ll
trade you something. (laughs) No, I’m not trading. Wait, I need a V. Do I have a V? I want V-Bucks! (laughs) Do I have a V? – I need a V as well, because
I wanted to spell Vans, and I don’t have a V. This is so hard! – [Ronald] Err… (Karina gasps)
What? (Karina gasps) – Oh my God! No, I don’t have a Y! No! I wanted to spell Ray-Bans. – Karina! (laughs) I got a Y! – What if we trade? – Nah, I’m not trading. – [Karina] I’ll give you an E for a Y. – No, I’m not doing that. No trading today. I’m not, I– – [Karina] An E for a Y. – No, trading,
– You really want– – Trading is crossing the rules. We’re not gonna trade today, OK? – OK, fine. (Karina sighs) – Karina, you know what I can get? A cat.
(they laugh) – [Karina] Can I get a cat? – Not really. – I wanna cat, I want another cat. – [Ronald] We already have so many. How ’bout a snake? (record scratches) No, that– – Why would you wanna snake? – I don’t know, I’m just
trying to think of things. – [Karina] Don’t think of
animals, think of stores. – But I don’t know that
many stores though. – They’re so hard, tryna
think of stores, but I can’t! – I could do Best Buy, if I had an E. – But you don’t. – [Karina] Ronald, it’s
right here waiting for you. – No! No! (exasperates) – [Karina] What if we just – [Ronald] What do you want? – [Karina] I wanna Y. – What store are you getting? – Ray-Bans. – That sounds like an expensive store. – [Karina] It’s not expensive at all. – [Ronald] Yeah right. – It isn’t! – Yeah, then why do you wannit? – It just sells really cheap sunglasses. – [Recorded Voice] Bruh. – Oh, Ray-Bans is the
maker of my sunglasses. That’s not cheap, Karina. – [Karina] It’s super
cheap, super, super cheap. So… – [Ronald] No wait, I can
get Ray-Bans. (laughs) – [Karina] No, you can’t. No, you– – [Ronald] I need an E! Wait, you have two Es? – Er, no. – Then if you trade me an
E, you can’t make Ray-Bans. Then why are trading me the E? – [Karina] Because I want Ray-Bans. – But they cannot make Ray-Bans. – Because Ray-Bans
doesn’t have an E in it! – Really? Really? OK, no I’m not trading. There’s no trading, that’s cheating, that’s cheating. (sniggers) I’m not doing any trades
in this whole episode. – Brother, is our video,
we can do whatever we want. – Nope! (laughs) – No, you want that E for
Best Buy, don’t you wannit? – [Ronald] Let’s see if I
can make Best Buy first, without the E. OK, I don’t have a B,
so no, I cannot do it. – Oh, Hollister, Hollister needs an E. – Yeah, but like, still. I could get, uh, toy. I can get that. – I don’t you wanna toy. – No, not really. You know what I can get? I can get rash. (short dramatic music)
(they laugh) – Why would you wanna rush? – I don’t know, I can make everything except for stores and things. – I can’t think of anything. My letters just don’t add up. I think I need new letters. OK guys, since Ron does
not wanna trade with me, I have to go with bread,
‘cos that’s the only thing I can spell. – Karina, if you want bread,
go to the kitchen. (laughs) I don’t need to buy you bread. – Ron, you know the other I can spell? You’re not gonna be happy about it. Erm…
(heart beats) – [Ronald] I’m scared. – [Karina] Ford. You don’t wanna buy me a car, do you? – I don’t have enough
money for that. (giggles) – Exactly, that’s why
I’m going with bread. – OK, so since you’re going with bread, and I have to buy bread for you, I’m gonna go with the only
thing that I can spell that you can buy in this world. It’s a toy. And where is my Y? There it is. OK, there we go. Now you have to buy me something, Karina. – [Karina] A toy. – [Ronald] Yes.
– OK. – Which is why I’m gonna
get the most expensive one. It’s gonna be way more expensive than your cheap bread. (giggles) – No. So guys, let’s go to the bread shop. Bye! – You can just get bread
out of the kitchen. OK Karina, we’re here. What kinda bread do you want? Erm, I wanna choose one
that’s most expensive. – No, not the most expensive one! You’ve got bread, bread is cheap, and now you’re looking for
the most expensive one? – Mm-hmm. This one looks pretty big, I think this one could
be really expensive. – [Ronald] What? OK. – [Karina] I’m gonna get one of these. – [Ronald] Whaat? – This will last me two weeks. (giggles) And I’m not sharing with you. – I’m pretty sure we have
one of those in the kitchen. Only one dollar? That’s not bad. – [Sales Assistant] Gracias.
Gracias. Now to go get my toy. Ronald, I have a cool toy for you. A ball. (short dramatic music) – What? – It’s limited edition,
these are really expensive, and super awesome. Look, it can bounce even. Look at that? It’s so cool. – Just like any other ball. Karina, look it’s $1.80. – No, it’s $180. – No, it’s not, Karina! How about this? A Fortnite Nerf gun, it
comes with 20 bullets, it’s– – Ronald, that’s way too expensive! $60? – No, it’s not, I’m grabbing it. This is my toy, and I got a toy. (Karina sighs) – Wait, Ronald. Ronald, wait. What about this one? (short dramatic music) – That’s the smallest
tac shotgun in the world! – Ron, it’s so cool, it’s limited edition. – That’s what you say
for every single product. It’s says microshots on it. No, I’m not getting that, nice try. – Hola. – [Ronald] Hola. It’s time for Karina’s
money to cash out. (laughs) – This cost way too much. Ron, you’re barely even gonna use it. – I will, (laughs) or will I? Dun, dun, dun! – OK guys, now for it’s
time for round number two. Hopefully, I’m gonna get
50 so I can spell something that’s actually worth a lotta money. So Ronald is gonna go bankrupt. – No! You’re gonna get eight,
and I’m gonna get 50. Let’s spin it and prove you wrong. – No. (wheel clicks) – 50, 50, I can feel the 50, that’s it. 33, let’s go! (Karina groans) Yeah! So guys, last time I got
25, and I went eight over, so that means I have a
chance to get something. 33. OK, guys, so I have 33 letters, and now Karina’s gonna get
eight and be all jealous. – No, I’m gonna get 50. (they laugh) All right, three, two, one, go! Oh, oh my God!
– Please don’t! No, don’t cross your fingers. Yes! I got more than you! Yes, I got 37! Yes! (laughs) – Nooooo!
– Yaaaay! It’s only four than you, but that’s fine. OK. – [Ronald] OK, please I need an E. – [Both] Please – [Ronald] Get a G, a U, two Cs. – I got an I. – [Ronald] Now, that’s what I got! (Karina laughs) Wait, I got a U. I got an I, I got a C, I got an E! Let’s go! – [Karina] Oh gosh, I have only got– – [Ronald] I got an M, I got a C-H. I can get Chanel, left a C. – I haven’t got a G, where’s my G? Do I not have a G?
– Do I have a– Oh gosh, please say I have a G. – [Ronald] Please, I need a– – [Karina] G, G, G, G, G, G, G! Yes, I have a G! OK! – [Ronald] Can you make Gucci? – [Karina] Gucci, I’m checking. Chi-gu, chi, ch-ch,
ch-ch (gasps and squeals) Gucci, yes! Yes! Oh my god, I got Gucci!
– No! No!
– Oh yes! – No, no, no! – Yaaay! (emotional piano music)
– What happened to my life? Do I have a G? I don’t think I do. Where has my G gone? I didn’t get the G in the first
round, not the second round. I need a G, please. Like do I see a G somewhere? No, Karina gets Gucci (screams) – Well first I gotta
what else I can spell. I wanna if I can spell Louis Vuitton, ‘cos I think Louis Vuitton’s
more expensive, so– – [Ronald] Really? – [Karina] Yeah, it is,
so O, U, U, U, U, U, U. I gotta a U here, Louis. Err, I, vit. Louis, I, ih, I, ih, T. T, T, T, T, I don’t have a T. All right, so Gucci it is. – Can I get Best Buy? Best Buy is what I want right now. So B-E, S, T. B, B, please B. Do not have a B! Why does Best Buy have to sound like that? Why can’t it be ‘Best Uy’ (laughs) – ‘Best Uy’ (laughs) So I don’t have a G, life
is not good right now. OK, what else? OK, Apple, can I get Apple? – [Karina] No you can’t, you have any Ps. (fist slams) – Why do you have to break it for me? – Sorry to burst your bubble,
but you don’t have any Ps. – (voice deepens) Guys, I am gonna try MacBook, to see if I can do it, so M, A, M-A-C. – [Karina] You’re gonna be able to do it. – [Ronald] And then a B. – [Karina] You don’t have a K. (hand slams) – [Ronald] Yes, I do. Yes, I do. – [Karina] No, you don’t. – [Ronald] Why can’t it just
be spelt with a C at the end? Karina got Gucci, I have to buy Gucci, which is like $4000. – Not even, well maybe actually. (laughs) – Well, you might get
something really expensive. – Don’t worry, I will without a doubt. – Oh, I am so close! For a MacBook, wait. Wait a second, oh yeah
I was gonna get iPhone. I’m sure there’s something
expensive I can get. I have a feeling in my (voice
slightly high-pitched) bonas. – [Karina] Try Hollister. – Oh yeah, Hollister. Well, what if I get the most
expensive thing at Hollister? Holl… I’m gonna to go up to the
cash register and be like, “Hey, do you have, what’s
yor most expensive thing “in the store?” So guys, so far I have Hollister, which is not too good,
but it’s not too bad, so I’m gonna search for
something (voice deepens) better. Err, I can get Chanel, but
there’s no Chanel in Spain. I don’t know to do, guys! – [Karina] You got Hollister already. – Yeah, but I want
something more expensive. You have Gucci, I need to
get my money back from that. How do I do this? (Ronald hesitates) No, I wish I had a P, why do
I all of a sudden need Ps? OK, I can get Taco Bell,
but that’s not as expensive as Hollister, is it? So now, I’m not gonna get, Hollister is my best thing right now. Chanel is not in Spain, so no. – So guys, we made our final decision. I am going to Gucci and
Ronald go to Hollister. (Ronald whines) I gonna find the most
expensive thing at Gucci. I think I want some shoes or– – Shoes. – Or a bag.
– I want Gucci shoes. – Or a bag. (Ronald sobs) Ron, are you ready to
spend all of your money? – No, not really. (laughs) – All right, let’s go to Gucci! (whoops) – Please help me. – So guys, first we’re going to Gucci. – No! (sobs) – I hope you brought enough money! All right, let’s go. We are here. – [Doorman] Hello. – [Karina] Hola. Ronald, I think I’m gonna get a belt. Do you like this one?
– Yes, yes. – This one’s really good. – [Ronald] How much is it? – Er, let me check. It’s 270. (record scratches) – What? For a belt? – Do you have the money for it? – I don’t know. – All right, I think
I’m gonna get this one. (emotional music) – [Ronald] 200 and – [Sales Assistant] 70 please. (sniggers) – [Ronald] Here. – [Sales Assistant] Thank you! Thank you so much. – (voice slows) Help me please. Karina, why do you need a belt? Your pants are not falling down. – Well, no one wears a belt ‘cos their pants are falling
down, it’s just fashionable. – [Ronald] Really? – [Karina] Mm-hmm. – I didn’t know that. – Thank you. – Thank you. – [Doorman] Goodbye. – [Ronald] Ooh-ooh. – Thank you for your services. – (groans) Oh, why? – Oh Ron, could you hold
my bag for me as well? (record scratches)
– No. – [Karina] Come on.
– No. You did not spell ‘Ronald,
hold my bag for me.’ No. – [Karina] Fine. – So guys, we’re here in
Hollister, and I want to know what the most expensive thing
is (voice deepens) here. (Ronald laughs) – There’s nothing expensive
here, right, right? – Hopefully. Not. – Ronald, you don’t need to get something that’s super expensive,
just get something you like. – Well, I like the expensive things, so let’s start our search. I need to get my money back. – [Karina] Oh no. Ronald, I got something you’d really like. This one. – On sale? No way. – But it’s super cheap
and it looks really nice! – No! So guys, I think I found my item to wear, it’s a white sweater,
it’s not too expensive. It’s only $60, but it’s
the most expensive thing that I can find. – Ronald, $60 that’s way too expensive! – No, it’s not. Karina, I just got Gucci for you, come on. – Fine, but what about this? It’s not 30% off and it looks really nice. – [Ronald] Karina, it says right there. – [Man On Recording] Boy! (Ronald laughs) – [Karina] Fine. – Let’s go pay for this bad boy. (failure trombone music) (barcode reader beeps) (cash register rings) (upbeat music) (hands slam)
– So guys, it’s the final round, and this is a round where I have to get my money back. Karina cannot get anything expensive here, or I’ll lose a lot of
money in this challenge. She’s gonna get McDonald’s,
and I am gonna get Gucci. – I’m not gonna get McDonald’s! – Yes, you are! (laughs maniacally) – No, I’m gonna get 50, I’m
gonna get Louis Vuitton. – (sniggers) OK, we’ll see about that. I am gonna get 50. I’ll get 50. Please, we pray for 50.
– No, no, no. No. No-no-no-no-no-no-no (gasps) – No!
(Karina screams) – No! No! – Ronald got 19! – No! – Yay! – No, this is the worst round ever! – OK, now it’s my turn. Hopefully, I’m gonna get 50,
so I can get Louis Vuitton. (Ronald sobs) Are you ready for it? – No. – All right, three, two, one. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh
yeah. (pants excitedly) (screams) 34! Not that bad. Not bad, it’s pretty good actually. OK.
(Karina claps) (tray whacks)
(Karina laughs) (tray slams) – (sobs) No! OK, I’m still getting Gucci,
I still have a Gucci feeling, or a Best Buy feeling,
whatever that’s expensive. – 31, 32, 33, 34. – Look at my stack compared
to yours. (Karina laughs) – All right, let’s flip it over. All right, I don’t see a– – [Ronald] I got a U, U is a good start. – [Karina] I see a V
and L for Louis Vuitton. I got an O, another O,
not really need that. I, uh, I need a U. Oh gosh. – [Ronald] Oh, I, I, I, OK, good start. Not really see– – [Karina] I don’t have any Ts. – [Ronald] Come on,
two Cs and a G, please! – C! (sobs) (hand slams)
– [Karina] OK, not the best. (Ronald sobs) – What do you mean, it’s not the best? – [Karina] I don’t have
the right selection. I don’t think I can get Louis Vuitton. I don’t have a U, where,
why, oh I do have a V. Lou, ee, vuh, vuh, vuh, I have a V, vuh. I, I, I, I don’t have an I. I don’t have an I. (sobs) I don’t wanna play this any more. – [Karina] Oh, gosh. (gasps) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! – [Ronald] No! No! – [Karina] Wait, where’s
my, do have I another P? No, oh gosh.
– Yes! Oh my God, yes!
– No, oh gosh (gasps) Is that how you spell it? – [Recorded Voice] Bruh. – (gasp) Apple! I gonna get Apple! Oh my gosh! (sad piano music) – Karina, I don’t think
that’s how you spell Apple. – [Karina] Ah-puh-puh-eh… Ah-puh-ull. (Ronald laughs) What? What? (beep) Ron, you’re tricking me! You’re making me confused,
I spelt it right. (Ronald sobs) (man sobs) – Please help me. I can eat something. (they laugh) – Go to the kitchen if
you wanna eat something. – What am I gonna do? Karina’s got Apple! (screams) Wait, Karina, you have to get the– – [Karina] (gasps) Dior! – [Recorded Voice] Bruh. (they laugh) – [Karina] What? Dior.
– You know you put Apple. – [Karina] Dior.
– That’s a store. A apple is a fruit. So you have to get the fruit. It’s a fruit, please! – Wait, I don’t really
know what I want at Apple, ‘cos I kinda have, (voice deepens) all
that I need from Apple, so I don’t know if I wanna do Apple, but Dior, that’s how you spell Dior, Dior, so I might do Dior, ‘cos
Dior has purses and shoes. – (sobs) I’m leaving. (record scratches) – Ron, you can’t leave,
we’re still doing the video. – (sobs) How expensive is Dior? Please tell me. – It’s really cheap, don’t about it. – I am very worried. – This round is amazing, I
already have two options. – Oh well, they’re not very good options. You have a store that is very
cheap, and you got a fruit. (they laugh) That’s not very– – [Karina] I got Apple,
that means the Apple store. – [Ronald] Hmmm… – Oh come on, it means the Apple store. I could get store, Apple. – Karina, if you want
something from Apple, you have to spell it out, you
cannot just put the thing, or I’ll just get you a fruit. – [Karina] Uh, OK then. Do I have a, I don’t have a W. – [Ronald] Why, what do you want? – An Apple Watch. That’s the only thing
from Apple I don’t have. – [Ronald] You know, I can buy – [Both] An ant. (they laugh) – (sobs) I hate this round. I hate all the rounds. So guys, I know what to do. We need to make a part two,
‘cos Karina stole all my money, and I need to get my money
back, I have no money left. – Ron, it’s a great idea, I
need to get another Gucci. – No, not another Gucci! No, I’m the one who’s
supposed to get Gucci, and you’re the one who’s
supposed to be losing money. – No. Maybe not Gucci, but
Louis Vuitton definitely. – No, not Louis Vuitton! That’s even worse, I have no money left. So guys, comment on our Instagram, it’s gonna down below on the description. If Karina should lose, then
we should make a part two. That rhymes. (Karina laughs) Anyway guys, we’re going to
go to the grocery store, so– – Wait, why are we going
to the grocery store? We’re going to Apple. – Well, you pick an Apple, so– – No, I didn’t pick an apple, I picked a– – We’re going to the grocery store. – I mean the Apple store. – So guys, see you at the grocery store. – What, no! – So Karina, which apple
would you like to get? You have two options: red and green. – Ron, this is unfair, I’m
supposed to get the Apple store. – You wrote apple, I buy you an apple, now which apple would you like? – Ron, this is so unfair, I
really want AirPods, not apples. – You can only get one apple. If you put an S, you can get two. – Oh fine, whatever,
I’ll just get this apple. This is so unfair, I think he’s cheating. – My bank account just got saved. So guys, we just got back
from the grocery store. Karina, how was your apple? – Not really that good. Well, you cheated on me,
we were supposed to go to the Apple store, not get an apple. – Well, you put an apple, so– – Apple store! – So guys, we’re gonna end the video here, and comment on Instagram
if wanna see a part two and Karina to lose. – No, I’m gonna win next time. What happened here? – Well, you bought an apple. – And we’ll see you
all next time, goodbye! (upbeat music)

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