Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Cars

Okay folks, in this clip, I’m going to teach
you, how to draw cars, just a basic standard sedan. So what we’ll do to start is, we’re
actually going to draw the outer portion of the car, we’re going to kind of make an outline.
The thing that drawing cars really is going to be helpful in, is, learning how to draw
3 dimensional objects, in this case a lot of times, the 3 dimensional objects would
be moving. So what we’ll do, I’m not going to worry about creating motion necessarily,
but we are going to just concentrate on drawing the outer shell of what a car would look like.
And you’re going to have to remember, so where invisible lines are, and where they go, and
where they connect with other lines, as we make our way around, what will be the final
car. So this is the roof, and this is the hood. And what we’ll do now is, we’ll come
in here at we’ll create sort of the first wheel well. And now keeping in mind what the
perspectives is going to do later, we’re just going to do something simple, just like that,
just a little, just a little scoop up. Now I know that’s kind of vague at this point,
you’re not exactly sure how this will all work into each other, but you got to just
take it one tiny step at a time. And we’re going to come back here and draw the other
wheel well, slightly smaller, because it’s further away, where this car will be heading
towards us. So now, we’re going to come down here, and we’ll connect the back, like that,
so that’s the shape of the car heading towards us. So now we’ll start kind of drawing in
the other dimensions now, draw a line that sort of runs parallel to the line that you
made down this way, we’re basically going to be drawing in the windshield at this point.
Come up and make a narrower line, kind of follow it across, and come up, and that will
be the windshield of the car. Now come in here while we’re in the window section, and
draw the two rear, well I guess they’ll be side passenger windows as well. Now you might
want to get a ruler when you’re doing this, because it is tricky to kind of keep these
lines straight, but you’re going to try your best to run them parallel to the lines that
you established, with the outer portion of the car. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
though, I mean, obviously it will take a couple of times before you get it exactly looking
the way you want it to. Now that we basically got the frame for the car, we’re going to
come in and we’re going to draw some of the details of the- we’ll start with the wheels
specifically. Now the wheels are also themselves are going to be 3 dimensional objects, so
you’re going to want to kind of come in here, and we’re going to draw the outer portion
of the wheel, like that. This is the part where the rubber meats the road, and same
over here. And if you want to, you can come in and draw sort of the spokes situation.
But this is basically the back rubber portion, just like that. And you’ll come in and do
the exact same thing over here, back rubber portion, spokes, and that is how that’ll look.
Now we’re going to have the doors. You don’t have to clearly define where the doors are,
unless you’d like to, I mean ideally you don’t want to call too much attention to that I
would say. Now we’ll come in, and we’ll draw the basic outline for the hood of the car,
kind of running along the front of the car. The wheel wells there, now we’ll draw in the
head lights, obviously those would be important, so you want to draw those in clearly, you
draw a little detail there. And finally, something that would be most likely the grill, just
like that. So at this point we’re doing pretty good, I’d say maybe just add a few little
details to whatever portion of the car you’d like to add details to. Maybe draw a few other
additional vents down below, so that the car looks a little bit more believable, something
like that, add a few other lines in where you think lines should be. I would come up
here and actually maybe add like a nice little tint to the windshield, maybe draw, I don’t
know, an antenna coming up, it’s really up to you at this point, a little fog blowing
out of the back. And basically, that is all you need to draw your basic little sedan car.


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