Illustrator Reacts to Requested Comic Book Artists

This looks like a sculpture. Okay, now I
know I got to move on from him, there is… Oh God…
That hair was such a brilliant design choice. Oh God, why?! In the time I’ve been
doing ‘Illustrator Reacts,’ I’ve gotten hundreds upon hundreds of requests for
different artists to talk about and go over their work and I feel bad that I
can only cover so many. And sometimes I’ll cover an artist that hasn’t even
been requested just because I have something that I can actually talk about
for them specifically. But for this episode I’m just gonna go over people
that have been pretty widely requested in the comment sections of the past
videos. Also, yes, I finally talked about Junji Ito in this episode, but
I’m saving them to the end ‘cuz his art pretty freaky looking and some people
might want to switch off before that. I’ll give up warning when I’m about to
talk about his work. But, let’s go over some more normal art first. This looks
like a sculpture. Like, looking at it from a distance I might have thought it was… I
don’t know but not hand drawn this is incredible. The depth to everything, the
pattern on Killer Croc, how it becomes less detailed as it goes into the
lighting because it would be more washed out. And then in the spot in between
where it would be kind of half in shadow half not is where it’s the most detailed,
and the eyes… This is almost kind of like Alex Ross’s art except he’s doing it all
with just black and white. And I love while everything is so realistic and
beautiful, then Batman’s cape is very angular and sharp. And even, I love the
detailing on the bottom side of Robin’s boot. Okay, maybe I’ll look at one more
piece of Lee Bermejo’s work. I love how he’s left the sky just a blank white to
give us a little bit of breathing room and make Batman’s head and Catwoman’s
head really stand out. And then the building in the bottom here underneath
the Batman starts the framing for all this other stuff that’s going on in the
image. But, really the thing that gets me about this is how it’s so detailed and
it’s not done with cross-hatching like most comic artists
will do. It’s just done with different levels of solid black and white. Now I
flipped through Toriyama’s work a few times considering talking about him for
an episode and I was surprised that it was a lot more simple than I was expecting
it to be. I don’t mean that in a bad way I really like the artwork but the things
that stand out to me most from his work, and specifically his character design, is
with Goku… that hair was such a brilliant design choice because for character
design you’re generally supposed to try and make something that looks good as a
silhouette. If you black out this image you can still tell that it’s Goku. And I
think that hair was actually inspired by Astro Boy, not 100% sure on that but you
can see that Goku’s hair kind of looks like a more dramatic version of Astro
Boy’s hair. And something else I often notice when looking at Toriyama’s work
or just any Dragon ball art, whether it’s from the anime or whatever, is what I
refer to as the Dragon Ball bicep. See, on the back side of your arm, even on a
really muscular bodybuilder type person there won’t often be a defining line on
the bicep there. There’s the bicep, the brachialis, and the tricep, and they can
kind of all blend together even on a really, really fit person. Whereas on the
other side of the arm even when a person isn’t super muscular there’s a line here
kind of defining the separation from the bicep and the other muscles more. But
Dragon Ball characters tend to have that line on both sides of the arm. Which
isn’t particularly realistic, but is a good thing to show people that if you
come up with a version of anatomy that works for your art people can end up
loving it and it can become very iconic. If you blocked off the rest of Goku and
just showed me his arm in this image I would still be able to tell that this is
Dragon Ball artwork. This kind of art isn’t even my usual go-to sort of style,
but Esad Ribic’s painting is just so beautiful. And I love how he’s distanced
the sort of airships in the background one is closer to us but is all washed
red like the clouds and then the next one’s even farther back and is
almost just a silhouette but has little flecks of detail in it.
I love Thor’s swing here and this whole style reminds me a little bit of Das
Pastoras’ rendering style, who I talked about in the second episode except Esad Ribic’s art feels more fitting to mainstream superhero comics because of
the way he does his character shapes and Anatomy. But I also love in this image
how there’s sort of a red swoop that takes us down to Thor and then where
Thor is everything around him is kind of a bluish green colour and then his cape
is red his skin is done a little bit red so he really pops out. And he’s the last
bit of red as your eye flows down through the image to him so it makes him
really stand out and… oh, I didn’t even notice these people in the background
that are silhouetted as well. That’s kind of cool. I also love his Fantastic Four
cover that he did for Fantastic Four number one recently. I don’t really have
anything interesting to say about it, I just think it’s a really great cover, so
put it up here now. There’s so much iconic stuff about David Finch’s art.
He’s the kind of artist that I look at his work and I instantly know it’s him.
And, he’s one of the few artists that I actually prefer his work when it’s not
colored because I think he just does such a great job with his cross hatching.
He has this specific kind of cross hatching that I’ve seen other artists
replicate since, but I’d never seen someone do cross hatching like him until
he did it. Although, I should point out that well David Finch does do this cross
hatching in his penciling, the finalized inking that you’re seeing here was done
by Joe Weems over the pencils by David Finch. And one of the things that also
really stands out in his work is how intricately he’ll do forearm muscles.
Forearms have a lot more small specific muscles than most other parts of the
body and a lot of the time they’re just hidden on normal people, but obviously on
superheroes and super shredded people in real life you can see them a lot more
clearly. And he does a really impressive job rendering those out on pretty much
all his characters, unless they’re wearing gauntlets or something. I think
personally the reason I’m not normally more drawn to his artwork, and this is
purely personal preference, not a comment on the quality, is just how
small he draws eyes. Because… as someone who has an animation background and who
likes cartoony art, I like bigger eyes and bigger expressions, but again,
personal preference, his art is really fantastic. If you want to learn to draw
like him, he’s got a course up on this site called I think it’s ‘Gnomon
Workshops’ I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right, but I’ll put a
link in the description ‘cuz he does a very elaborate course on how to draw the
way he draws Anatomy. It’s just such a fun image. All of Gabriel Picolo’s work has
so much life and personality to it and this isn’t actually an image he did for
a comic, he does a lot of really great Teen Titans fan art kind of stuff and
it’s all super gorgeous and his characters are all really simple and he
makes it look so easy. Like you look at this and you might even
think ‘oh hey I could probably do that,’ but it’s so deceptively difficult to do
characters this simple this well with this much confidence. And another thing
that I really like about it is how the lighting is done purely in the colors. If
you took all the color out of this and just had it in the inks, you wouldn’t be
able to tell that that streak of lighting is coming in from outside it
could have been that the lighting was coming from the ceiling or something
like that. If he was working with a colorist, he would either have to tell
them that that’s what he wants the lighting to be doing or more likely he’d
have to imply it with a bit of line work or even some thicker line work to show
this is what the lighting is doing in this scene, make sure you’re doing that
with the colors. But because he’s doing all of the art in this himself, he just knows
what he wants to do and doesn’t have to imply it in the inking and can do the
lighting purely in the coloring stage. Oh wow Tsutomu Nihei, I hadn’t heard
of before, but these are all really nice. This image here jumps out the most to me
because… of a few things. One is just how the character really stands out because of
what a high point of contrast they are. She’s all white against the almost
totally blackness of space but then what also really impresses me
about it is how he’s done the detailing on this pipe thing. He’s done such an
incredible job with the consistency of this curved pattern. I kind of want to
guess that he did this with a computer program or plugin or something but if he
genuinely just did that by hand that is mind-blowing. And something else I’m
noticing looking through the other images that are popping up for his work
is he really likes making a character feel really small. Like there’s a bunch
of shots, whether it’s just a person in an environment that is crumbling or
there’s this one where this silhouette of a person is facing down
this giant creature and your eye is really drawn to the person because, again,
like in that first image, they’re the highest point of contrast and then
there’s just this huge freaky beast that… he’s done a good job making it feel
bigger and a bit more in the distance by having this smoky cloud in the
environment separating the the main character from the background creature.
Yeah a lot of these images the people just feel so small in comparison
to the big epic stuff going on around them. Andrew Wildman isn’t actually an
artist I’d heard of before, but I… looking at some of these images they’re just so,
so great. It’s all Transformers art that I’m looking at, which, a lot of people
have been asking me to look at more Transformers work and I’m actually
surprised that I haven’t yet because I love these so much. It’s so much my kind
of thing not just because Transformers is also an animated series and my
background is in animation I really love drawing characters with blocky bigger
forearms and feet and hands and fists and Transformers just inherent
look like that. And I love how in these drawings… these specifically, ones that he
hasn’t done for a comic, ones that he’s done as fan art for… presumably for
conventions or something like that, I like how the lines aren’t all finished a
lot of them are really just stroked in quickly to imply that there’s some
lining or a bevel or something like that. Something that I personally did a lot,
and still kind of sometimes do, is feel the need to do a very sharp finished
clean line to make something look good, when really you can make just as
fantastic artwork by having more smooth fluid lines that don’t necessarily all
complete and go exactly where they’re supposed to go. You can do lines a little
bit rougher and still have them look really fantastic. This to me and any
drawing of Spider-man done by Mark Bagley is just the iconic Spider-man
artwork. I know I’ve talked a bunch about how I really loved Humberto Ramos’ art,
specifically when he’s drawing Spider-man, but Mark Bagley… just the
poses he draws Spider-man in, the big eyes, the way he draws the hands, and he
makes Spider-man thin muscular, not too bulky, like he actually looks like an
acrobat… Everything about it is so perfect iconic Spider-man to me. And, to
be fair, I’m very very biased on this one because Ultimate Spider-man, which Mark
Bagley did the art for and Brian Michael Bendis did the writing for, for something
like 18 volumes, that was the longest-running writer/artist team-up in
the history of comics… I don’t know if that’s still the case, it was when it
finished, but that’s the series that I read as a kid that got me into comic
books. So again very, very biased, but just his pose work is all great. And right
now, I haven’t read it yet, he’s working on a comic called ‘Spider-man Life Story,’
which is going through Spider-man’s life as if time moved normally and he aged
normally. You know how in comics there’s kind of a floating timeline? On this
Spider-man is actually a teenager in the 60s and ages normally as time goes on. I
haven’t read it yet but apparently it’s good and Mark Bagley’s back doing the
art for spider-man so I’m super excited to read that. I hope I don’t get flagged
through the bloody spurt here, but I love this drawing so much Skottie Young’s art
is all… he’s another artist who, his work is all super lively and fun it’s very
cartoony. He’s done work for Marvel as well, even when he was doing that he was
working pretty cartoony, though a little bit more normal comic booky, but his
art is just so cool and lively and expressive and this one specifically I
really love because of how all these very bluish purplish creatures are
framing our main character there. I haven’t actually read ‘I Hate Fairyland’
but I’ve been wanting to get to it because his art is just so great. And all
the expressions on these weird creatures, their teeth are all weird, oh and then
this little bug guy with a gun shooting at one of the creatures, he looks so
disinterested in what’s going on. But mainly I just love how they’re all
framing this main character. It’s really great. Okay, fair warning I’m about to
move on to Junji Ito. His art is famously very freaky looking, specifically want to
warn anyone with trypophobia or arachnophobia, there’s some stuff that
might set you off, but his art is pretty fascinating so might be worth pushing
through anyway. Okay let’s get right into it.
Oh… why are you all making me- look, Junji Ito is an incredible artist, I’m not
gonna deny that, but his work is so gross-looking a lot of the time. Not
gross looking in a bad art way, just in a… you know, it’s freaky looking and this- oh
my gosh I don’t even have trypophobia and this is really grossing me out
which, if you don’t know trypophobia is a fear of small repeating holes, which
sounds like a very specific thing but apparently it’s more widespread than
you’d expect- oh and if you had that and you looked at this I just imagined you
would faint. It’s so uncomfortable and one thing I do like in this, even though
I have no idea what the context is for this image, I can tell that this is a
person looking through a window because we’ve got the sort of streaks going in
front of the character like streaks you might see from
a window. And there’s the curtain kind of pouring into the corner of the screen a
little bit that gives some good context for the image which, if this is from a
manga I guess you wouldn’t necessarily need it because you’re reading the story,
but it does help us someone looking at this image not knowing what the story is.
And I assume the point of this was to make me uncomfortable and… good job
you’ve done it Mr. Ito. Okay, okay, people will probably be upset if I don’t talk
about more of his work so let’s look at a few more. Oh God.
why? I should say something about the art itself not just how uncomfortable I am. I
guess… I talk a lot about how different artists use things to draw your eye
through the image and I guess this trail of scalps is doing that pretty well. Ughh.
I was already a dog person, but now I’m definitely more of one. It’s so gross,
but I obviously have to give a major props for the fact that he’s not just
making people really uncomfortable with his art by doing gory, graphic images,
which he does do sometimes, but he’s really good at making you uncomfortable
by just making creatively twisted artwork and pulling on fears that a lot
of people already have like trypophobia and arachnophobia. So, you know,
he’s just not going for the low-hanging fruit. He’s being horrifying in a really
creative way. Oh look he did some Pokemon art. That’s, you know, still creepy
but significantly less so. Okay, now I- now I gotta move on from him there’s-
oh God yuch- YUCH! Okay. And last one for today
we’ve got Jason Fabok. He is really awesome… and I don’t really have much
else to say, I’m really sorry he’s been requested by a bunch people and a few
times for episodes of this show I’ve looked at tons of his work trying to
come up with something to say. And I just have nothing interesting to talk about
when looking at his art. I just really like him think he’s a really solid
artist. Actually wait wait wait, while I was editing this
video and I was pulling up a bunch of images of Jason Fabok’s, I found this piece that he
did for Justice League vs Suicide Squad and I really like this one. He’s done a
fantastic job organizing so many fights in just one image and we’ve got a nice
focused through line going from Deadshot’s arm blasting up to Batman as our
main focus. But then all of the other fights are just so well placed either
hidden in gaps in people’s bodies and behind people’s arms. And I also like how
he’s chosen who’s fighting who, I mean that might have been decided in the
script… actually for a shot like this it might not have been, it depends, I haven’t
read the issue. But I like that Superman’s fighting a magic-user ‘cuz
magic is good against Superman so that could actually work.
Aquaman fighting Killer Croc, they’ve both got scales and are aquatic focused…
although I don’t really know about this fight here. Seems like one flick from
Wonder Woman and that fights over. But yeah, the planning it must have taken
to get all of these fights to appear clearly in one image is really
impressive. But all right everybody, that’s all for this episode. Let me know
what you thought of this video versus some of the others, this one was a little
bit faster and looser and I gave slightly more genuine ‘reactions’ to the
artwork. In the past couple episodes I’ve been doing a lot more research into the
people before talking about them so it’s not really a ‘reaction’ but that also
means I can go a little bit more in depth in their process and stuff so I’m
curious what people think about this video versus the last couple. But yeah be
sure to check out some of my other videos, I put out two videos a week on
Mondays and Saturdays and then sometimes more. But be sure to go check out some of
those, got lots of art videos weird mashups lots of superhero stuff some
animations working on an animation now, don’t know when it’ll come out but
eventually. And, of course if you’ve got more artists to request please put them
in the comment section. There’s been many cool people that I hadn’t heard of that I’ve
checked out now. Finding a lot of artists that I really like. But okay everybody,
I’m Christian Pearson this has been PopCross Studios, home of the nerdiest art
videos on YouTube and I will see you all on the next one. Goodbye everybody!


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    Great you talked About Nihei's work. Like Blame! Abara, Biomega, snikt!.
    Other fans in here ?

  • southweststrangla420

    not a fan of the blocky, cartoon animation. not everybody does that cheap ass teen titans go art

  • Matthew Alessandrini

    You should check out Olivier Coipel's House of M or Spider Verse! Thanks!

  • sinshenlong

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  • Science Verse

    I really agree with the "goku biceps" I really hate it now because its become more realistic

  • Ken Chow

    Would love to see you review the following:

    – Alex Ross (Kingdom Come)
    – Shuichi Shigeno (Initial D)
    – Ma Wing-shing (Fung Wan/Chinese Hero)

  • White Lion

    hey man, i think u should do a reaction on Michael Turners Art

  • padioleau ismaël

    Hi, I liked the video as usual. I already asked but it would be cool to see franco/belgian comics artits. There are many styles, and I think there is a lot to say. I have so many names, but here are some exemples : Olivier ledroit, Hugo Pratt, Enki Bilal, Didier Tarquin, Franquin…

  • Joseph P.

    Nihei was an architect before switching to the manga industry

  • SJPace1776

    Bagley's 1990s Amazing Spider-Man run is what got me into comics as a kid. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • SpeedyTheSniper

    ryan stegman

  • Larry Atta

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  • Kayaba Akhiko

    I loved this video! Keep up the great work!

  • Maria Luiza Botelho

    7:04 BRASIL !

  • Wouter Krijt

    How about some love for Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame. Either Domu a Child’s Dream or his epic Akira.

  • Maziux

    Can you react to David Lafuente ´s art please?

  • Copydot

    8:25 I remember seeing that Tsutomu Nihei panel and just staring at that pipe for 10 minutes trying to figure out how the hell he did that.
    He was an architectural designer for industrial plants before he started doing comics, and apparently he does most of those insane backgrounds without a reference. He's amazing.

  • nathan mallari

    Try out Kubo Tite or Pepe Larraz

  • Murphy

    React to Tradd Moore's work!

  • Overkillsamurai

    it's more fun when you do research on the artists

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  • Ben Galinsky

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  • GabriHell Braga

    Kentaro Miura (Berserk);
    Shin'ichi Sakamoto (The Climber, Innocent) – this author migrated to 100% digital art, there's a mini documentary about him on YT by toco toco;
    Takehiko Inoue (Slam Dank, Vagabond).

  • Ben Galinsky

    oop…and some Moebius and/or Geoff Darrow!

  • Yumrei

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  • Chris Downing

    You should look at the work of Benito Jacovitti, " The Pope of Italian Surrealism " His work in Cocco Bill and his third edition of Pinocchio is extremely breathtaking to look at

  • Nicholas Reyes

    I’d definitely recommend Alex Milne and Nick Roche from Transformers comics, especially any of Roche’s Wreckers collections.

  • Luiza Cardoso de Olivera

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  • PerfectPyroshark

    If I were to suggest an artist to look at it would be Matt Frank. He's mostly known for his work featuring Godzilla and other kaiju or mechas. He has some great inking and the sketches he's done of Godzilla are incredible.

  • Smug Inc

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  • Rein

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    I'd like to see artists like One and the dude from SnK (forgot the name, too lazy to Google it), not great visual artists but people with a passion who made it big by being great storytellers.

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