Illustrator Tutorial: Yoga Pose Illustration Design Process

Hey what is up guys my name is Cosmin
and in today’s video I’ll be showing you how to create this yoga illustration in
just a couple of steps inside Illustrator. Now if you’re new to this
channel this is the place where every week I’m trying to help graphic
designers get better by sharing my own creative process, I’ll be starting with
this initial sketch it’s kinda rough, but I want to experiment a bit with adding
some basic shadowing and adding some details with gradients inside
Illustrator and make this illustration more than just a simple flat
illustration. We’ll need to create a new document, let’s go to new and select a
random size honestly it doesn’t matter I’ll select this one and make sure that
before I’ll get started I’ll go to view next to window and deselect the snap to pixel option. I’ll need to add the image, lock it down and using the pen
tool I’ll start tracing it and create a very basic structure of the pose using
simple shapes. Select everything and hold down the Alt
key to duplicate the group and from time to time I like to flip everything around
because it helps me see if there are any issues with the composition or with the
way the shapes are being drawn. I’ll zoom in a bit and using the direct selection
tool I’ll start adjusting the paths that stand out. Right now the illustration feels a bit
too heavy on the bottom side so to help it, I’d like to add some random shapes
using the pen tool. The whole idea with the shapes is to play around with the
opacity to get some kind of added dimension and balance out the
illustration. The colors are not important at this point. Let’s slow down a bit here because I
like to explain what I’m doing, I’ll want to isolate the parts of the leg at the
top that intersects with the red shape in order to have more control over the
gradient, so I’ll duplicate both in the Pathfinder tool hit the intersect
option. I kinda hated out the blue shape cane out
using the merge tool so I’ll just stick with the simple gradient using the two
shades from my color palette and right now I’m trying to play around with this
three color gradient to have the top part of the leg stand out more. I’ll
select it and just change its orientation a bit. In the end you can see
the whole process here, I’ve started with some very basic shapes and added some
details along the way, if you like this illustration you can download it for
free it’s in the description below. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit
the thumbs up button and subscribe for more. Till next time, take care guys, bye!


  • Jaz Designz

    Great video brother!!

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    Lovely!!! Keep it up

  • mariusstp

    You are like the Adobe Bob Ross

  • Алмаз Зиннуров

    Extremely exciting video) Love it ☺

  • Simple Designer

    Love it mate keep it up <3

  • Exnihilo37

    What is the tool you used on the blue shape to give it that texture? Awesome video!

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    712 abonati cosmine


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    lovely videos bro

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    Nice video and like, love it mate keep it up 🙂

  • Ангелина Скиба

    Hey, I like your tutorial, but please, make it slowly next time! Too fast…

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  • Narendra Solanki

    Hi, Cosim I like this very much. I am willing to learn flat illustration do you have any courses for the same for beginners?

  • Ania Malinowska

    thanks for sharing!

  • Duong Le

    I really want to learn how you create the colors from 3:30 but it's too fast!! Can you explain in another video? Thank you so much!!! Love your videos <3


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