Impossible pinball in a wooden cube DANGER EXTREMELY UNSAFE

This is one of my favorites. The pinball in a single piece wooden
block. As you can see, there is no way that a pinball is gonna fit into that hole. So let me show you how you can do this. This wooden cube right here is about
two and a half inches (all the way around). ..but I think this one i’m gonna make two
and a quarter. and here is the size of a pinball (or at
least the pinball that i’m going to be using). For the holes, I’m going to be using a seven
eighths inch spade bit. You need to find solid piece of softwood. I’m gonna use poplar for mine, but I would bet that pine would work just as well. If you can’t find anything like that, try checking on the bottom of pallets; alot of times they use these for the bottom part. Originally I wanted to use a nine ball
instead of a pinball, but I couldn’t find a piece big enough for it. Maybe in the future though… Now, I want to get the insides nice and
smooth with a drum sander. It turned out alright… This side got a little messed up, but
that’s because I should probably have been using a forstner bit. But it’ll do just fine. The prototype had a chamfer on it, but on this one I’m going to put a roumd-over. I want this to look a little more round
than it is, so i changed the quarter inch round over bit to a three eighths
roundover bit. The bearing has been set in line with
the fence. That’ll keep this piece from getting
sucked in towards the router bit At this point, you’re probably just annoyed,
and you want to know the secret. But i’m not going to tell you until
tomorrow. Now I’m just gonna let it soak for about
twenty-four hours. See you later. It’s been twenty-four hours and I
replaced the water that was in there with hot water, just in preparation for putting the bearing in, and it’s been fizzing like Alka-seltzer for the last 10 minutes. So I’m going to give it another half an hour just to finish… whatever it is that it’s doing. I’m going to use the vice to press the
pinball into place, so I’m coating the pinball with mineral oil to help it on its way, and into keep it from
rusting over the next couple days. I also made this PVC sleeve that’ll help push the pinball in. To minimize the chance of splitting the
piece while I’m pressing it in, I’m going to be pressing it in through the end-grain. Let me explain why. Let’s take a look at it up close. Now let’s take a look at it up really
close. Consider, by way of analogy, that our block of wood isn’t all that
different in structure from a bundle of drinking straws. In fact,
when you look at wood under a microscope, it looks very much like this. Then, you can imagine that our pinball passes through the end grain
of the wood, with a lot better… alot easier than it would by being pressed
directly through the center. Likewise, driving a chisel through the grain is going to be a lot
easier this way, or through the top of the end grain
itself than it would be to try to drive the chisel
straight through. This analogy also lets us understand why a
cross-grain cut is so much harder to make than a rip-cut. Now I’m gonna let it soak for just about ten
minutes, just to help repair any damage that might have been done when
I pressed it in. I don’t want to dry it out too fast over the next couple of days, or else I run the risk of splitting it. After about three or four days, when it’s
completely dry, I’ll probably use mineral to treat the wood. And then, give it a nice sanding and finish it
with shellac. if you bring out the grain by (with) a nice
finish, then its really apparent that there are no seams in the wood, and that really lends itself to a nice
effect. I really hope you enjoyed the video; thanks
for watching! I guess I should show you how to get the
pinball back out… Captioning by pocket83 🙂


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