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Hello everybody! and welcome to a new
video for Krita and digital painting the last video was very well received so
thanks a lot for helping us to refine Krita and to grow as a community.
and yes, we are growing really fast, and we have noticed some people have
troubles with technical stuff. Honestly, I try to do my best answering in the comments,
but if you need things related with technical stuff, Krita has two special
pages you can use for that purpose. Reddit Krita page and the official
Krita forum. Developers can help you very well there, and this way we focus
all the technical stuff in one point, not multiple points in social media like
Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, Deviantart … You know! all of them. Krita team can help you directly in this two sites, because there are people to help you there. Now please, spread this, because it will help a lot Krita development. Always remember to
explain well your problem. Let me give you an example of bad practice (report) or good practice (report). And remember you have timecodes in the description below and also direct links to reddit or Krita forum. That been said let’s go with the content.
As you know everything begins with our sketch. Film industry with the concept
art, animation, which means tons of sketches and even not digital painting
related jobs require good sketches but what is an sketch and why is
important? the sketches are some Strokes used to define an idea or represent
something real or from your imagination. They help us to refine our designs
before the final art and be more confident with this final art. Also are useful in big
production pipelines to show the changes faster when is needed. So would you like to know more about the sketching, and are you ready for a good surprise at the end of
the video? because we will be covering that right now, the sketching stage Sketching or doodling is one of the
first things we learn, at least at a basic level in our lives. Most of us have
played with crayons and colored pencils. This video is going to cover two
different parts. The first one is: tips to sketch faster and better with digital
tools and the second one is some kind of tips with examples to create your own
pencil sketch brushes for drawing and shading. Part 1. sketch better with your
digital tools. Don’t do everything by hand Yes, I know practice makes perfection,
but time is also important so if you are using digital tools, why not using this
advantages? I do all the time. For example… do you need to draw all the lines by
hand? of course you can do it but you have
good tools that can help you. let’s explore some of them. Lines. If you want to make
lines you can use the “V” shortcut with the paintbrush tool. This change
temporarily to line tool and you can enable sensors to have the pressure
input during the brushstroke. With “Alt” key you can modify the origin of the line. Square tool. When we want to make frames in a fast way we can use the square tool
or if we need geometrics shapes we can use polylines. Can we shade with
polylines? sure. Save time with the helpers The drawing assistants. if you need to
draw Things with perspective or concentric lines, these are your friends.
We can also save the settings to files. nice! so would you improve them in any way? let me know about it in the comments.
Adjust the pressure to your needs. Not everybody has the same strength every
time so please take this in consideration if you feel your brushes
behavior are too rough or different from the screenshots. (or videos). We can avoid to fix later shaded elements if we go from the bigger shapes to smaller ones.
this also help us to understand better the image or our design and at the same
time we get the shape contrast having big and smaller shapes. how to create the
pencil sketch brush for drawing and shading? who wants to have good tools? I think all we do because we work better and is more fun. basically we’re going to
be playing with scatter also known as jitter. Pattern also known as Texture and
The fuzzy features also known as random. but how a pencil brush works? we have two modes to manage the opacity and overlapped effect in Krita. The “wash” mode
or “build up” mode for painting mode. For pencils, i prefer to use the build up
painting mode to get the overlapped opacity effect between dabs. We need
to remember that Masked brushes only can use the “wash” mode( nowadays ) and they are more affected by the flow in the secondary brush tip. let’s see some
samples of pencils. Comic oriented. If you want a controllable pencil created to
give you detail and a bit of textured look for example in comic panels and
details in your character, this brush was designed for that and it produces a
very good stroke that you can see in the screen right now. This Brush use the Auto brush tip to avoid the use of any bitmap brush tip showing the potential of Auto
brushes. We can play with the scatter and more noise but for comic is good this
way. Not too much grain and not too perfect is a 50% in effect
I tested this brush with a comic maker and received good feedback, thanks mate. Soft and hard mixed. We can recreate grain look with a lot of tweaking in
scatter combined with opacity curves and size let’s explore what can be done
with this brush. As you can see, we can both drawing in shading using only the
pressure. It’s easy to use and really powerful, but if we increase the size we
see weird behavior for textured results. do you like this kind of brush? I
do. They can’t be scaled too much because we lose the texture illusion. Mixed
behaviors. Sometimes what we need is a really soft pencil brush with tilt
features so if you have tilt feature in your tablet maybe this will be your
choice. with this brush we can adjust the angle of the brushtip imitating
tilted pencil brush stroke and that gives a richer traditional look. fluid
lines with different weights. Special textured eraser. If you want to erase
things without deleting the grain, you have to invert the pattern to get the
right effect. Let me show you with an example. As you can see now we have the pattern feature with the “invert” parameter On. This is important if we
want to keep the grain. When we press “e” shortcut we don’t invert the pattern.
Shading brushes. They need to be Scalable… Easy to change the texture or grain, not
focused on detail, and be controllable with the sharpness feature. One of the good things about the pencil brushes is that they usually are ready to be used as
they were created without changing them too much. We need a different kind of
pencil for shading tasks. When we are shading we use a lot of different sizes
and the texture or grain has to be the same. For that reason we use the pattern
feature. This brush shows how easy we can get a good shading with texture. The
good thing is that changing the pattern we change completely the grain effect.
that’s very good for traditional look but hey! why is this pencil so rougher
with big pressure? that is because we are using this recently added feature (“Sharpness”) controlled by pressure. another good point, is that we only have to change the
brush tip and we get a new profile for our brush. Do you see the possibilities?
That makes me realize how important is to have good and unique pattern
resources. hmm sounds interesting as you can see drawing with Krita can
be really fun and easy. Inside the program we have brushes to draw complete
artworks or sketches imitating the classical graphite and charcoal. I hope
you enjoyed this video and learnt interesting things to apply in your
daily work or your next masterpiece. Remember, if you want to see more videos
like this, support this channel subscribing, hit the bell to receive the
notifications and surprises, and share in your social media with your friends. If
we grow as a community we can create together a better Krita software and
as I was telling you at the beginning of the video, there is a surprise. Did you
liked the brushes shown in the video? then you can download them for free. I hope you enjoy them and for the next video I would like to be showing some of your sketches
done with these brushes, so stay tuned because your work can be selected. just
let me know if you draw something with them in the comments. now I leave you
with the Sylvia Ritter’s work. Wonderful color and unique style. If you like it,
then follow her work. She is a really good Krita artist. to know more about her
you can check the interview in the Krita page here. Link is in the description
below and… ok! while I am still preparing the requested layers & masks
video, speed painting seems to be a nice topic for another video. So let me know
if you are interested in the comments, because I read all the comments to see
what you are interested in. Now it’s time to continue the video production. Stay
tuned and enjoy your paintings, bye…


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