‘In a World of Pain’ Elimination Official Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

– Okay, artists, you
have six hours to show creativity tattooing a
difficult part of the body. And your time starts now. – Alright, let’s go guys, let’s get it. – Today, our artists are gonna
be challenged on placement. – What do you think, just
dead smack right here? – Oh, yeah. – Inexperience makes different locations on the body harder to tattoo than others. – I don’t even think the knee’s that bad. I got everything tattooed. – [Artist] You don’t have
your dick tattooed though. – I got my feet tattooed,
I got my balls tattooed. (Artist laughs) First line, I was like, “Oh
my God! What am I doing?” – If you are not used
to tattooing an armpit, or not used to tattooing a butt cheek, and you don’t know how
to stretch the skin, how to place your canvas, you will have a hard
time in these tattoos. – It will feel like I’m
tattooing your face, but I’m not. – Just make sure you breathe, okay? (dramatic music) (tattoo machines buzzing) – I like this design a lot, dude. – Don’t blow up my head,
Christian. (laughs) I’ve been at the bottom a lot,
I’m feeling a lot of pressure to make this tattoo really stand out. – Just have fun with it, man. – Yeah. – You’ve been waiting for this. – Yeah, I have. My canvas has some
stretch marks on his butt. When you’re pulling your line, and you run over a stretch mark, it almost shifts your liner. This could screw everything up. (dramatic music) – I have a tattoo right here.
– Yeah. – It’s not my ass. – I mean, I can honestly say that Tim’s, JP’s, Jess’s,
they’re not an ass tattoo. That’s a (beep) hip tattoo that kind wraps a little on your ass. You don’t meet the challenge, man, you lose.
– [Jimmy] Yeah. – I mean, I know that for a fact. – Four hours to go, four hours, people. (dramatic music) – Turk, you doin’ alright? – Yep. I’m keepin’ it as
light and airy as possible. – Okay. – Easy to read, room to
breathe; I’ve been listenin’. The hardest part about
getting your throat tattooed is the pressure that we have to apply to even get the tattoo on there can constrict your breathing. You’re gonna sleep like
a (beep) baby after this. Oh yeah, you better watch out. Kids are like magnets to that. I’ve been in competitions but I’ve never been away
from my family for this long. My son has autism, and I
came here with a purpose of winning this thing so
I can put my son through very specific school that
could really kinda help him come out of that shell. I just wanna be able to explain to him why I work so hard for him. That’s all. – Gotta breathe. Can’t not. – [Artist] Just keep breathing. – Come on, mama didn’t raise
no bitch, let’s do this. Come on, let’s go! – Wait, wait, wait, wait. (Artist laughs) I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What are you doing to the wing? – I’m smoothing it out. My canvas is complaining, he’s jumping, he’s trying to call it on me. Remember, you’re the
one that woke up today and said “I want a throat tattoo.” I’m finishing this thing, and I don’t care if I gotta put my foot on your chin and crank this machine
up, I’m gonna do it. – Two hours remaining,
guys, two more hours. (dramatic music) (beep) – Just keep pushin’ through. You got this (beep), man. – I think Kyle’s in trouble. – Kyle’s dude’s hurtin’ a little bit. – And his drawing sucks. There’s some real shaky lines in there. – You think his drawing’s
better than TJ’s? – TJ’s is realism. – You can’t tell what it is. – Get the (beep) out of here.
– Oh, stop. – When you guys were on top, it was all fun.
– No. – You guys wanted to run your mouths and talk a bunch of (beep). And now, you lost two in a row and your people went home. – That’s how it goes, wait til
your dudes start goin’ home. – Alright, and it’s
gonna happen, I know it. – Tony, we should just pack it up, man, Christian’s right.
(Tony laughs) (beep) – My canvas wants a 16 hour
tattoo condensed into six hours, but he’s squirming like a little bitch. – Ah damn, damn (mumbles). – I’ve gotta finish it, man. – Ahhhh – Great tattooers go home all
the time on this competition because you’re at the mercy of your canvas and this dude is done. I think I’m going home. – [Jimmy] Don’t plan your
funeral before your body dies. Even if he was being a dick,
Kyle is still my little brother and I love him, and I want him to do well. It’s so difficult knowing that I can’t do anything to help him out. – One hour left guys. One more hour. (dramatic music) – Everybody’s doing pretty good. It’s early, though. I’ll catch some (beep)
ups here pretty soon. – I don’t think you’ll
catch ’em in this booth. Team Christian thinks that
they threw me a curveball with a foot tattoo. But I’m killin’ this tattoo, and I know I’m killin’ this tattoo. – Yeah, that’s a tough
tattoo man, I dig it. – Just trying to get us
that jury of peers, dog. – Light, light, light. Feather it, feather it to nothing. – How high can I take
it before they’re like, “That’s too much?” – [Christian] I wouldn’t go crazy high. – My biggest issue right
now is that my raven skull looks like a flaming raven skull. – You gotta either
feather it out to nothing, or do something to give
it a little woof woof. – Yeah, that’s why I just
stopped it right there. Feathering out all the deal would just make the tattoo uneven-looking. – Spend your last little bit just cleaning up that
background, making it purposeful. – [TJ] They’re gonna beat
my ass for this background. (dramatic music) – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, machines down, time is up. No more ink. – It looks great, dude. Thank
you for sitting so well. – It fits nice… Sweet, man, I wanted to give
you what you wanted, too. – I dropped the ball today. – Cheer up.
– No. – Cheer the (beep) up. – It’s hard. Gonna go pack my bags. – [Jimmy] Oh my God,
Kyle. (Beep) killin’ me. – You’re definitely in a


  • Toki87 gaming

    I think this is fake… i mean… the judges call the clock but somehow all the artists complete their tattoos at the same time everytime. Is never shown if someone was not able to complete the tattoo or if someone finish way ahead of time

  • Steven Lopez

    Turk everything will come in place ? bless you & your sons hearts ??

  • CBD420 L4L5

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  • MangoflipHoe ree

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  • Chiko Vlog

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  • Reina Arana

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    having a tattoo on your butt is an odd place for a tattoo

  • Rardizzy

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    Did this dude reference the tattoo off of Avenged Sevenfolds logo???

  • meh

    i hope turk won he just wants whats best for his son ffs

  • Cristian A

    0:29 I'm sure that guy was not expecting that reply lol xD

  • Diocletian

    This show is so fuckin lame. Especially when you know the truth about it, and how they cut the footage lmao.

    0:51 lowkey thicc tho hahaha

  • Enrique Enamorado


  • Aeneyes

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  • Tristen 3547

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  • Beverly Thacker

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    Turk, my son has autism to!

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  • Lenka K

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  • Laura Haywood

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  • growandgame

    Nah clean, gotta disagree here. Behind the knee and that cartilage below the knee cap hurts like a mofo

  • Dont get offended, sweetheart

    if you pay someone negative dollars (ex. -5 dollars), that means they pay you 5 dollars

  • Alondra Rojas - Hernandez

    Turk, I hope you got all the help necessary for your son ❤

  • K C

    I feel you Turk, what a great dad wanting the best for his son <3

  • Tae Yoon

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  • spidaminida

    Just imagine, just picture the scene, if one time there was a show like this that was about the art instead of manufactured drama.

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  • GoFuck Yourself

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  • Britka Sablja

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  • I kick life's ass

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  • I kick life's ass

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    Cause he has a good reason to spend that money
    Not like others only want to spend it on hookers and cocaine

  • Lia Altar

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  • Kiorae Garrott

    “youre the one that woke up and wanted a neck tattoo” realest shi ever i wish i could be this reaal with my customers

  • The Chosen 1

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    This one was the worst season of Ink Master by far, the biggest amount of talentless tattoo artists on this show’s history

  • Fachrul Rezya


  • al katraz

    I relate to Turk so much, I too am a tattoo artist and my son also has autism that's why I have to work harder yo give my son the best everything that he can get..it made me tear up.

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  • Howzer The man

    If youre going to get a tattoo in a painful place you need to be fully prepared with a good nights sleep have a good meal and have your head in the right place and if you have a good artist and maybe some lidacaine spray for when they have to go over already tattooed skin you shoukd get through it. I managed to get through several 8 hour sessions on my legs.

  • 13BubblesPlays

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  • Cheryl Young

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  • Heather Spill

    Aww Turk. Bless him 🙂


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