In-Tents Wooden Sculpture (Power Pavilion)

My phone is buzzing. WHOMST is calling
me on my morning walking HOLY MOLY!!!! Bitcamp is April 12th. I have a week to build the Collaborative Hack I need to get materials ASAP.
Good thing I am in a forest. This tree should provide enough wood. ONLY 3 PIECES OF WOOD??? Welp I guess that I can get more later.
This will do for now. Carrying all this wood will be sooooo much work I’m going to make a better means of transportation I’ve been practicing this new style of making. It saves me so many hours. Here, I’ll show you. I just take a piece of wood. Then get a DC motor that I just happen to have in my pocket Grab the closest round object, this rock will do. Then its as simple as hitting it with a battery. Make sure its flipped to ON not OFF. Voilà!! I made a One Wheel. Now I can just ride the wood over to Sandbox to make the Collaborative Hack Wait a second… AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH I forgot we already bought a bunch of wood preemptively. I carried all this wood for no reason. Time to get making. This move is pretty easy. You just think the incantation and the two pieces of wood grow to the specified size and interlock. The next step involves using this tricked out keyboard that I hacked. It has space-time mapped to keyboard shortcuts. Just plug it into the wood. Then Copy and Paste. I don’t know why so many people still use tools. This is far more easy and simple. I charmed this piece of wood, but I am still working through some weird bugs. Reality seems to glitch a little. One side done. Now time for the other. I hurt my hand punching that tree. It should get better soon. I think I fixed errors in the previous charm. This slab of wood is a better conductor of flux. WOOO. Much better. I also hacked my mouse to alter space-time. I added a cool randomize feature to it. The monitor is blank because reality is the screen. All I have to do is click and drag. My mouse has an extra button to enable randomize. DONE!!!! And with time to spare. Its a little cold in here. I still have a week until Bitcamp. Might as well keep warm. I wish I had some marshmallows to roast over this Bitcamp fire. I guess I’ll just wait a week and eat s’mores at Bitcamp. If you’re coming to Bitcamp stop by Hardware Village and add the Collaborative Hack. I’ll be there to teach how to make hardware hacks… and maybe bend reality.

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