India’s First Motion Sculpture

The grandmother’s character in this film has been created using sculpture
and engineering skills. The sculptures made in India so far, are all immobile. They are realistic, but immobile. The illusion of reality is only for a moment. To increase the duration of that moment, we added motions to that type of a sculpture. To give vividness to the sculpture,
we worked on many stages. For example, the movement of the eyeballs, blinking of the eyelids, We thoroughly worked out every stage
and implemented it. Every emotion that the eyes and eyelids show,
have been incorporated in this sculpture. A lot of research has gone into this. And it shows. Initially we had to import the rubber. We researched about that quality of rubber. We analysed some qualities of Indian rubber We made corrections in that quality, And created this completely with Indian Material. Importing rubber for the project, Convincing Indian companies
to specially make rubber for us, needed a lot of financial backing. Because of the financial support of
Shri Gopichand Chate sir and Rajesh Shetty, we were able to achieve success. We are bringing more such animatronix projects
for you very soon!


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