Create a False Sense of Security – Approach
Indirectly This law of seduction is all about indirection,
concealing your intentions from the start and appearing somewhat distant and uninterested,
while at the same time being the center of her world, entering her mind and thus making
her fall for you. The more she thinks of you, the faster she
will fall in love. For you to be on her mind you need to be absent. Be absent for too long and you escape her
mind completely. Compare what I just said to the findings of
the Pigeon Experiment supervised by Skinner in the last video. See if you can connect the dots. The beauty and true art here, as shown by
the Duke de Lauzun, to which we’ll get in a second, is achieving all of this with extreme
subtlety. It’s like they don’t know it’s happening until
your seeds have already gotten to full fruition and even then, when masterfully done, she
will believe, it is, but a coincidence, a sort of accident, that out of all people courting
her at all times, some richer than you, some prettier, she’s developed such strong feelings
for you. It is fortune, she might think. It is “true love”, “love at first sight” or
some other rationalization on her part. The story, very quickly, is about the Grande
Mademoiselle, Anne Marie Louise d’Orléans and the Duke de Lauzun, who at the time of
their first clash was a mere Marquis. She had already been admiring him from afar,
since she had heard stories of his courage in battle, saw him gallop on horseback and
imagined what his character might be like. When they first met, the Duke sensed her existing
interest in him, which made him want to befriend her. She had already given herself away, she was
“the right victim”. The following is straight out of the book
commenting on the Duke’s persona. “… the thirty-sixyear-old Marquis was a
brave soldier with an acid wit. (something you all can become and develop
by the way) He was also an incurable Don Juan. Although he was short, and certainly not handsome,
his impudent manners and his military exploits made him irresistible to women.” Now, need I say more? The idea that one will never have success
with women based on their own exterior is one that will never completely die, for the
fool who believes he’s in desparate need of looks or riches, preferably both, will always
find a strange feeling of comfort in self-pity. Any action on his part then is not required,
since he doesn’t possess what he deems vital and thus success just seems so far out of
reach, nigh impossible. Now, regarding the Marquis, he’s a man of
little authority, who lacks all resemblance to adonis and yet he’s proven himself through
achievement, through admirable qualities that cannot be bought, to add on top of that, gentlemanly
behaviour and a great taste of humor. We can tell that the Marquis was a lady’s
man, because he was surrounded by them to the point where word began to spread. “The Marquis made romantic conquests with
ease.” This is called social proof. The Marquis must be a high value man of interest,
if he’s getting all this attention. Great way to speak through your actions and
if need be, create jealousy. It creates a magnetic field of attraction
around you. Hence, the effect that a man is paid more
attention to when he’s got a beautiful girlfriend by his side or even a wedding ring on his
finger. That and because everybody likes a challenge. Remember the cat-string theory. So, fast forward, Anne Marie and the Marquis
become friends, they’re talking about shared interests as he accompanies her on walks and
she loves every minute of it. The marquis proves he’s got more to offer
than the Grande Mademoiselle thought at first. Louis XIV, the sun king, proposes Anne Marie
shall marry his brother. Upon hearing that she is repulsed, how dare
they take advantage of her in such a way, to replace a dead wife, as if she were nothing
more, but a consolation prize. And, here’s what the Duke does as she tells
him of this affair. He goes “Well, we are mere servants to the
king’s wishes. We have to obey their majesty’s every command,”
or something along those lines, and she storms off angrily. That wasn’t the response she had hoped for. And still, the Duke doesn’t seem to give any
obvious and direct signs of his true feelings / intentions for her. That was in fact a strong sign of rejection
and trust me, when the roles are reversed, when the woman, who’s gotten so used to being
the one persued and the dismissing of others on a daily basis, gets rejected… they get
mad. What was that phrase again about tasting your
own medicine? To make things worse, he stops visiting her,
since their friendship seems… wrong. She meets him again, hands him a paper, on
which she wrote down the man she wants to marry. In her absence, the Duke opens the paper and
finds the words “C’est vous.”, translated “It’s you.” For the rest of the story, you’ll just have
to buy the book, since this is my interpretation of the content presented within. I highly recommend it. I can’t repeat myself all the time about how
much value Greene’s books offer. That would be too direct of an approach, if
you know what I mean. See, this book is not only about seducing
people in order to have romantic relationships with them. In every imaginable scenario you’re dealing
with human beings, whatever your intentions are. I can very well look at this story, read between
the lines, make the connections and apply it seeking out and seducing a new customer
at work, achieving a raise, befriending someone of interest or working my way up the ladder
by targeting a manager. Actually it’s a near-perfect comparison. The back then Marquis was a low-rank compared
to the, quote “2nd highest-ranked lady in France.” It was their marriage that elevated him to
the powerful position of Duke de Lauzun. I just couldn’t be bothered to try and pronounce
his birth name. Now, here’s the truth for you. Unless you start analyzing these stories with
the detail oriented eagle vision, eyes of Aristotle himself and start practicing what’s
applicable over and over again, learning from your mistakes as you go, constantly improving
as you would learning to play chess in order to participate and win at competitions, a
hundred examples will have the exact same effect as a single one. An example is simply a story, that will help
you remember the lessons that accompany it. I don’t create this content tailoring to the
intellectually lazy, which is why I appreciate the majority of you watching. And I love the feedback I’ve been getting
saying that one can rewatch my videos and take a new insight from them every time. I include various ideas, concepts and touch
on relevant topics, or atleast I try to, because you’re not infants anymore, none of you, I’ve
checked the statistics. You can handle more than one single thought
at a time. I’m saying this, because someone stated they
couldn’t tell what my point was. I made over 1’000 points in more than 60 videos. It’s up to you to catch them all – pokemon. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. One important question, going back to the
law, is why approach indirectly? Isn’t it better to be clear in your intent,
put all your cards on the table? The answer is as always that it depends on
the situation, the setting and most importantly on the individual you’re seducing. You need to know what way to act. You get there through practice. No generic approach exists that works with
every single person and besides, even if it did, you wouldn’t want a generic woman, on
which such a low-effort approach worked, would you? Understand the following and you won’t need
to worry about the so called friendzone ever again. The interaction is always man to woman. You’re not her best friend in the traditional
sense. You build up sexual tension by engaging her
as a man, not as an inanimate asexual object, nor as a featherless biped, but as a man who
is not afraid of, but rather is in touch with his own sexuality. The game is always on. The simple difference is that one approach
is subtle, whereas the other is blunt. So, what could happen if you were to take
a direct approach? She recognizes you as a threat, she puts her
guard up and is not open to interact with you. Especially, when in the case of the Duke you
have a certain reputation for being a Don Juan-type. You pleasantly prove her negative assumptions
of you wrong and add a sense of mysteriousness to your profile. You’re not an open book. Where she thought she had you figured out,
she now realizes there’s much more to you. Plus, from her perspective, the confusion
about your behaviour, taking the indirect approach, will most likely end up working
in your favor. “If he’s such a skilled seducer, why is he
not making any advances on me?” She might think she’s not good enough in your
eyes and decide to qualify herself to you, in which case I would applaud you for a job
well done. That is the beauty of seduction. So many women, yet so few men are capable
of it. You reverse that and the huntress becomes
the hunted, while at the very same time, they’re completely unaware of this little play, if
you do it right, that is. Let me finish with a Kierkegaard quote, because
I love those. “I do not approach her, I merely skirt the
periphery of her existence … This is the first web into which she must be spun.” He paints a very specific, almost dark picture
of a spider weaving a web waiting for the victim’s entanglement. The victim is clueless, the attack is passive. You lay the trap and let her her walk into
it. Oftentimes, we can look at a phenomenon in
nature and see stunning similarities with the way we humans interact with the world
and eachother. Now, maybe that is just, because we learn
by observation, mimique what we see and have an obsession with metaphors and analogies
involving the environment we’re in. Still, with all this talk of traps, victims,
attacks and manipulation, keep in mind that, in this case, as in most cases, both entities
got what they wanted. The Duke and Anne Marie had their needs met. Wouldn’t it have been the most undesirable
outcome for her to keep longing for a man, who as it would turn out, had no interest
in her whatsoever? The man she loved, due to his actions and
her willingness to let them happen, would’ve rejected her entirely. I’ll leave it up to you to finish this thought,
but think about it. You want to sell something, you create a need
for it. How many times has someone told you that they
couldn’t live without you or your product or your service? If you’re as good a salesman or saleswoman
as heroin is as good of a drug for the senses, you’re almost getting tired of all the praise. If you can convince a fulfilled person that
they’re not happy until you enter their lives, convincing a sad person of that would be about
as difficult as making your own bed. Speaking against the indirect approach is
that it usually takes up more of your time, than the direct approach. However, good things supposedly come to those
who wait, who have patience and think long-term. One way you could look at it is quality versus
quantity. Relationships versus one night stands. Love versus affairs. I personally think that every man should get
“it” out of their system in their 20s and 30s, so you avoid a mid-life crisis in your
40s or strive to become the CEO of a faux-progressive company solely based on your needs. My philosophy is “the rake life, then quality
LTR.” And you bet I’m not marrying anyone in this
corrupt zero-reproductive-rights-for-men system. That’s my opinion today, it might not be tomorrow. That’s called changing your mind. Either way, I’m happy to hear your view. Just please keep in mind that this channel
is about what is, not what ought to be. I love romantic ideas and I wish they were
true. Otherwise debating you is like playing chess
with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits
on the board and then struts around like it won the game. And yes I did borrow that line. Supposedly Vladimir Putin is the one who said
it. And that is it for this law of seduction. If you have any questions, please feel free
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