Industry Insight: Careers in Construction (Painting and Decorating)

The worksite is quite general, you’re doing
your preparation and then following through with a paint system. But then you can be from
pillar to post doing all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs. You do a range of different things during
the day, from preparation to finishing. Originally I knew I wanted to do anything
within construction and I got led into painting and decorating through secondary school. I followed my father into the industry. My secondary school, they said “do I want
to do a day release with any construction?”. I always wanted to work when I left school
so following my dad into this industry and being a painter was kind of mapped out for
me. I always wanted to be in construction, I’ve
always done it and I’ve got here. I learnt the trade with my dad so I’ve been
doing it for nearly twenty years. I’m currently undertaking an apprenticeship
through ‘Trackers’, and I’ve done little training projects with my company such as mobile tower
scaffold and asbestos awareness. Photography, Leisure and Tourism, Product
Design, and Music. Motivation- you have to be motivated and have
a hard work ethic. Cleanliness is very important. Communication skills and a bit of honesty
and manners. Respect for the other workmates, teamwork
and communication skills. Seeing the transformation when we do a total
refurbishment and you see it from the start and you see it going up and being gutted and
then when you see the end product. The fulfillment of when you finish a job and
you can look back and say you’ve done it. You’re always having to learn, and you’re
always having to adapt. The amount of hard work that would go into
getting a finish. A lot of people have the ‘anyone can paint’
attitude, but there is a lot more to it than that, especially when you’re doing high class
finishing. I think people would usually think that a
painter/decorator would go into a room or house and literally just paint the walls,
but there is a lot more to it such as the preparation that would lead up to a good quality
finish. On a work level it’s the little things- it’s
working on properties like this, the views you get, the scenery, and just making your
clients happy. Getting to the point where I am now, getting
on to the apprenticeship through ‘Trackers’. Early starts- if you don’t like getting out
of bed early don’t join construction. A lot of people suffer with their knees in
our game. I always wear the pads but a lot of people are quite brave and I’d imagine
they must suffer later in their life- so I’d advise anyone starting now to go with the
kneepads. When I got given myself a project to do and
I had to sit back for a bit, plan it out, and think about what I needed to do to start
it and get it to a good finish. For me it’s learning to drive. I only passed
my test a couple of years back. I was in a crash when I was younger and I just had a
fear of driving, but really in this industry it’s a necessity. Learning to drive for me
was the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome. Always take pride in your work and take your
time. My dad taught me three things: 1) Preparation
is the art of decoration; 2) You’re only as good as your last job; 3) Just keep good manners
and a bit of honesty. Stability and wellness with myself and my
family. If you take pride in your work it rubs off
in your lifestyle outside of work. You can do if you pass the City and Guilds
qualification, it’s recognised all over the world so you can travel around, and with our
job we go to different sites around the island and we can see different people. Yes I get to travel around daily and see the
island and I really enjoy that. You get to meet all sorts of weird and wonderful clients. My work colleagues. We get some right characters,
so yes my work colleagues. Making the customers happy at the end of a


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    They have got to be the cleanest painters I've ever seen in my whole life,

    If you haven't got any paint on your overalls you're not a painter, and nobody uses a Fitch to paint a building of that sort it must've took on two years painting it with a half inch brush get the 3 inch brushes out lads

  • tea42

    Question: Can you paint water based acrylic over enamel spray paint?

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  • Butters

    ya you wake up at like 4 in the morrnings, the worst thing you can do is stay up past 8 o clock. also one bull shit with being in constroction, tons of ass holes. they will back stab you , take your money, and give you cheap producs to use for your work.

    ok example. me and my dad had to hang wall paper at td back at 9 pm at night, finished at 12 am , but we are really quick at it tho lols. but the person that supplyed us the glue gave us ragular glue that you use on majority of wall pappers. this was bad, beacuse we were hanging fabric wall papper.
    fabric wall papper is not litteraly fabric, its just that it dose what jeans do if you cut the seam off, it frase and gets ruined. so you have to roll the glue on mannually, and the hanginging takes away so an oil base glue would have aloud us more time to do it properly.

    in the end we got it finished, but it was ugly wall papper, it was natrual wall paper. meaning you do not flip ever other pice. so you see the seems everywhere. color looked nice tho. but the guy should have let us know what we where dealing with and we should have gotten payed more. it was also a last minute bull shit job too.

    other times, its the guys you work with slack off and dont sand down the walls properly. for doing slow ass job. haning wall papper is a peace work job, you make more money then a doctor if your great at it, but just dont have kids, and dont have a girl frind. get a boyfriend be gay, trust me a family life as a wall hanger is no fun, and you will die with tools in your hands as a lazy nukular plant supervizer. great pay but boring as fuck as my dad puts it.

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