Inside Amy Schumer – Celebrity Interview

All right! Okay, we are all in
for a big treat. Our next guest is
making her starring debut in Baz Luhrmann’s musical remake
of “Blade Runner.” This is also her
first time on our show. Please welcome,
ladies and gentlemen, Amy Lake Blively! Thank you! (applause) Oh, my goodness. Oh, wow! Wowie, wowie,
wowie, wowie. That’s you,
right there, right there. That’s your cup,
that’s you. Wow, what a great crowd. Wow, Amy,
you look stunning! Thank you.
(laughing) Cliffley, I’m so
excited to be here. Oh, really?
Yeah, you look excited. Does she look excited?
She look excited? No, this is my
favorite TV show. Oh, really? My absolute favorite TV show. I’ve been watching this
since I was, like, 16. So, like, two years ago?
(laughs) Stop it!
Stop it! (rim shot) I have to just tell you,
I’m, like, a little nervous, because I have always had
the biggest crush on you. (laughing) Hold on, I need
to call my wife. Uh, Darflyn,
it’s over. Ah-ca-clank! Err, kink!
Huh, gaa! (gunshot, then rim shot) Seriously, that dress,
that dress! No. Look at the dress. Give me a break.
Oo-hoo-hoo, no! (makes steaming noises) No, I– I feel so
awkward in it, I don’t even know
how to sit, like, look. I don’t know–
I sat down, I was like, I don’t even
know how to sit in it. I don’t know. (burlesque music playing) I don’t know
how to sit. How do I sit? Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! (impersonates Jimmy Durante)
Ha-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. But no, I am like
such a tomboy. Oh, yeah? I usually just wear, like,
sweatpants if I’m home, or my favorite
team’s jersey. Mm-hmm? Or I’m naked, I’m just– Uh-oh! Liftoff!
Yo, Darflyn! (laughter) (vocalizing)
Am I right? (rim shot) Yo! I’m sorry, it is
so cold in here. Oh, yeah? Yeah. I just– I have
this thing that’s like very
unique to just me. Uh-huh? Where I’m always cold. Uh-huh? I was voted in high school
“Most Cold.” Wow! Would you like
my jacket? Ohh! Really? Should I give
her my jacket? Should I give her
my jacket? Should I give her
my jacket? (applause) Give it to her! (speaking gibberish)
Should I give her my jacket? Should I give her
my jacket? You are such
the best gentleman! I’ll give you my jacket. There we go,
there we go. It’s so big on me. Just like…
(peeping) Where’d she go? “Chivalby” is alive
and well here. Unfortunately,
so is Darflyn, hey-o! (laughter) Yo, Darflyn, I just got
you a necklace, hello! (glass breaking) So, I understand you
just had a birthday. Is that, uh…? Oh, yes, that is so true. Okay, this is such a funny
and interesting story. So, me and all
my girlfriends went to a nature preserve. Mmm. In Fiji. It’s an island! Everybody has to go. You can afford it! So, they have these
underprivileged dolphins. Oh, no. Yeah, this one
dolphin, Windy, one day we just,
like, locked eyes and he just, like,
went down on me. Now, did that, uh, make
your boyfriend jealous? My boyfriend–
yeah, right. The only man in my life is my labradoodle
Eva Braun. Aw, pretty name. I’m told my idea of
a perfect evening at home is just, like, staying
at home and just, like, baking for my best
girlfriends, and just, like,
reading comic books. That’s why I’m
so excited… Yeah. about Baz’s “Blade Runner,” because I’ve always been
a huge sci-fi freak. I am, like, so embarrassed
to tell you guys this, but my favorite
movie ever, like, my favorite movie
of all time– this is so embarrassing,
is “Star Wars.” (cheers and applause) You know what
that means! Looks like someone in
the audience is the winner of our Dannon Yogurt
sweepstakes. We’ll be right back. Hello, desert? Get ready for
Darflyn’s body. Click!


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