Integrated Product Design – Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

What we like students to learn is that they
become professional product designers, that are used by people. We achieve this by having a blended learning situation, in which we combine projects, practicals and also lectures for students to combine the knowledge of
design engineering, statics, mechanics, ergonomics sustainability and design methods
to one integrated project design approach. We have got two projects, main projects. It is advanced concept design and advanced embodiment design. With these two projects you will integrate all aspects of the design process. With advanced concept design you have one main design project. In order to tackle this problem you have
four different sub-courses that teach you different things you can use while designing. I think that the integrated product design
master is unique in the world, due to the fact that we have a long history
in combining the knowledge into product design. We combine it with actually world class design methodology. Which really enables the students to come up with new products, to come up with new ideas and make things happen. Actually IPD focuses on the broad area of
integrated product design and also the design process. I would say we don’t really focus on the very Fuzzy Front End and we have less focus on the
market implementation of products. Everything in between is really IPD. What I really like is the embodiment of a design. Making the concept is nice, but to elaborate the concept and make it real, that is what I really like. So you have one main subject, the whole course. Wherefore you do the side project and the
big project. In the side project we focus on the ergonomics of the project, the sustainability, the aesthetics or the technical aspects. The most important thing is that you’re going
to build a prototype and really make the product. You can find a lot of different kind of teachers and coaches here. Something that I like a lot is that you can
sit with them directly, so that the hierarchy is not very clear. That helps with your relationship with them
and also the development of the project. I like the structured way of working here. In the end for me Delft had the nicest atmosphere, I liked the people around here, so I decided to come to Delft. I very much like the science approach that
this university has. It is not that common among design schools. A lot of them are art schools and I think the information you get in a university like this is much broader, more interesting in general. I think this master is so good, because we have unique way of integrating
these five areas into product design. I think the way we tackle this is unique in the world. If you listen to what the evaluation committee said some years ago. They said we are a top world class master, that really makes me proud.


  • Ridzert Product Design

    Great introduction video! I completed this programme, and the video gives a good impression of its scope.

  • Dr. Robert McCarthy

    Nice video, but why is this on my website?


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