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So I can start with idea validation and go all the way to see if
my product works well.>>Absolutely, there’s ways for user research to
help you throughout that process.>>Okay, so we talked about user
research, but what does a designer do?>>Well, if you’re
an interaction designer like me, you’re going to spend a lot
of time grappling with tasks. You’re going to think about,
well what are all of the different tasks that the user is going to
perform inside of this product? And, for every given task that you have,
you’re going to try to dive in and just try to figure out that sequence
of interactions that the user is going to have. And sometimes you can think
about that like a dialogue. Think about, well if the user does x,
the system’s going to do y, and then the user is going to come back and
do z. You’ll kind of go through that, and
you’ll start by just kind of shaping one of those, but then you’ll kind
of go broader and broader. You’ll think about all the other
variants of that same task, so what if the user does w instead of y? And how does the system respond to that? And that’ll help you just kind of
understand what some of the constraints are and what some of the things you
need to account for in the design. And then from there you go
kind of bigger and bigger. You think about what
the next task is and you start to kind of chain those
together in interesting ways. You’ll start to see things that
are kind of commonalities. Tasks that are similar or
sometimes even the same to each other, that are kind of good opportunities. And also things that are really unique,
particular tasks that have these very, one-off set of interactions
that don’t occur elsewhere.>>So I have to map every interaction?>>Well either you’re
going to map them all or the user’s going to kind of
have to create their own map. So trying to anticipate as many
of those interactions as you can is going to make it easier for the user to kind of follow through
on those goals inside your product.

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