Introducing Reindeer Run Tube Park at GLOW

One of the things I’m most excited about
at GLOW is our Reindeer Run Tube Park. I’m from Minnesota. Tubing and sledding was always part of our holiday tradition, so we’ve created a three-story, 170-foot tube park for families and friends alike. We know we’re not in the most arctic environment, but we wanted to really create one of
those great northern traditions that could be a part of GLOW. So we invented the Reindeer Run Tube Park, which is a custom-built, three-story tall attraction with a 170 feet of synthetic snow tile. So you’re gonna come on the concourse, climb up the steps, get on your tube, sled 180 feet to the bottom, and land at the base of Nashville’s tallest Christmas tree. It’s gonna be an amazing experience. Reindeer Run Tube Park has four
lanes, so we expect epic racing battles amongst family and friends.

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