Introduction to User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design

Hi there, my name is Daniel Scott… and I’m an Adobe
Certified Instructor. Together, you and me are going to learn
how to become a user experience designer… using the software Adobe XD. Together we’ll use this
UI/UX software to create… beautiful user interfaces as well
as really streamlined user experiences. During this course
we’ll work through… an actual freelance project
that I have on at the moment. It means both a website and an app built. So it will give you a
really good idea… of how to kind of manage
your own UX projects. Now this course is aimed
at complete beginners. So there is no need to have
any experience, InDesign, or UI, or UX. You don’t even need to know
what those terms mean yet. We’re going to start right
at the beginning… and work our way through step by step. First you’ll learn how to construct
a good brief and UX persona. Then you’ll learn how to create
some simple wireframes. From there you’ll learn how to… implement colors and images
properly in your designs. You’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts
when it comes to web and mobile fonts. We’ll also cheat a little by exploring
some of the pre-made UI kits… that can really speed
up your workflow. We’ll build our prototype, both our
website design and a mobile app design. Connecting pages and adding
full interactivity, ready for user testing. I’ll share with you all the
secret tricks inside Adobe XD… that can really help you
speed up repetitive tasks. We’ll learn how to run
your own user tests… and then make the necessary updates
based on those tests. You’ll learn how to make… both simple and advanced
micro interactions and transitions. Before the end of this course you’ll
have fully interactive prototypes… for your website and your app that
you can share with your clients. We’ll impress your colleagues
with realistic mock-ups. All the way through to
exporting the right files… and getting all your
design specs ready. So throughout the course you’ll be
working on an actual project… but as well as that,
I’ll set assignments, not homework… for you to complete, I’ll give you
the brief, I’ll give you the files… and I’ll set some tasks. And that will mean you’ll be able
to develop your own skills… but also you’ll be able to
create your own projects… ready for your own portfolio. So I hope you’re ready
to upgrade yourself… learn Adobe XD, and become a
user experience designer. I’ll see you in class. Is this driving you mad? It’s like upside down,
and what does it even say? It says ilabb, I think, well ilub. Anyway, it’s a cool little
New Zealand brand… and it drives my Irish friends mad,
so I wear it all the time… but that’s enough, I’ll see you in class.


  • Zaahir Jappie

    The link to the full course is not working.

  • 一漫畫

    can I have a copy of that desktop background? it's very nice! also your videos are amazing and engaging! I hope you live forever! 😀

  • vijay goutham

    I need to learn micro interaction can you make a video for it?

  • Mohamd Abdallah


    How to extract an Index file from XD from the Windows version

  • Matt

    there is no business address on your website?


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