Invision’s Craft Duplicate Plugin for Sketch 3

hello and welcome to sketch together this is part of a series on sketch basics on this session we’re going to learn about ambitious craft plugin and on this particular thing we’re going to talk about duplicate the duplicate functionality this is going to allow you to have an element that is for multiple elements group of elements that duplicates or simply or vertically in a specific count or probably in a specific space and it’s pretty useful and you’re gonna love it so let’s go okay so let’s talk about duplicate which is a part of a plugin from craft craft which is from ambition so first of all you what you will want to install the plug-in on sketch and this one you cannot do it through sketch tool but you actually have to go to the website and download it from there so go ahead and go to ambition app comm slash craft and you will be able to download the plugin from there so okay and then the plugin will also appear here as a manager and then you can turn on and off parts of the plug-in that you probably don’t want to use and then also side note it’s also available in Photoshop I don’t have an installed I just only use the sketch but if you use Photoshop you can install it there too so okay so back to sketch here let me show you an example of where I used duplicate so here I created a row at an arrangement of rows ourselves and I use parts of other parts of the plant from sky from craft which is images and then titles and the cool thing about this you will find the craft plug-in here on there all on its own toolbox so here I find here duplicate and then there are two tasks inside selection and a specific count and when you use in site selection you actually specify a selection and then it will automatically duplicate the content according to that selection so for example here on this example I have a duplicate control layer and if I were to change the size of that duplicate control it that’s one more cell according to the gunner and to the size that I have so as you can see it here is automatically updating for you which will save you a lot of time so let’s go ahead and try to do that right here so over here I have a cell and it has a image and also and sorry an oval for an image as a background has to tell on a subtitle so the first thing that I want to do is on the oval I want you to go ahead and use a different part from the plugin which is called photos and I’m going to teach you about it later but real quickly photos and here I use unsplash and I’m going to use City and then automatically place a photo and place the photo for me from the unsplash library and thank your on title I’m going to use the type I’m going to use the headline and I’m going to use advertising and this is taking from news and articles on advertising and this subtitle I’m going to use the same headline advertising and there you go that’s cool I created an element that automatically a career really it looks pretty real a pretty realistic mock-up of an element and now I want to duplicate it and I can totally go ahead and just like drag and drop out the element and I can manually change the site the the values of each of them but with this plug-in you can actually do it really easily so I go here to duplicate and I’m going to say inside selection and I’m going to check vertical and I’m going to add a gutter of 0 actually and I’m going to duplicate content and automatically creates three elements for me but not just only that it it was smart enough to know that here I have to put it will put images from the unsplash library on the city city category and also all the titles are the same as I did on the first one and if I in over here you can see that it created a group for me a group any group with all the rows so inside that group I will see another layer that is called duplicate control and I can change this and I can make it a little bit bigger and will automatically add more cells to my design which is pretty cool if I were to let’s do the same but now with a cart and let’s use the other version of it so here instead instead of inside selection I’m going to specify a count and before that I’m going to actually change the image of it the image and then this one is going to be our animals I’m going to place a photo and the title is going to be science headline there’s no science what’s the philosophy and it’s a type of also headline of philosophy and then I’m going to duplicate the content of this car and I’m going to do it vertically in horizontally so horizontally going to do two columns and vertically went to put three rows and I’m going to put the gutter of 30 no sorry just put 24 pixels I’m going to duplicate content and automatically duplicate it for me all the elements there which is just amazing imagine how much time you’re going to save with this so yeah that’s duplicate control sometimes it does they say you you can just double click it and sometimes the headlights are longer than your text field so you can just go ahead and change that and yeah so you can imagine how cool this is and how much time it will save you so go ahead and try it out


  • Hung Le

    Whenever I click the duplicate button, it only put the layer in a group without making any duplication, do you know why? Thank you.
    Ps: Love your video series, very informative!!!

  • yomi yusuf

    Thanks for your videos. But the Craft panel doesn't show up for me after installation and activating each plugin. What might be the problem?

  • Mark Queen

    I used this method but when I transfered it onto principle it didn't let me select on them individually, do you know why that is?




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