iRef:This Week in News Zealand-SkyPath,Len Lye & the Sculpture Breaking Guy & Gangs on AliExpress?!

hey what’s up you guys my name is Bella
and welcome back to this week in News Zealand In Auckland for almost two
decades now the idea of a pedestrian bridge going underneath the Auckland
Harbour Bridge has been planned and discussed. Recently the government has
strongly backed that plan estimating it to cost approximately forty five million
dollars which is controversial in itself as back in 2009 it was proposed to cost
U.S. ten million dollars. Harry’s back. Weird specification there the 45 is presumably
in New Zealand Dollars so let’s just say at today’s conversion we’re looking at
approximately 15 million dollars for back in 2009 so the price has tripled in
just nine years this project would help thousands of people daily who would
prefer to walk or cycle to work which supposedly is what our government would
want yes with Auckland’s traffic now being ranked as the 47th worst city in
the world to drive in New Zealand being the third most obese country in the
world as of 2017 and multiple initiatives by the government and
council encouraging walking to work cycling carpooling and catching public
transport to combat obesity pollution and traffic surely funding the bridge is
the obvious decision well perhaps it’s not that easy it has been suggested over
the last week the people using the sky path either pay a fee of $3 with a hop
card or $7 without one or possibly free with a hop card and a fee if one does
not have a hop card I personally don’t agree with this but of course I would
love to hear anyone’s opinions from the other side or anyone who’s not really
sure about this issue to me although this bridge is expensive
it seems counterproductive to me to find people for exercising for reducing
pollution and for helping with our traffic congestion problem I also think
it’s quite odd to charge around three to seven dollars for this fare
as one could simply catch the bus from one side of the bridge to the other I
the easier option out of this for only $1 90 with a hop card or $3 without one
so it would be cheaper if they decide to impose a fine to just hop across on the
bus oh I just got that hop across yeah so we take less time and less see if
it’d just be driven across but it would contribute to the problems that we
already have I understand there is an enormous cost associated with this
bridge but as I see it personally it’s contributing to a lot more positives
than negatives in the stranger side of the news Aliexpress and wish calm
website marketplaces renowned for selling cheaper and sometimes strange
knockoff versions of products have sold a peculiar product that is related to
New Zealand gangs now wishes headquarters are located in America
whereas le expresses are in China so there’s not much of a correlation
between these gang t-shirts and these t-shirts specifically relate to New
Zealand’s mongrel mob as to how those designs reached these countries as a
desirable in sellable product I’m really quite unsure what’s particularly
concerning is that these gangs are quite well renowned for having to fight to
earn and retain these patches which are now available to one online for between
20 to 50 New Zealand dollars rather than a year or so of dangerous initiations by
wearing these the group’s members would more than likely view it in quite a
negative way as the person hasn’t earned the right to wear it which could incite
members to deliver their own form of justice to anyone they see wearing them
you could be viewed as threatening or mocking and violence could occur from
this according to Jared Gilbert a University of Kent very senior lecturer
and also the author of patched the history of gangs in New Zealand
finally in Wellington on Monday a $300,000 sculpture was broken by Hunter
McDonald because he was bored and he wanted to show off that’s what he
directly told staff reporters McDonald has a history on a popular Wellington
University page Vic deals posting vague wind-ups
towards his landlady or fun work pranks he does where he’s dubbed himself the
worst tenant or the worst employee in his own video titles MacDonald has now
been charged with intentional reckless damage originally it was thought that he
would be charged with willful damage but intentional damage is a more serious
charge he is due to appear in court early next month it was a very unique
sculpture it is quite a clever one despite what first glance may allude to
its motorized and it admits water as it moves creating patterns that look
different from every angle the sculpture was called water Weller and was designed
by Lindley the New Zealand artist was also a filmmaker an author and his work
is still displayed at the Museum of Modern Art the sculptures installation
cost 1 million dollars back in 2006 Wellington bear
Justin Lister jokingly tweeted out you break it you buy it
thankfully it isn’t should although it will take a long time to repair after
being snapped in half and estimates are putting the costs upwards of six figures
not even gonna comment on this one I’m sure my facial expressions have
displayed exactly how I feel about this Wow
I just can’t anyway that’s all we’ve got this week thank you very much for
watching if you’ve got any opinions or comments leave them down below otherwise
I hope you have a fantastic week bye

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