IT Inspired Halloween Nail Art

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do IT inspired nails. It’s going to be scary! So, on the lovely Vanessa, we’ve already put tips on. We’ve done prep, which means we’ve removed the surface shine from the nail. I am going to wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution because we’ve had dinner Kirsty: …and there might be some pasta or oil or some *.
Vanessa: I don’t eat pasta with my fingers. Kirsty: I know, just to make sure that they are nice and clean. Yeah, no pasta! Alright! So, what we need to do now is, dehydrate with the Nail Prep Dehydrator, just on that natural nail. I don’t need to waste product by putting it on the tip because it won’t do anything. And then we’re gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer. So, on those two nails, we’re gonna do Mega White. Oh my God! Did you see that fuzzy? I nearly encapsulated a black fuzzy in the white. That would not have been good. So, we’re going to pat and press this to the end of that tip. Next bead. You want to drag that down on top of the previous bead. Just wanna make sure I’ve got that apex built up. So, with the Mega White, you can build structure with it. It’s not like the powders, like these ones in little pots, generally. The coloured powders generally, are just for colour and not structure. Whereas, Mega White, you can you can build structure all day long and it will add lots and lots of strength. I’m gonna do the same on this one. So, this is a two-bead application, so we get the bulk of it done in those two beads. Can you see I’m tipping the finger down slightly? Tipping the finger down will draw product down the nail and then we can pat and press as it starts to polymerise. Pat and press it, pull it down the nail, with a little bit firmer pressure. Second bead, get your cuticle nice and neat and then you can drag that down on top of the previous bead. How has that even fall over? It’s been there like that for ages and that bottle has fell over and knock that off. Vanessa: Because you knocked it earlier.
Kirsty: When? Are you sure? Vanessa: I am sure.
Adam: No, it’s IT. Kirsty: I think it’s IT.
Adam: It’s IT. Kirsty: It’s gonna come and tell me things are floating and I need to go and see the floating boats. Adam: The floating boats. Adam: I haven’t seen the new one.
Kirsty: I haven’t. Vanessa: Is this a good time to say I’ve seen none? I just don’t watch horror films. Kirsty: Do you know what? I’m not into horror and I haven’t seen any of the new ones. I’ve seen the old one a long time ago and can’t really remember them. My sister, who was thirteen loves them. And I know she’s not supposed to watch them because she’s thirteen, however, she has and she absolutely loves them. She’s loves a good horror. Abby loves a good horror. Kirsty: I’m not into horror as you, Adam?
Adam: I like a good horror but there’s, they’re few and far between. Kirsty: You’re saying this one is not a good horror?
Adam: I haven’t seen it but I did love the mini-series one. Adam: Like the original.
Kirsty: What was that? Oh, yeah, it’s got big balloon. It’s got like a balloon head. Kirsty: I prefer the makeup and how, you know, the new IT looks compared to the old one.
Adam: Jim Carrey, I prefer Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: Yeah! Adam: He was more fun looking. Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: This one looks more sinister. Clowns are supposed to look fun, but be sinister. Adam: In my opinion.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: We’re gonna pinch that and I’m pinch the end of it as well. Then, what I’m doing is, I’m doing these two and then I’m doing this one because they don’t have any glitter in. If you’re doing glitters, I want to sort of do that lastly because I’m gonna have bits of glitter all over my paper and it just stopped me from changing over this desk paper all the time. So, we’re gonna come to the thumb because the thumb is going to be black. I am going to put a thin bead of Clear Acrylic onto that natural nail, so I have great adhesion. You want it very thin because the black is not a structure powder but this will give you the best adhesion. So, I’m gonna pick up the black. It’s highly pigmented. Gonna pull it down and sweep this back a little bit. And don’t get me wrong, it does have some strength, it’s just not quite as strong as the core range, which is like your Clear, your Mega White and all those cover pinks. The many cover pink that Naio Nails do. And let’s get this cuticle area nice and neat. You do need to do it really thick because it is highly pigmented. You just wanna make sure you’ve got a nice neat border around the edge of the nail. We’re gonna encapsulate now with Clear. So, this is Crystal Clear. This is gonna give strength, gonna build your apex. These two are gonna have red glitter on. I want to incorporate glitter. I know they’re gonna be IT-scary kind of inspired nails, but I still want them to look pretty, so we’re gonna use red glitter. We’re gonna lay down a thin layer of Pure Red and use the glitters as well. So, we’ll use Pure Red. We will use a thin layer of Clear like we have on the other nails, but I’m gonna use all these glitters. Even a bit of Cracked Mylar. I am gonna pop them in a pot. I like to do this because it makes my job easier. Gonna pop a bit of that in, bit of mylar and some finer red glitter. I love mixing my glitters. Gives them more texture and I believe it makes them even sparklier. We’re gonna give that a bit of a shake. Then we’ve got a nice glitter there. I love it. So, we’re gonna pop that there. So, a maximum adhesion, a thin layer of Clear and the same on the pinky. Then we’re gonna use the Pure Red. We just wanna do this nice and thin and kind of paint it on. It just gives a really nice background colour. Same on the pinky. You’re gonna pick up a bead of Clear and then, touch my glitter that I’ve pre-mixed, give it a swoosh around. And then we can start putting that over the top of that red and you’ll see why that red is important to the background because it sort of fills in any gaps where there’s no glitter. Now, with a little bit more glitter. So you wanna put that on and move it around and make sure you’re putting it in the places that you want it, if you wanna cover the nail. And then we’re going to encapsulate with Crystal Clear. Pointing the finger down pulls it away from the cuticle and then as we start to move down, we straighten the finger up. Same on this one. Right! So, I’m gonna file these now. I’m just gonna buff this, make them nice and smooth. When I’m doing tips, I always like to check the underneath because sometimes when you’re filing, you get like some little bits that kick on the inside that you haven’t quite file out of the way. So, I always like to run, you know, a finger or a thumb underneath and just give it a buff as well and that’ll just free that up. Dust them off and the rest of your hand. Then I’m gonna wipe over with Acetone. The Acetone will also smooth the top layer. So, you can see now why I’ve used white because we’re gonna use this image as our little inspiration. We’re gonna copy that to my best of my ability. So, I’ve got a damped sponge and I’m gonna put my paints onto that. It’s gonna help keep them wet. I nearly said dry there and that would not be the right word. Would you trust that face? Would you trust that face to take you down the drain to watch some paper-boats floating? I don’t think you’d trust that face. Kirsty: It’s not a trust-worthy face, is it that?.
Vanessa: No. Kirsty: It’s not. Kirsty: So, I’m kind of sketching out the eye at the moment. Find it easier to work on my right-hand side. Adam: You mean the side people can’t see with this camera?
Kirsty: Sorry! Kirsty: So, that’s why I flicked the finger around. Then he’s got this like, he has this like crease, which is where his eyebrows are, or would’ve been? It’s as if if somebody has like removed his eyebrows and left a scar. Adam: Mm-hmm!
Kirsty: It’s weird. I don’t know who came up with that but it makes me think somebody’s said, “those eyebrows, I don’t like them. We are gonna get rid of them” and cut them out. I don’t know if that’s true. Adam: Would be a little bit extreme just for not liking eyebrows? Kirsty: Yeah or maybe even loved his eyebrows that much and…
Adam: Framed them. Kirsty: …because he was so nasty to somebody, they cut his eyebrows out. Maybe that’s another film in itself. Adam: It does doesn’t it?
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Maybe I’m just a bit strange. Vanessa: It is a bit like a new film. Kirsty: Well, yeah because it says…this is supposed to be like the last one ain’t it? Like, that’s it, no? Like Endgame
Adam: Well, in the miniseries, there was. Kirsty: In the what?
Adam: With the miniseries, it was like two parts. Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: Yeah, but it was like… Adam: …it was both of these films mixed into one. So, it kept jumping between them young and old, young and old, young and old. Whereas, this one, the first one was them young, the second one was them old, wasn’t it? Kirsty: Don’t know. Not watched any of them. Adam: I’m just gonna… Kirsty: I love how we do these same film inspired nails and I’ve not actually watched the film.
Adam: You normally have. Kirsty: I just can’t do the horror. It’s too scary. Because I tend to watch films at night when I’m in bed and if I watch a horror then…I had to turn one off once. What was it called? Can’t think what it’s called. He’s Coming or something like that. Had to turn it of I was absolutely _ my pants. Kirsty: And I’ve watched Get Out
Adam: That’s not a horror movie. Kirsty: What a load of rubbish that is.
Adam: It’s not a horror film. Kirsty: It’s supposed to be horror though. I’m sure it is supposed to be. Adam: Not a horror film. I’m sure.
Kirsty: Are you sure? Adam: Hundred percent.
Kirsty: What is it then? Adam: It’s lot of crap.
Kirsty: It is, ain’t it? I was really disappointed. Adam: It seems more like a comedy.
Kirsty: That’s how I felt. Kirsty: I thought this is rubbish. Whoever has was written this, he needs sack, mate. I was not impressed. So, we’re giving him some bags because he clearly hasn’t had his botox. And we don’t want this eyeliner to be perfect because it’s not very perfect. And you think after all these years of doing it, you’d think it’d be already good. Kirsty: Wouldn’t you?
Adam: Mmm! Kirsty: Felt so good, this is.
Vanessa: Probably as good as I am. Kirsty: Right! We need a bit red but we want a tiny bit of black in it. Just to deep, make it really deep. Gonna add this in here but a little bit deeper. A little bit deep…that’s it. It’s like a rouge noir. It’s amazing when you have white face paint on or you know, a white face, like he does, how red the…you know, the fleshy parts of inside your eye actually look. clearly talking from from experience. And it is amazing how yellow your teeth look. But I do think it does need to go to the dentist. I think, you know, he needs, he’s got some issues there with his teeth. Adam: Should have gone with me yesterday.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: So, we’ve added a little bit of red. So, I’m just adding little bits of shading. And the main part I want to get right is, the sort of these lines coming through like this. Gonna do his eyes last because they scare me a little bit. I’m not gonna lie. So, do you think it is actually a full-on horror or is it a little bit like, a bit of a comedy? Adam: Well, it’s definitely got humorous moments in it because it’s got clown in it but it’s definitely horror. Adam: Hundred percent. It’s written by Stephen King.
Kirsty: Yeah! And he’s the man. Adam: Mm-hmm!
Kirsty: Have you every seen Thinner? Adam: Yes!
Kirsty: That’s weird, ain’t it? Adam: I read the book long time ago so.
Kirsty: It’s a weird one, that. Kirsty: Does make me question the mental health of some people that write these films. Maybe that’s why they’re so good at it. Is Saw classed as a horror. Thriller.
Adam: Hmm, yes! That’s more of… Kirsty: Thriller?
Adam: No, it’s definitely… Kirsty: Psychological thriller, no?
Adam: No, it’s more of a…like a slasher-horror type thing. Adam: I know it’s not like…normally, when you associate slasher, you talk about like Michael Myers or…
Vanessa: Kate Lunns, all them. Adam: Like Halloween or Freddy Krueger.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: I think I would class that as…I mean, some people call it torture porn. Kirsty: Really?
Adam: Yeah! Adam: But yeah, it’s definitely horror film.
Kirsty: Because I’ve watched that… Adam: So?
Kirsty: I’m good with that. Yeah, I can watch that. Adam: That’s more about like the tension and the like…
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: …and then seeing the gore, you know.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Whereas, I associate horrors with a lot of supernatural stuff. Kirsty: Yeah! Like the ghost…
Adam: Like witches and ghost… Kirsty: Yeah, that’s just…
Adam: That kind of stuff. Kirsty: …too much. I can’t cope with it. Adam: And…
Kirsty: I can’t be watching that stuff. Adam: I mean, some of the recent good ones, The… what is it called?… Oh, for the life of me, I’ve forgotten what it was actually called. Kirsty: What? It’s been on at the cinema?
Adam: Sorry! Kirsty: Has is it been on at cinema?
Adam: Oh, yeah! Like it’s a few years ago. Adam: It was the Annabelle character…
Kirsty: Yeah, I’ve not watch that. Adam: Yeah, but I’m talking about the actual film. Kirsty: Come on, Ness, don’t you know?
Adam: What the hell is it called? What she was. Adam: The first movie that it was…The Conjuring. Kirsty: Oh, yeah! Adam: So, there’s been like three of them haven’t there?
Kirsty: Yeah! Well… Adam: The first one was brilliant.
Kirsty: My sister, Abby loves them as well. Adam: The first one was absolutely brilliant. Second one, it was okay.
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: I haven’t watched the third one, if there is a third one. Oh yeah, that was the one with the nun. Kirsty: Was that called The Nuning?
Adam: Hmm! It was called The Nun. Kirsty: Oh, was it?
Adam: Yeah. Vanessa: You did impress with that weren’t you?
Kirsty: With The Nuning. Kirsty: It’s called The Nun. Wow!
Adam: And then made them terrible Annabelle films, which were like spin-offs of it. Adam: The Nun was a spin-off of it. I don’t know if they’d do the third one or if they already have. It’s coming out next year. I mean, I class like alien, that’s a real horror. Kirsty: No!
Adam: It is. Kirsty: What, sci-fi horror?
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Hmm!
Adam: But you’ve got like a ship with about what? I think it’s about seven of them on it. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!
Adam: And then this alien loose on it. That’s a horror. Adam: I mean, that last fifteen minutes of that film is pure attention. Sci-fi horror’s my fave. Supernatural horror and Sci-fi horror. Kirsty: It’s like, do you know these programs that you can watch about real life ghosts because they’re real, obviously? Adam: Hmm!
Kirsty: Oh, I can’t cope. They make me bad. I can’t watch them. Kirsty: I think I tend to watch films…if I watch a film that’s, you know, that is horror or which is very rare, but if I do, I tend to look at it and think, “Oh, the makeup is really cool on that. How did they do that?” Like, oh, that must have took hours in makeup” Kirsty: But if it’s like a ghost one…
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: That, I can’t cope with that. I can’t.
Adam: Like doors closing. Kirsty: Yeah! Not good with those. Yeah.
Siri: I didn’t catch that. Kirsty: No! Kirsty: See, we never asked her nothing. Do you know what I mean? It’s weird ain’t it? Vanessa: It’s like when Alexa pipes up the film?
Adam: Hey, Siri! Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: She has.
Adam: Hey Siri! What’s your favourite horror movie? Siri: I don’t have one, but I’ve heard 20001 Space Oddesy got some good reviews. Adam: That’s not a horror film. I mean, there is… Adam: I suppose there is a bit of horror in it.
Kirsty: I want to say that was a horror film. Adam: It’s not a horror film.
Kirsty: Siri, what are you on about? Kirsty: He’s coming together nicely. So, we need to make sure we mix a little bit of this black into the red, to create a really dark red for this mouth here. The teeth will sit on the top of this. We wanna get the dark laid down first of all. This dark colour will also create the separation between the top lip and the opening of the mouth. I’m gonna fill the eyes with white and then I’m gonna let that dry. While that’s drying, I can do the teeth. So, we need a bit of that yellow, a bit of white and a bit of that brown. And those are minging teeth. Do you know when you have your teeth whitened and got that colour chart? I’m not sure. Don’t know if they have it this minging colour. Alright! I’m gonna go and water down this brown and then just add little bit of that black and decay to the teeth. While that yellow is drying in the eyes, I’m gonna move on to this nail and we’re going to write ‘IT’ in that really jaggedy kind of font. It’s not a font, is it? I’m sure you wouldn’t find that on the, Adobe Illustrator or whatever the font would be on. Vanessa: I’ve found sommat similar to that.
Kirsty: Did you. Vanessa: Hmm! Kirsty: Let’s come back to these eyes. His beautiful eyes. So beautiful! Right! So, I want a little bit of red in this, you know, to make it a little bit more orange. Just go around the edge of the eye. We can just see a little bit of the pupil. Wouldn’t want to see that in a dark alleyway. On the thumb, we’re going to do the balloons and there are two balloons because it’s part two. Possibly the last one, I don’t know. Not done many parts, have they? We do want it to be completely solid because the balloon has some transparency to it. I’m gonna overlap the balloons. Alright! I’m gonna matte-topcoat the white using the Ultra Matte Top Coat on both nails that have the white on and the crazy design. Sparkly ones, we’re gonna have to gel-topcoat, which is perfect for over the top of acrylic. You don’t wanna use this over the top of gel polish, it will crack and we don’t that. Pop them in the lamp. Now, with a bit gel polish, I’m gonna use Heartbreaker and we will use some of Siren, which is nice and glittery. So, we’re gonna take some Heartbreaker first and do some blood. It wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t have a little bit of blood. Pop me that in the lamp. So now, with the glitter gel polish, I’m gonna put that over the top. So, I really needed the Heartbreaker colour in the background because we’re literally just gonna trickle this glitter it over the top and we need that red in the background to sort of fill in the gaps where the glitter won’t be. And I like the blood with glitter because obviously, I bleed glitter. Because I think I inhale that much. Let’s matte topcoat the balloons and pop that in the lamp. And this one, we’re gonna put some blood, coming from the bottom. And then we’re gonna go over with the glitter again. I actually like this over the black. I think it’s really effective. Pop them in the lamp. And then we’re gonna use…we’re using so many products, the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. So, we’re not gonna use the gel top coat, I’m using the urban Graffiti on it because I’m gonna put this over the top of the gel polish. If we use this one, it would crack. You wanna use the Urban Graffiti one. It’s got flexibility just like the gel. Can I have your hand, please? Thank you very much. I’m gonna do that on the blood on this one. And we’ll do it on this as well. It also makes it even more raised, so you get that embossed look. Let’s with some Cuticle Oil. How cool is that? Are you gonna be alright with them on your nail at night? Is it going to scare you? Vanessa: He might be a bit, a bit spooky.
Kirsty: You’d be like… Kirsty: There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Everything that I’ve used today will be listed below. Don’t forget. check us out on Facebook and Instagram and all that shebang. I don’t know what that word was for. I don’t know. Just… very animated sometimes with my hands. I am sorry. See you later. Bye-bye! Adam: 39, You’re going backward?
Kirsty: Yes, definitely going backwards from now, yes. Kirsty: Right So!


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    your videos. 😁

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