It’s OK EVERYONE!! I can FIX SONIC the Hedgehog!

BUUUURP I was bored so I made this. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh eWell, first of all, I was born in 1932. The Great depression wasn’t made for kids of the new generation I mean they think it is but in reality it’s…. not But more importantly I have a stunning track record of fixing and converting for cinema use all sorts of different characters For example, remember the live-action adaption of Beauty and the Beast and the design they had for Beast Tow but that’s okay cuz I fixed it you guys remember the emoji movie That’s okay cuz we pitched a better animated movie to Sony Pictures you all helped me bombard them with Sexy Benjamin movie requests and then I made it in virtual reality sexy Benjamin everywhere. I look Benjamin Benjamin, I’ve got a sexy Benjamin for you right here Cinematic universes is a huge part of what I do like the YouTube cinematic universe I have created characters for a whole bunch of famous youtubers to be part of their own cinematic universes I alone am most qualified to fix Sonic as someone who has the best understanding of how to create a beautiful Cinematic character design. I also know how to make a fantastic vegetable chunky soup mix. I’ll put the recipe in the description That is today’s mission to take this design and make it what it was always meant to be for the big screen Which I can guarantee you was never meant to be this I mean Excuse me I’m genuinely curious by this point how many people have disliked this video because it’s Actually quite tasty, I’ll be honest. I got a lot of work to do and that means it’s time to Put on my fighting gloves. Let’s just very very quickly cuz I don’t want to look at it too long analyze this I think first thing to point out is that he looks more like a who when I say who I mean like, you know the dr. Seuss who characters he looks more like a who from Whoville Then a hedge. Ugh, whoa, I mean Sonic doesn’t actually look like it headshot bitch you get my point what the hell is happening with that face Oh chicken bebsbdvabla hvsac hcs K KSCVKSckv cs, they’ve tried to go like realistic. But what is it? What is up with the gloves? first of all, it’s very obvious sonic has Blum’s look at those gloves like What? Please creepy pale white hands per unit. Oh my god, how am I getting so passionate about the sonic representation? I’m not even part of his core fan base. He’s caught fan base. Ooh a Little weird. I don’t mean just people who like Sonic I mean the people who write Fanfiction and not-safe-for-work art. Let’s don’t Google that. Whatever you – is there anything? Oh also my favorite thing about this is the brand placement check these out beautiful Nike sneakers. Love it Alright, we’ve looked at him long enough. That is that is that’s all we need. So what we’re gonna do today is create three new representations of the Sonic the Hedgehog for the big screen The first one we’re gonna go with is a Disney Pixar style that Disney Pixar Style is very very popular and prevalent frozen was a hip tangled believe those big beautiful Disney eyes Sort of soft curves and stuff in general that sounded a little like a like a sexy sonic With this soft kiss we’re gonna have that big head cartoony proportions still cuz we’re going family-friendly. We’re going cute I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit too friendly here. Cuz Sonic is a rad bad dude with attitude So we just fix that by giving him a cocky, eyebrow And then we come to the sneakers now, we’re not gonna sell out like the the creators of the Sonic upcoming sonic movie Huh? We’re not gonna have Nike we’re gonna have a more relatable sneaker brand not added ass cuz that’s just like only Pepsi instead of coke sonic has Sketches first of all, there’s an S. So it suits Sonic much more than a bloody tick Does that sketches are not only fashionable and modern kids? They’re also really good for your feet. They help you foot Step better or something got a good foot roll under the sole of them Mainly because they have an S I feel like I’ve done pretty well, but I do feel like I’ve misrepresented his main feature, which is the running thing I’ve given him fairly short stumpy legs. So let’s just fix the proportions a little bit Yeah, there we go. And then we just slap in some line work with there. Yeah There we go. There’s the line work just like that and then another nice little shortcut which a lot of people turn actually know about is to color them in a lot of people don’t know this but there’s actually a Button here that you can click to color in these sonic colors. That’s a photoshop feature Most people skip over and don’t know about when they color inside So we just like that with the Paint Bucket you simply apply and just like that We have our sonic colored in now. I know what you’re thinking Jazza That doesn’t look like a Disney Pixar Eska version of Sonic. It looks like a badly drawn Reinterpretation of a cartoon you Crapper version of Sonic and you’d be right. Trust me It would do better in the box office then. Well, let me remind you Come on, why would you pick which one? Huh? The next version the second of the three is the comedy or the the rom-com the light comedy Live-action version of Sonic now. It’s the reason that Owen Wilson would play Sonic He’s played lightning McQueen who as you know is a very speed oriented character speed I am speed speed speed his voice will subconsciously be associated with Speed and I mean, let’s face it. His voice is perfect for Sonic the Hedgehog Wow First things first, we’ve got the sonic head. We need an alphabet Now the body of this sonic is not entirely lost. We can grab this as a foundation I’m just gonna paste it here and get rid of everything We don’t want to work with now on Wilson has this this great swoopy hairdo that we can actually use in our recreation here to put that and enlarge it and Look at that. Oh my god. It’s perfect. And then we’re gonna need to grab some costume parts and we have big white gloves I’m just using Google and Google Google just using Google images for this. There we go, just like Just like that. We’ve got a sonic gloves and then we throw in some sketches now. I’ve got actually two two angles of the same shoes I’m using to go but you look I’m just trying to make a point and I feel like particularly after a touch of color My point has very clearly Been made now if that isn’t the perfect live action sonic I don’t know. What is because let me remind you of what it’s not it’s not that So I do want to do one Seriously epic one for you guys. And that is quite simply going to be the gritty reboot Sonic people love gritty reboots The Dark Knight and the Batman Begins whole thing popularizing gritty reboots Superman not so much but you get the idea people like you just usually like people Sometimes people like gritty rapists. So using the original sonic as a reference and I’ll put him over here to the side I’m going to create the cinematic gritty reboot sonic. I’ll put a bit of effort and this done I’ve just been playing around up and doing now But now we’re gonna get serious and show you the potential of what a really epic sonic could be And Here it is. The thing. You never knew you needed in your life the gritty reboot sonic, bitch I have to say I feel like this Imagining this design of Sonic the Hedgehog for live-action. Cinema is perfect. It takes a number of boxes First of all, the fans are happy because we keep that attitude but we get the gritty reboot thing which again some people like then the weird of fans of Sonic are pretty pleased cuz we have A bit of a pretty boy but a bit of a sexy body sonic with a little earring and a sexy smile But of a sexy sonic sexy sounds of Sonic fans And most importantly people who love comic-book movies Which is all the rage these days you get your cool superhero a comic book style Sonic great thing But that’s just my personal favorite and whichever wins is actually up to you. I’m gonna leave a poll for you to vote on It’s up there So click on the thing and let me know which sonic you think is gonna be the best current live action. Cinema sonic good Then of course We have the badly drawn Disney Pixar version of Sonic which you might enjoy some of you might prefer the Owen Wilson rom-com live comedy version of Sonic that would probably I mean Let’s face It definitely be a hit at the box office and last but not least the gritty reboot of Sonic go leave your votes Let me know in the description where I went right and where I went beautifully wrong Thank you for watching. And of course if you haven’t make sure to subscribe to draw with jazzer for your chance to win future viewing experiences of watching draw with jazz videos in fact It’s a guarantee that you’ll get that if you subscribe so you should do that Check out other videos on my channel on my vlog channel and enjoy the ride Thanks for watching and until next time I’ll see you later


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