IU Kokomo: Sculpture S-322

I know the welder was kind of
intimidating at first, but again, like I said, it’s kind of cool, just you know
again, just making all that noise and seeing all the sparks go everywhere and
just melting the metal. So I definitely thought that was pretty cool to use
because I normally wouldn’t be using this kind of thing had I not taken
this class. It’s been a process, like I said I’d never done anything like this
before and I really had to like figure it out as I was going through and I’m
still learning. It’s fun, I really enjoy it. This might be one of my favorite
classes I’ve taken here at IUK, honestly. I don’t know. I’m really into sculpture and
this is something that I haven’t tried before. A lot of stuff that I work with
is more like textile, or like… or smaller scale and everything, so I don’t
know, something I could do to like kind of push myself and try something new. Pipes have like a cylinder shape to them
right? So you can move all around that surface with every angle imaginable. So
you have these other pipes and you’re connecting them and you’re moving them
around every different angle and you’re like, “I just can’t find it.” Then that one
moment when you just stop, like okay stop! Hold that right there! Let me look back.
And you look back and you’re like, “that’s great!” That’s just like a great moment in
life to you’re like, “oh man, I just did something wonderful” and I didn’t know
what I was doing at that time. If I had to identify the most important part of this class I would say that that’s it. This idea of aesthetic intuition right?
Being… letting your intuition… your aesthetic, sort of, appreciation guide the
process… start to get in touch with that inner, sort of, intuitiveness. That
aesthetic intuition that we all have and just learn to let that, sort of come

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