Join us at the HeART to Heart Exhibition this October!

Hello everyone my name is Caroline, I’m a
staff nurse at St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley and I also took part in our
exciting HeART to Heart fundraising event this year. The money that we’ve
raised from those hearts has been absolutely amazing and we really want to
try and raise lots more to help the people that we look after here at the
hospice in Crawley and also those that we look after at home in the community
which is really quite a large area. Our hearts were spread around our community. They were in Reigate and they were in Crawley, they were in Horsham and they
were in East Grinstead but if you didn’t manage to see all of those you can see
them at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel on the 25th and 26th of October, only £5 per ticket. Do come along look at those wonderful pieces of art and know
that when you pay your £5 entrance fee that that money will be
going to some really good use to help local people in your area so that we can
look after more people when life comes full circle. Thank you.

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