Juno Review – Worth the whining? (Synemini Sketch)

Why a dog? Well, we’re always trying to push ourselves
at Cut to the Tech, and, honestly, tech just gets a little boring. Like, sure, that’s a cool wi-fi router, but
a dog? That’s adorable. [jazzy trumpet flair] Juno George: she claims to be the “head
[dog bark] in charge” and be “cute as heck.” Juno was born in August of 2016. She’s a chihuahua mix and has 4 strong legs, an undocked tail, and one floppy ear as well as well as one perky one. The design of Juno is simply adorable. The beige stripe down her back makes her stand
out from other white chihuahuas, and her large brown eyes make it far less frustrating when
she’s barking loudly in your face. Her favorite toys are of the stuffed variety, but she can make do with any paper or trash she finds on the floor. This model of Juno does have some bugs, however. We’ve run into an issue where she will seemingly
whine without actually wanting anything, and she has a strong resentment for babies and
children. But she makes up for it by being the best
cuddler around. Juno doesn’t have an app or any smart controls,
but she does have an Instagram, @dontjunoanything, for people who want the joy of having a Juno
without actually having a Juno. The feature that surprised us the most was
the nostril licking. Allow Juno to get within a few inches of your
face, and before you know it she has her tongue up your nose. It took some adjusting, but after awhile this
feature became endearing rather than annoying. Juno isn’t for everyone, in fact she’s
only for me. Because she’s my dog. My verdict? 15/10, heckin good doggo Thank you for watching, and don’t forget
to like, comment, and– [dog whining]


  • eatmarth

    They're good dogs joke?


    I think one of my friends had a dog who would stick her tongue up people’s nostrils too.

  • Gavers23

    That yawn was perfectly timed!

    Also, dogs are tech now?

  • AlthenaLuna


  • HuckleberryBlade

    heckin good doggo lol

  • Emily Dixon

    h*ckin' good content

  • lesmore10

    so cute ! <3

  • HomeWithMyBookshelf

    Some friends I had when I was younger had a dog who would lick (in) your ears if you sat on the floor. Bug/feature? Dunno

  • NinjaNerd007

    Love it! Juno is such a cutie!!

  • MenexGaming

    What a pupperino.

  • Twefrence

    Get it !

  • Desiree Steber


  • eustacia03

    Next review Michael's cats!

  • Trisha Martin

    Nostril licking must be a chihuahua thing – I sat with with a chihuahua while volunteering at the shelter and you get her close to your face and she just goes to town.

  • knightshousegames

    "Guys, we're having trouble uploading timely content on our main channels, what should we do!?" "Make an even SMALLER channel to spread our resources even thinner and eventually not upload to! That should help!"


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