Karcher Hand Gun and Hose Kits

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video
I’ll be talking to you about hand gun and hose kits for domestic Karcher pressure washers. All domestic Karcher pressure washers
attach accessories by using a bayonet fitting at the front of the gun. However there are two different types of hand gun
and hose kits available for Karcher pressure washers. The first type mainly found on
the older pressure washers uses a screw-on system which simply screws into place
on your Karcher pressure washer. The other end of this particular type
of hose connects into the gun and is locked into place by this U clip. However on later machines they use a
quick connect system which simply fits into the handgun and locks into place
and is released by pressing this push-button. The connections for the hose and gun
on this model and not interchangeable with the older handgun and hose. However you can use a quick connect system
on an older screw fitting hose by using an adapter. This adapter came complete with this kit
it simply screws into place meaning that you can use the new style
quick connect system on an older model. There is also this adapter set
available from Karcher that allows you to turn your older style screw-on
connection into a quick connect system, and a quick connect system into the
old-style screw-on connection as well. If there is any doubt however about the
correct hand gun and hose for your model then do take a picture of the model
information plate on your pressure washer and find the exact original hose
and handgun kit that was supplied with your model. So there we have it hand guns
and hose replacement for Karcher pressure washers. Remember spares and accessories
for all the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website . Thanks for watching.


  • maastanish

    would it be possible to know the model of karcher pressure washer which is used to demonstrate.

  • WestHam66

    Very clear demonstration and instruction- great job!

  • Ashwin Mutkekar

    Can we connect a foam lance with K1 series pressure washer

  • Bob Mcgee

    what 's the point in this video when you can't see anything because of the cloys captioning?


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