Katharina Fritsch’s giant animal sculptures

Ya, I started painting but very soon I wanted to do objects because I was always interested in not only doing a painting which is on the wall, I wanted to create full rooms or the whole environment the most important thing was for me to do something which a lot of people could get, right immediately Ya, my hope was that they would respond very direct and that Im, um, Im doing an image which you can, ah, understand everywhere in the world, like a kind of universal language So, um, or language, I hate the word because itsits based on words Sobut universal image I always said very early that I want to do three-dimensional pictures so that people can walk in the picture it should have been like being in a film I wanted it to be a great sculpture but also, um, by giving itum, one color, I took all the too narrative or, ah, too detailed things away to create this kind of image which appears like alike a vision Its like a holy person solike a ghost or something like that So, um, the poodles was bringing good and evil together in one sculpture The good was in the middle and the evil was around so that was the idea to create something with the naked white baby inside and something outside which is a kind of black mass of curly black hair So its aits a very aggressive, ah, thing to theto the baby Its like a pack standing around this baby but they are not really attacking it but they could attack it So its a kind of threat, frozen threat its a frozen moment Its catching one, um, second oror less than a second and I think, um, the bestor the better I do this, the better is the piece I like animals, and people have a strong emotional relationship to animals we take them as symbolizing forfor strength like thethe cock or for threat like the rats I think its also an old, um, kind of tradition, to use animals as symbols I wanted to do that in a contemporary way I think as an artist one should be always aware that one has to do things which other people can look at and understand or get not understand, but get something out of it


  • Boris Pickett

    Funny you should post this a day after some little kid broke her fly sculpture in Basel…

  • kirliani

    Everything just mischief what she produces

    She has no followers, but was rewarded for her bulky waste with a so-called art prize of 55 000 euros.

    The anti-culture mafia in cooperation with the lies press makes it possible.


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