Kendall Kessler Presents Beautiful Nude Painting, Standing Shadows

Welcome to Towhee Hill Studio! My name is
Kendall Kessler. I’m an award-winning professional artist. I’ve been working on
my beautiful nude series using the figure in a very colorful, interpretive
way. This is Standing Shadows and as you can see the girl is in front of a very
strong system of very colorful shadows and but it looks like she’s kind of
holding herself like she may be a little bit afraid or just have some
trepidation but then you get down to the podium that she’s standing on, it looks
like she’s about to step off to her left So it’s all up to your interpretation. I
didn’t really mean for it to be one specific idea in this painting but
perhaps she is facing her fears stepping off into the shadows or she is just
stepping into some very beautiful systems of colo. I don’t really go in
for a tremendous amount of content in my paintings. I just like to really express
something beautiful. I have been working on this series for a while and there are four of
them that are 12 by 9. This is Seated Beauty. I am real pleased with how this turned
out. There’s a very very nice complicated
system of brushwork going from large brushstrokes t0o little tiny ones and
the colors are just really singing! A lot of people tend
to think of art as either realistic or abstract. Actually artists don’t quite
see it that way. We tend to think of art as either representational, representing
objects as they look in the real world or abstract
which we consider to be shapes that have been changed on purpose so that they are
not represented the way they are in the real world. Picasso is certainly a great
example of that type of change and then there is artwork that doesn’t have
specific shapes from nature or from the world. It is just colors and textures and
we like to call that non-figurative or non objective, not abstract. We like to
think of the actual change in an object so that it can only exist that way in
art as abstract. Anyway I like all three levels and now
that I’ve been working a while with the figure with some very intense paintings
and really colourful brushwork and colors I am going to start some
non figurative work that’s music without words.
I like all levels. I am very eclectic and I feel I can express myself in all three
levels. My favorite is representational I like to work with the beautiful Blue
Ridge more than anything. I’ve also decided to stop putting up a special on
my YouTube for a long time because I’d like to put up more YouTubes so if you’re
interested in any of my specials that are 40% off my favorite, most
popular pieces you can contact me on my website which is listed in the
description. Thank you for watching. The links to the artwork are also in the

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