Kerry James Marshall: Art is a series of visual problems that need to be solved

I have a basic philosophy about art that all art is is a series of problems that need to be solved And these problems are all visual problems Since I’m interested in making visible the things that are not visible, and when you’re having fun uncovering some of the mysteries of history, as well as solving some of the mysteries of visuality, then I think it’s -you have these two different levels at which you can engage with -with the work The way I see the project is around the general interest that most people have in games The piece is designed as a series of visual games and puzzles And I think most people of all ages enjoy, you know, playing games and solving puzzles All of the tools and the devices are things that I -I’ve taken from coloring books It’s like the hidden image in the drawing, the mosaic thing, the stained glass-like thing, The connect-the-dots, that’s all from coloring books ‘Cause these are all popular kinds of games that children play It’s fun I mean, I think the entryway to the museum ought to be a space that invites people to -to engage the artwork at the level of having fun with it first

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