Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

[all chanting] Hey, hey, hey, y’all,
wait up, hold on. Hold on.
Listen up. Listen up. – Yeah.
– Come on, man. Y’all ready for this? (all)
Yeah! That’s right, y’all. ‘Cause you know what?
We only get one chance. [all cheering] Let’s leave it all
on the field today. [all cheering] No doubt.
We gon’ give ’em something they can remember. (all)
Yeah. Yeah, let’s do this. Ah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We unstoppable! Ah.
(all) Yeah! But this is what
we worked for, y’all. [all cheering] It’s time to handle
our business. Oh, we’re number one
up in here. [all shouting] We the best of the best,
of the best, of the best. (all)
Oh! Don’t never let nobody
tell you different. Failure is not an option. (all)
Oh! We gon’ show ’em that
we’re the best that ever was. [all shouting] Whoo! This is our time. This is our moment. Nah. We can’t let nobody take this
away from us. [all shouting] We a team, y’all. We got to do this together. [grunting] Okay. I ain’t never had
no family like this, y’all. [grunts] Y’all’s my family. [grunts] Y’all my brothers forever. You know I got
your back, y’all! And I know y’all got mine. [grunting] (all)
Whoa! We taking this all the way
to the Super Bowl, y’all. This is our year. That’s right. This is our destiny. [tense music] ♪ What? [all coughing] ♪ [suspenseful music] ♪ Let’s keep doing like
we been doing all season. ♪ If we do
what we was trained to do… can’t nobody stop us. [ominous music] ♪ (on phone)
We can do anything
we set our minds to. ♪ [sword hits floor] ♪ [whimpering] [timer beeping] [classical music] [loud explosion] Play this game like it’s
the last game of your lives. ♪


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