Kid Designs a Wild Hairstyle for Her Dad | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

– Alright are you ready? – Yeah, and paint his hair! (Michael exhales) (lighthearted music) My name’s Olivia, and this is my daddy, and I’m gonna do his hair today. – Not really. She’s a big daddy’s girl, so I know she won’t have
me looking too crazy. – Yeah. Whoa. – Ooh. (upbeat music) – That looks, um… – Now, let’s do some color. – No, no, no, no. You’re not gonna actually
color it on my face, you’re gonna color it on the paper. (upbeat music) – [Michael] So, black on the sides and then green on the top? – Yeah. – Okay. – I wanna do like, the waves,
and then a little moon. The moon’s going down and
then the sun comes out. – Okay. – Oh yeah, I’m gonna do that. – [Michael] To my eyebrows? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – This is all I’m gonna
do to my dad’s hair. – I’m feeling, uh, a little different. – Can I cut your hair right now? (fast electronic music) – Okay. – Do you trust me with scissors? – Um… – Do you trust me? – Uh… (fast electronic music) – What are we gonna do today? – We’re taking this off. – And you’re gonna go striped. – How is your job going to feel about you new hair designs? – I meet with a lot of professionals, so it’ll be interesting to
see what they think of it. I’m sure they’ll–
– They’re gonna feel good find some humor in it. – Are you excited? – I’m very excited. (giggles) – Don’t hurt your hair, don’t. – Yeah, I don’t want to hurt my hair. (laughs) – Let’s do this! Daddy, you look cool! (razor buzzing) – Ah, perfect! – He looks like a handsome man. – No. Now we gonna make it green. (giggles evilly) Daddy, I got neon green! – It’s bright. – Whoa. He has blond hair. (giggles) – Alright, I’m gonna put a chemical in it so you can’t touch it anymore. – [Olivia] I don’t want it
to take away my skin color. – I don’t think that’s gonna happen. – Yeah, that won’t happen. Guys, this is really cool. (giggles) I think we should put
dark green for his beard. – Dark green on the beard and light green for the hair? – Yeah. – Alright, are you ready? – Yeah, and paint his hair! – Okay, that’s good, yes, that’s good. – So, how I do it really
quick is I instead paint. – Oh, that’s the fast technique. – It’s really (paint sound effects). – I’m gonna go get some dark green, I’ll be right back. – I’m coming with you. – Let’s get this. – Oh, that’s a little too
big for the face hair. – Oh, yeah. This one. There we go, perfect! – Now, let’s just do this
little part right here. – I want you to do it. – Okay, I’ll do it. – Whoa. You should stay like
that for a hundred years. You look cool. – A hundred years?
– Yeah. (razor buzzing) – Oh, I want to try. – Oh, okay, come on over here. – Uh…
– That’s great – I do still have a job. (laughter) – For now. – How are you feeling about these stripes in your eyebrows? (laughs nervously) – Do you want me to do this better or do you want me to let her go near– – Maybe.
– I wanna do it! – Can I hold your arm? – Please. – Okay, I’m gonna hold your arm and we’re just gonna go right up to there. (mysterious string music) – Oh, he’s looking perfect right now! (laughs nervously) (laughs) – Alright, Olivia, we
have to do some designs. (laughter) (razor buzzing) – You can’t hold onto this. – Yeah, you can’t touch the chair. ‘Cause my hair depends on it. (razor buzzing) – Yeah, that’s a good moon! I made him good. Here’s gonna be the sun. – How’s the sun looking so far? – Hmm… Perfect. – Okay. – [Olivia] Dad, what are you looking at? – At the people staring at me walking by. – Daddy, look! (laughs nervously) – How do you look? – Um, yeah. Oh… okay. Tomorrow might be a work from home day. – [Casey] Olivia, what do you think? – I’m feeling really good. Dad, I think you hair looks really cool. The green part is my most favorite because it’s an alien green. Hey, guys, look at my dad! He looks new and cool! (giggles) – You see? – Absolutely. Work is gonna be a lot of explaining. I’ll just tell them how awesome my daughter designed my hair, and it’s amazing. – Time to post. (upbeat electronic music) (cheering) – So, what’s a good hair dye?


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