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Hi, I’m Gracie, and I’m part of the Design Girls
team at Brookwood School. We design solutions
for the 3-D Design Problem Bank. People at our school
submit problems that they need solutions to. And we solve their problems
using 3-D printers. What’s cool about a 3-D printer is that you can build
a three-dimensional object from a computer file that has
the design of the object, printing it layer by layer
by layer. We’re using a program called
Tinkercad. It’s open source
3-D printing software. “Open source” means it’s free
for anyone who wants to use it. Now we’re expanding
the 3-D Design Problem Bank beyond our school
by designing solutions for people who live
in our community. We interviewed some seniors at the Harborlight House
Senior Residence to see if they had any problems
that we could solve with a 3-D printer. GRACIE:
I met with a woman named Joan, and she had
a torn rotator cuff, which is in her shoulder, and she couldn’t lift her arm up
very high, but she loved to play cards. So what I designed for her
was a holder that can hold her cards. So I printed out a prototype
for Joan of the card holder. A prototype is a smaller version
of the actual thing just to test it out
and evaluate it. She said that it was
a little uncomfortable because it had two levels to it. It’s too high. GRACIE:
So I took away the one level, and that’s printing right now, and it will be lower
than the prototype, and I will be presenting it
to her tomorrow. You’re a big help,
thank you. Thank you. So I designed a key holder
for Lorraine, who is a resident
at Harborlight. Do you want me to try this out
on your key? Well, you could, yes. The wide part
will help give her leverage to turn the key in the lock. LORRAINE:
And I have to have it up just high enough too
so that it’ll go in as far as it’s supposed to go. What I need is for this to fit
right up snug to this part. I brought a key holder
prototype, and I realized it was too small
for her keys. So it probably won’t fit. Well, we don’t know
until we try. ADDIE:
Yeah, so it won’t turn, so I just need to move it
up there. Now I’m adding a raised part
to the key holder so that way, she’ll know
which end is the top and she won’t even have
to look at it. I designed
a tablet holder for Joan because she likes to FaceTime
with her grandkids. When I built the prototype, it failed because the holder
tipped over. See, that’s the problem. So that’s what happens. BROOKE: It fell over because
there was not enough support in the back. This is a redesign
of my first prototype, and now it works because I made
extra support in the back. I’m really excited
to give this to her because I want her to be able
to talk with her grandkids. GRACIE: We made prototypes,
got feedback from the seniors, and now we’re presenting
our new designs to the seniors. LORRAINE:
When we tried it this way, we couldn’t open the door. ADDIE:
Yeah, because it was… Yeah. That’s wonderful,
thank you very much. Let’s try it. Her door is over here. LORRAINE: It should open it,
and it does, as you see. ADDIE: I’m very happy that
Lorraine likes her key holder, but if I had to add anything,
I’d add LED lights so she could see it in the dark. Thank you, girls, it worked! You’re great, just great,
and I enjoyed seeing you again. I made the holder for your iPad. Yes! I added these support beams
right here, and I connected these two
together. JOAN: You guys are clever. BROOKE: Thank you. And I made the card holder. Good. I added this back in. I just made it longer
and took away the second level, and made the space
where the cards go a little bit bigger. JOAN: Very good. You’re so smart! I’m so happy I’ll be able
to play cards again! I’ve been going crazy
not being able to do anything. Thank you. You’re welcome. Oh, give me a hug. GRACIE: I love this project and I love working
with the seniors because I really helped them, but they helped me too
because I feel great about what I accomplished.

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