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– Daddy’s getting a tattoo. Are you bleeding yet now? – Man, I’ve been bleeding, bro. Why you gotta say that? (upbeat music) – I agreed to let Celine draw a tattoo and I’ll be getting the tattoo. Whatever she draws. My very first tattoo. – I trust this guy to draw
me a nice tattoo, right? Alright. (laughing) – Whatever you draw today and I get tattooed on me is going to be forever and
ever and ever and ever. – Like all of these, I
can’t erase any of these. – Wow. (laughing) – Are you scared? – I don’t–
– Are you nervous? – I’m nervous. – I just want something
that comes from the heart. – A hotdog. (laughing) – A hotdog, okay. – A flying dragon snake? – Oh.
– That has monster horns. – Oh man. – It has to really look
like a hotdog though ’cause that could potentially
look like something else. – I am drawing Belle. – Belle’s beautiful, right? So you’re gonna make her beautiful? – Yeah. – I see some really long toenails. – [Austin] Like you. (laughing) – If this looks really really
bad and I have to get it on me then when you’re 18 you have to get a tattoo that I draw. – You’re a good drawer though. – The Beast. – The Beast. I didn’t know a Beast was
gonna be on that paper. – You wanna put that on Daddy’s body? (crew laughing) – Yeah.
– For real? – Yeah, I don’t care if it hurts. – Well, I mean, I know but– – Is he like saying “Oh!” He’s got his mouth in like an oh face. – Can I draw a hat on it? – A little hat, sure.
– Okay. – Okay. – Oh. But daddy doesn’t want color tattoos. – It’s okay.
– What? (laughing) – Oh my god, that is so good. – [Desmond’s Mom] That is pretty good. – Yes. Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, the two funny ones.
– What movie is that from? ♫ Beauty and the Beast – Okay, do you wanna hold it up? It’s pretty good.
– Mhmm. – [Austin’s Dad] Where would
you wanna put this tattoo? (laughing) – How about butt cheek? – What? No. (laughing) Arm. – Arm? – So everyone would
see it, my masterpiece. (upbeat music) – Yes! – My mom’s gonna get her first tattoo. – Mhmm. – It’s not so bad. – Yes it is. – I’m ready. – Ooh, here comes the pain. (laughing) – Don’t move. – Don’t cry. – Does it hurt, Daddy?
– Oh man. – Well, how to describe it. – Feels like really strong scratches. – You look like it hurts a lot. – [Mom] Oh yeah? – [Austin] Daddy, when is it gonna bleed? – [Austin’s Dad] What do you mean, man? It doesn’t have to bleed. – I hope you bleed.
– What? (laughing) That’s messed up, man. (upbeat music) – I thought they used a real needle. – It is real needles but they’re small and they’re kinda bunched together. – I thought like needle as in needles for sewing.
– Oh. Oh, like a sewing needle. – You look cute when your nose is sweaty. – Oh, thank you. (laughing) – How many times did you
stab my mom with the needle? – [Tattoo Artist] It’s about
500 every five seconds. – [Desmond] Wow. – [Desmond’s Mom] Oh yeah, okay. So you can see it coming in and out. Did you see that? – Oh. – He has a needle stabbed in his arm. (imitating loud slashing) – Wow. – [Desmond’s Mom] That’s
’cause he’s coloring in now. – I’m so glad you didn’t
put color in it, Celine. Don’t move. – What do you think about those colors? – Good.
– Good? – Yeah.
– Cool, alright. Good. – [Austin’s Dad] My first color tattoo. – The fire! – Huh! Almost done! (roaring) – [Tattoo Artist] All done. (hooting) All done. – Done done done. – Watcha think, baby?
– Good. (laughing) – It’s a masterpiece.
– It is a masterpiece. (cheering)
(laughing) – It looks pretty good. (grunting) – Scary, I thought it was gonna bleed. – [Desmond’s Mom] It didn’t
really, not too much. – [Desmond] It is bloody. Eww eww, that’s a lot. – You are lookin’ at my creation that I made on my mom. – N–
– Yes. – No. (laughing) – Yes. – You got me there for a second. – Thank you so much for watching our video before you go, please subscribe to our channel and check out a link in the bio where you can buy your very own merch.


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