Kids explain art to experts: Alexa (5) vs Frida Kahlo | Name That Art

What kind of movie does it look like? It looks like maybe a grown up movie,
not meant for kids. My mom would not let me see this movie. Hi, my name is Alexa and I am five years old… …and my favourite colour is blue. Hello! Hi Alexa! Tell us exactly what you can see. It looks like an old man and an old lady… …and the lady looks mad at
the man, and the man just looks like. Maybe she’s angry that he didn’t rake the farm… …and she’s like, ‘Hey! Rake the farm already!’ You want to have more vegetables. Is it American Gothic by Grant Wood? Yes! What do you see this time? There is a picture of a person… …out at night at the ocean and it looks like night-time. She has like a red bathrobe. Her eyebrows are like bented down like. Maybe she wanted to stay at the
beach a little longer, but she couldn’t… …’cause it was already turning to night-time. And she’s all alone? Yeah. What are you thinking Max? I’m thinking it’s narrowed it
down to many hundreds of portraits. Yeah. On her bathrobe is has like Chinese signs on it. Kimono I’m wondering if it maybe
it’s a Japanese print, like a Hiroshige print Or a Ukiyo-e print from the late 19th century. Let’s take a guess. Press the button. OK I’m gonna guess that it’s a
Japanese Ukiyo-e print? No No! I didn’t get it. OK, OK… Can you do us a drawing? Sure! I think it’s Frida Kahlo self-portrait. Ding. Ding. Ding. Tell me exactly what you see. I can see pirates. Like they’re at their home with all their stuff… …and they’re looking for
things, but they’re just laying there… …with their arm on the table, and
there’s one that has a really fluffy coat on. He looks like the captain. How many pirates are there? There’s only two. Is there a white smear at the bottom? Yes I think it’s The Ambassador’s by Holbein. Ding. Ding. Ding. Nice one Max. You both did a great job,
but there’s only one winner. Max Thank you so much! You’re welcome You see that’s a skull. That’s its
jaw and that’s the back of its head. See it now? Yeah.

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