KIDS In PARK – Part 2 | #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

we’ve to hit it to the opposite side not to play with ourselves only oho.. you come up here she won’t be able to play this Have you enjoyed keep watching it have more fun Here I’ve a mini challenge for you Do Subscribe to my channel and press that bell icon and we’ll near to reach 3M subscribers soon Hit Like and get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES so lets go I’ll make it fly No I’ll do it Don’t you remember that we are scolded last time so what I’ll make alright ok will see bring it down what if it get stuck in a tree bring it down I’ll take it down fallen down Anyway we’ve got our drone Are you all ready to play so what you’ve brought to play I’ve brought all that kitchen stuffs to make bread and a bag too andI’ve brought this wow these cutlery are so awesome ok lets go there in shade to play bring some leaves we too want to play with you ok but you’ll pretend to be our guest she is out no that was a trial ok then everybody will have a trial not its not like that we don’t want to play with cheaters so you can go ok but we’ll sit here you can play they don’t play & don’t let us play why don’t you play something energetic game No we’ll play something more awesome stay here if yo want to play otherwise leave where I find them did you caught by her no I remained hide for so long did you caught by her then where she is lets go to her house you’re having chips here and we remained hide down there actually i couldn’t found you so thought to returned back to home what!!! so thats all with our today’s video I really enjoyed a lot hope you too some play with toys and dolls too in the park so here I’ve Hairdooz

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