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She is Anku di from Anaysa channel and today we’ve brought up one more video together & that is Kids Vs Teenagers get this video to 100,000 LIKES this would easily get reached as both Kids & Teens will hit LIKE to the video or even we’ll get more than that Also follow me on Instagram to enjoy the bloopers or Behind the scenes of this video Mumma would you make me sleep? Mumma pls make sure you’ll go only when I’ll get sleep ok.. close your eyes you’ve not slept till now don’t worry Mumma I’ll sleep ok Good Night.. be Sleep on time No my child this is full sleeves one I’ve got late today oho… need to have breakfast too ok lets make the Sandwich yeah its time to watch my favourite show what are you doing? I am watching the show Love School have you seen Varun? He’s not good he deserve to be eliminate he do cheating he’s so bad No.. Pom Pom kitty.. No… yes this mini unicorn flower No.. its not looking good yeah this sequence changing kitty is perfect Ok I am ready to go I think Ponytail is the best Mumma I’ve decided my Birthday’s Theme have a look how good these decorations available online are for Party preparation I’ll send you the pictures of these so plz buy them but 6 months are left for your birthday Mumma what I am thinking is that theme is so common now I’ll decide for a Unicorn theme but 3 months left for your birthday why you are preparing for it too early Mumma I’ve told you that always be prepared Unicorn is my favourite one Anantya would you like these return gifts for Unicorn theme’s Birthday Party? Mumma sorry but I no more go with the unicorn theme Mumma as my birthday falls during summers so why don’t we keep that summer theme again you changed the theme Is this final now? Where are you going?? Mumma I am going for party with my friends but Guests will come at night? Mumma but I had decided it earlier why you’ve invited the guests? I won’t be able to come early Mumma Papa plz stop watching the TV what happened my child? I want to play snake & ladder with you as dii.. is not interested in playing Mumma a kid had been bully at me today so I had made complaint about him to Mam & Mam has scolded him how was your day at college? why you’re upset today? what happened my dear nothing what happened dear why you’re so upset today? does anybody say something to you in college? tell me what happened ? dear no need to worry at all no mistake of yours in this Mumma is just like your friend you need to share everything with me Just tell me his name? we’ll make complaint about him to your Principal no mistake of your in this bullying someone is wrong and you need to be emotionally strong How was your day at college? too good Mumma you’ve solved my problems you are my BFF now I’ll share everything with you did you enjoyed this video? let me know in the comments also tell us what we do next? yeah If someone bully you so must share this with your parents or from your elders that person is wrong who is bullying someone you aren’t guilty and you keep yourself emotionally strong and face them bravely who is trying to bully you yes you’re right dii yeah if you too have problem like this so must share about that with your parents they will help you in solving your problems so will see you in my next video


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