Koh-i-noor Polycolor greyline pencils review and demonstration — Drawing The Batman

Today I am going to review and demonstrate
the Koh I noor polycolor colored pencils. They are oil based colored pencils like the
polychromos pencils from faber castell. And they come in a total of 72 colors. They are
available in sets of various numbers. And there are some special sets such as the brown
line , grey line and portrait colors. Here I have the grey line with me, which is a collection
of 12 different greys. On opening the box you get some booklets describing
the pencils. And when unfolding it you can see almost all the products that are available
from the brand koh I noor. They produce a whole lot of art products apart from these
pencils . Their water color pencil range and the pastel range are also famous for their
quality. Eventhough they are oil based pencils like polychromos they are a lot cheaper than
polychromos in many countries. So coming to the pencils, here we have 12
different greys. Most of them are warm greys and they have slight greenish tinge. We don’t
have a black or white in this box but the darkest color is almost as dark as black and
the lightest is almost as light as white. The pencils are thin and hexagonal shaped.
But the leads are thick. Almost as thick as that of prismacolor pencils.. They have their
brand and color code printed onto their pencils and the entire pencil is colored according
to the lead color. They have a golden colored cap at the end.
For the demonstration I will draw the batman because he is mostly in greyscale. For the
small part of the face that is showing through the mask I will use Derwent coloursoft pencils.
As you can see I am using the darkest grey for most of the areas in his face mask. I
immediately noticed how easy it was to lay down the colors with these pencils. They feel
a bit harder than the polychromos. But we can achieve a uniform shade without any difficulties.
The pencils felt sturdy except for a lighter grey I used later in this drawing which kept
on breaking while sharpening. So I am continuing to layer the dark greys
in his face mask. It was really easy to blend the colors together and it was not that difficult
to achieve a smooth gradation with these pencils. They have a more controlled approach to layering.
And They have that perfect consistency for layering. Its not as soft as polychromos but
not as hard as Derwent Artists range. I am planning to use baby oil as a solvent
to blend and smoothen the drawing later. So I am not bothered about the grainy look of
the drawing now. I used to use distilled turpentine for blending colored pencils but now I use
baby oil instead. they are actually better than distilled turpentine in many aspects.
Like they have a pleasant smell and because they are more viscous we get more control
while blending. I am taking a small quantity of baby oil into
a flat brush and then I will wipe off the excess with a paper towel. And just like using
the dry brush technique I will rub the brush over the drawing until it smoothens out. This
way you will never damage the paper or drawing. Now I am drawing the rest of his body by blocking
in the lighter colors first and then layering the darker colors on top of that. I am enjoying
layering with these pencils. Its fast and easy and gives you a smooth result at the
end. So with these pencils you can definitely make some great drawings.
Remind you I have only their greylines with me. I don’t know the properties of their
colored pencils, but I hope they are good as well.
So coming to the pros and cons, overall I really liked these pencils they are great
for layering and covering large areas with ease. They can be easily sharpened to a fine
point and detailing is really easy like with the polychromos. And they work really well
with solvents like baby oil. coming to the drawbacks, they are not as soft
as the polychromos or prismacolors. Some colors tend to break easily, and the color tends
to smudge a lot. Its even worse than polychromos in that aspect. So care must be taken not
to accidentally smudge and ruin the drawing. So this is a short review and demonstration
of Koh I noor polycolor pencils. And I hope you like it.
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  • i Skilz

    Nice work bro keep it up

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  • Sathish Kumar

    @Art Fadil very good!!!!you forget to mentioned one thing about this polycolor even after agressive sharpening Tip will break like prismacolor!!!the only disadvantage in polycolor is there is really no dark colors even darkest red CHERRY is no where vibrant as Alizarin crimson in poly or crimson red in prisma.over all it's value for money!!!
    But their watercolor equivalent Mondeluz is super smooth when you apply water it's as vibrant as Derwent inktense.

  • Fhilippe124

    nice art

  • Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn

    Excellent job! My fav hero and great demonstration

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  • Grimey Wolf

    Do you have any tutorial? Shading

  • FineArtsby Nurah

    I like your reviews videos! you're really putting a effort to work with all sort of color pencils.

  • Shrestha Bageshwar

    i like batman more than iron man .
    there are better images of batman to draw.did u draw it by ur imagination?

  • andrada andreea

    They look great! Maybe i will try them 😀 Very nice drawing!

  • Rebekka

    You are amazing!😱 what paper do you use for drawing?(when you draw all your tutorials)

  • Arte Pro

    Really good!! I specially like the way you did the clothes 🙂 keep on it

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    esta muy genial, me gusto espero y subas más dibujos de súper héroes, saludos 😀

  • andrada andreea

    Can you help me please? Can i use Turpentine, Mona Lisa or whatever blending tool BUT on watercolor pencils? I have the full set of the Mondeluz aquarelle pencils, and they are so intense and the colour is so vibrante, but i don't know if i can use and blend them like a colored pencil. Thank you very much! You should definetlly try the Mondeluz pencils, fantastic,,they are just as intense as the Derwent Inktense pencils! You're the only one who actually responds to people 🙂

  • Daiane Bispo

    Ow! Gooooood job. I love it.🎨

  • Kuba

    hey! 😀
    Tell me please what you think about Mondeluz
    I'm going to buy them but I don't know whether there is a huge difference between polycolor and mondeluz

  • Salina Kralifa

    I have a BIG BIG Question! What do you use for blending colors? Bcause I have a 72 set like yours and I have difficulties to blend colors correctly, and i am sorry, but I don't understand very well what you used (flat brush and oil?) I'm french (sorry for mistakes) I appreciate your work on that badass Batman!! 😉

  • Chris Elsbury

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    Christain bale was better as batman

  • mario.fine.art

    Thank you for the nice demonstration! I use the color pencils set since a few years and I like them a lot. Not exclusively but in combination with the other brands they are very useful. I am sorry to hear that you had some breakage issues with this set. Maybe it had to do with the shipping. Because here in Europe I really never had any problems with breakage. They can be sharpened as well as Polychromos….

  • Foreseen G.

    What kind of paper do you use?

  • Ruta Rutuliukas

    Amazing picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Is it Koh-i-noor brand pencils great to use for adult coloring books?!

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    I thought these pencils are wax based.. Does anyone know what's the right information?
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    this looks amazing. i am just learning to draw and would really love to use this video and attempt a batman drawing. can you please tell me the color names or codes of the inidividual pencils you used? i have a prismacolor set. i could try and match these colors with the ones i have. thanks in advance. once again, this looks fabulous.

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    Nice video, helpful for people thinking about buying these like me, great job my friend!

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    Great piece of art you created right there!! did you use regular drawing paper for this batman coloring ??

  • aquamarynqa

    Nice video!. I have yet to try the polycolor series but I've been using Aquarelle coloured pencils Mondeluz and the Progresso serie by Koh-i-noor and am happy with both sets 🙂

  • Sukumal Sinha

    Fadel I can draw with out paint thinner in Bristol ultra smooth paper weather i do or not

  • shubhanshu sharma

    can i substitute polychromos for them?

  • Arab Katib

    Very clear, very precise, very clean, very direct and beautiful and professional video.
    Thank you.
    Greetings from Dubai.

  • Claudia Hemmings

    What an excellent video. You covered all the questions I had about this brand of pencils in a clear and honest way. Great picture too, of course!

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    I used these pencils years ago as I began to draw. They're good for beginners, but if you want to improve, you should think about investing in better pencils :3

  • Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

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    Olá [email protected], parabéns pelo seu vídeo, muito legal!!! Eu também fiz um speed arte em aquarela (water color) do BATMAN, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHMK36lTEFk&t=43s!

  • Emily Smith

    I highly recommend the “Zest It pencil blend” for blending out your pencil colour/graphite etc etc. It works REALLY well and is a LOT more archival than baby oil. Baby oil has a tendency to turn a yellowish brown over time which obviously effects your art work over time which isn’t so good considering all the time, effort and energy you put into each piece. 🙂

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    Great video. I bought this pencil but it was hard and hardly shows on my paper. Which paper did you use?


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