“Koi Pond” Acrylic Painting Demonstration Time Lapse Speed Painting How to Paint Koi Fish in a Pond

hi this is Dena Tollefson and welcome to
my studio so glad to have you here today so today I’ll be painting for you some
fish little koi fish in a pond this green I mixed up with primary
yellow plus a small amount of black it makes a really nice natural green starting with a toned canvas I painted
the entire canvas first with yellow ochre and now going in and adding the
fish and the lily pads using phthalo blue red shade and a large round brush
with a long handle so do you have a favorite subject that you like to paint
or draw let me know I’d love to hear what were your favorites now adding in the light area where the
sun is hitting the pond and I’m using some wide sweeping strokes to describe
that water and allowing a small amount of the yellow ochre under painting to
peek through I also let me know do you prefer a toned surface when you do your
art work or do you like to use the pure white of the paper or the canvas let me
know why your thoughts so it’s important to make sure that the
light areas are light enough and the dark areas are dark enough so I’m going
back over here with the darker color mixed up with phthalo blue red shade and
cad orange makes a wonderful dark now signing with a liner brush and I’ll hope
that you subscribe and come back again until next time it’s Dena Tollefson bye

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