Korean CHAPSSAL doughnuts – sweet, chewy cheese ball filled with sweet red beans & cream cheese

Today, I am going to make sweet rice donuts Dried sweet rice flour, I’ve been meaning to use you. Dried Seet Rice Flour 450g
All-purpose flour 80g
Sugar 100g
Bakin gpowder 10g
Baking soda 4g
salt 6g
butter 30g
hot water 300g I could add sugar to make it sweeter, but I won’t. I have to make sure to cool down the boiling water a bit before adding in to the bowl. It could be even better if I use shortening instead of the butter… but I’m going to use the butter. sweet rice batter would be too watery if I knead to much It is enough if it appears to be well mixed,. Sprinkle the flour on the top and roll it~ Evenly dividing them into 50g each would make it prettier once it is fried. It doesn’t ned to be perfect sphere. Cover them with a damp cloth to prevent the surface from drying up. If the surface is too dried, it would blow out while it is being fried.
(Trust me, you don’t want that) Mozzarella cheese for cheese balls! I don’t want to miss out on any popular food in Korea, or the world. If it’s too big, the batter would not be able to hold it. I tend to prefer thicker batter because I like it chewy. Red Bean Paste This is the part where the most mistakes are made (usually). Closing the batter is very important If the batter is too thick when it envelops the stuffing, it would not be fully cooked. My favorite stuffing, Cream cheese and read bean paste!!! I came up with this combo, and it is fantastic! Lightly push up while rotating on a hand is the easiest way for me. It’s cheese ball turn. Same as before, easy enough. The optimal oil temperature is 180°C
Once you reach the temperature, turn off the stove for now. Normally frier at home is not deep enough,
if you start to fry it with the stove on, the bottom of the donut could burn Just making sure noone is being too clingy~ After few minutes, donuts would start to float It is time to turn on the heat! Just casually roll them for about 9 minutes, that would be enough. If it slowly bloats, thatis a good sign. It looks delicious! Make sure it is completely cooled before storing them in a freezer If you have a craving, just put them in an air fryer for about 5 minutes.
They would be like they are just made. If it has some space inside, that means it’s perfect! Crunchy outside! Chewy inside! So good!!! Let’s take a look inside of a cheese ball take a look at that…!


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