L.A. Colors Brow Lift Pencil and Brow Tint Gel: Dollar Tree Gold?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so today’s the Dollar Tree gold is kind of two-for-one it’s two different Dollar
Tree products but same family but you’ll see so guys it is on the LA Colors brow
lift this is a – a dual sided eyebrow pencil one side has eyebrow color the
other side is for like highlighting and the other one is the brow tint this is
like a brow mascara so we’re gonna go ahead and do some dollars trees brows
let’s see how this goes I love eyebrow products and if I can find them for a
really really good deal that’s even better so if you guys would like to see
a first impressions me train both these products on then please keep on watching
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what you guys to Mississippi so guys obviously each one of these products was
a buck so if these work this is gonna be a $2.00 brow which is really really good
okay guys so the brow lift it has a brow pencil plus a highlighter I did get it
in medium brown and then I did get the brow tint you know little brow mascara
and medium brown as well I personally like a little bit of a darker brow but
that’s just me so okay so this does have the brow pencil does have a little cap
that does have a sharpener on one end which is convenient especially I think
if you’re traveling I’ve had products like that before it is nice
you’ll have to like hunt around for your you know your pencil sharpener okay so
here is the highlighter side it’s pretty nice
okay and then here is the brow color side a little dry which I don’t mind
because you know but nice okay guys let’s go ahead and try this out I’m
excited I’m always love a good affordable brow pencil I go through them
pretty quick so let’s try this out it is dry but it’s not bad at all guys
there was like four shades so it seems like the dollar store is getting better
with getting a larger shade of red I just pulled out an eyebrow hair though
okay let’s hurry up and try the when you guys can see I mean it did a quick good
job it brushed through great so okay guys I’m gonna hurry up and open up the
brow tint fill and set your brows tinted brow gel I was out of brow gel so I hope
this is this little brow gel has 24 month shelf life
smells like mascara but there’s the little wand for you a little wand okay hmm it’s actually not bad at all let’s go in
and just try the brow gel on the other eyebrow just so we can see what the
actual you know how colored it is how intense or anything like that so I think if you have already very full
like naturally bushy like you know dense brows I think just this LA Colors brown
tint I think this would be great for you but I don’t have a naturally fall bushy
brow but it does a really really good job let’s it’s still wet so but I mean I
think this brow looks really really nice I think it did a quick job okay guys
let’s go ahead and try the little highlighter end it is very very very
shimmery I think I made me would apply to this
better if it was just a mat little crayon on the other end okay guys I just
went hurried up and you know did a little bit of brow cleanup with some
concealer but guys for the actual brow products I actually like the eyebrow
pencil is a little intense so I would go in gently I’m not a huge fan of the
little highlighter end it’s a little bit too shimmery even for my liking I think
it’d be really nice in the waterline but for underneath the brow it’s too dark
and it is too shimmery I really really like the brow tint a little mascara you
don’t get a huge amount of product but I think for a buck I think it’s great so
do I think the LA Colors brow tint and the LA Colors brow lift do I think it is
a Dollar Tree gold the brown tint little mascara definitely yes halfway with the
eyebrow pencil the brow lifts like I said I don’t like the highlighter int
but I like the brow pencil line so honestly I would probably pass on the
brow lift eyebrow pencil but I would definitely pick up the LA colors of
brown tint little brow mascara so yeah one of them definitely is a Dollar Tree
bold this is a great little little eyebrow mascara I think it’s great
especially for a buck you really can’t pass it up
so yeah I think I think we got a really really good product I will definitely
use the eyebrow pencils still I just won’t use you know the highlighting end
but I think it gave a easy quick bold brow obviously if you’re not into bold
brows you know you probably won’t like this but I personally like a more bold
brow it kind of helps to braid my face a little bit better and all that jazz so
but yeah I I really really like the you know the brow mascara I think it’s
awesome but you guys I hope you enjoyed this week’s Dollar Tree Gold if you did
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it’s all up to glam babe I will see you guys tomorrow for another video
have a great one guys bye

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