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We were by the river, the fire was burning
and the flames were shaking. The bells rang, letting us know is was 11
o’clock at night. Suddenly, it all went dead silent, nobody
laughed, nobody talked. We could only hear the rustling of a cold
wind. Then, a woman came from the woods. We heard a painful and muffled cry. “Oh, my children!!”. Do you know who we are talking about? We are talking about the Llorona, The Weeping
woman. A woman with a ghost-like appearance, dressed
in white with long dark hair, who floats in the air with a soft veil covering her horrifying
face. She comes from the West and goes towards the
North, wandering and crying around the streets. La Llorona is a ghost in the latin american
folklore. According to oral tradition, she is the lost
soul of a woman who lost her kids and wanders around trying to find them and scaring anyone
who sees her os hears her with her horrible cry. A sad story, a horror story of lovesickness
and treason that has been passed on from generation to generation. This legend has many different versions depending
on the region you are in. But they all agree on something – she always
shows up near the water and her cries are deafening. One of the most popular versions tells the
story of a beautiful young woman of humble origins. She was the lover of a nobleman. For a time, they were very happy and had 3
kids together. But one day, he left her without explanations
of any type. Soon after, she found out he was marrying
somebody else. This destroyed the heart of this beautiful
woman. Heartbroken, she decided to take revenge on
him. the cruelest way she could think of. One night, she woke the kids up and took them
for a walk near the river, close to their house. Blind by anger, a terrible rage possessed
her and she could feel all the love she felt for them turn into hate – she drowned them
until they were all dead. She suddenly reacted and, when she realised
what she had just done, she started running, desperately into the river, until her body
was completely covered with water. She made that terrible cry, and disappeared. From that moment on, La Llorona became a wandering
soul, she walks around the streets looking for her lost kids, crying and yelling, hence
her name. People say La Llorona attracts kids who misbehave,
so she can take them to the river as an offering to be forgiven. She seduces adults with her beauty, to take
revenge on the one man that betrayed her. But when they try to take her veil off, they
discover her white andgaunt face- and her eyes, trying to dig in the deepest parts of
the soul to trap them in her cries. There are many people that say they have seen
or heard her cries – her story still scares little boys and girls, but also adults. The origins of La Llorona are not very clear. Ancient culture believed in ghosts that appeared
next to rivers. Some historians think that in Mexico, the
origin of La Llorona can be related to the “Cihuacóatl”, Goddess of the Méxicas,
half woman and half snake – according to the legend, she comes from the water of the
Lake Texcoco to cry for her children. And even tho in Mexico La Llorona is one of
the most important figures in popular culture, there are many other countries with a similar
legend. In Chile, she is known as La Pucullén, a
soul in purgatory believed to cry eternally because her kids were taken from her arms
when they were very little. This ghost can only be seen by people when
they are really close to dying, as well as people with special abilities. In Colombia, they talk about the Tarumama,
the wandering ghost that walks around the valleys and mountains, close to rivers and
lakes, dressed with a black robe that covers all her body down to her heels. Her face is a terrifying skull, and in her
eye sockets, she has two incandéscent balls. She carries the dead body of a baby and she
cries tears of blood. These are only some examples – in other
countries such as Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, España or
Costa Rica, they also have the legend that tells the story of the ghostly presence of
this wandering young woman. Tiktakers, do you also have the story of the
Llorona in your country? What other popular legends would you like
us to talk about? Leave a comment, and let us know!


  • Draw The Life TikTak

    you can't imagine how many people asked us about this story! How many of you saw the movie? ?

  • Brianna Gonzalez

    I actually live in mexico and we say that the llorona (the weeping women) she ONLY appears in Mexico next to a river or lake…so if you don't live in Mexico y'all safe and also she ONLY appears at night around 11:00 p.m. or at 12:00 a.m…….?when the movie of the weeping women came out, us Mexicans were laughing that the llorona appeared in USA saying that the llorona crossed the border or something ? some were mad b/c she appeared in USA. (BECAUSE SHE ONLY APPEARS IN MEXICO) have a good day?

  • Craze Lion sherlock

    I know most of these storys I get the story's from snarled but I watched this anyway

  • Megan McAuley

    Omg I went camping with my friends I herd a scream ? and guess what els, we were beside a lake (now I’m scared!!) comment if you did too

  • Ezekiel 2011boy

    Ok I'm 8 I'm English whew I'm not in Latin America what a relife

  • Mary Nena B

    My mom told me a story it takes place in Nicaragua a women went crazy and got her children taken away she committed suicide by drowning in the lake she goes around at midnight asking where her children are after she asks she gets the drunk person and drowns them

  • chinita84us

    I thought she only had two kids, that's the way i was told when i was a little girl??

  • ROSA Gutierrez

    I heard the story of la llorana when I was a little girl and then i saw a woman just like the la llorana

  • Arcelia Benson

    I just watch the movie

  • Peter Villasenor

    My dad said he saw her and ran her over

  • Lisette Campos

    Thanks for your time today

  • Junior Valente-Campuzano

    my mom scary me with this

  • Spider Spider

    I’m just gonna spill out a bucketload of suggestions so…
    Daruma-San fell down
    Teke teke
    Laughing jack
    One man hide and seek
    The apex
    The runner
    Shadow people
    Umm…grim reaper?

  • Ashley calatin

    Me: can you make a bloody marry story video??? Video: nah it wasts my time

  • Mxstake

    When she said she takes mis behave children to ask for forgiveness she did not sound to bad

  • GamerGirl XA

    I remember Michaels great grandmother saying that song and Coco

  • MichaelGamer 32

    Mine is in Puerto Rico

  • Bakugou Is BEST boi

    My mom said she heard the Llorona when she visited her great grandma in chamale

  • Astoria Deco

    UM thats nog the Columbia flag ??<thuis is

  • Gayathri Sadanandan

    nale ba

  • Kimi TB

    My version that my parent's told me was if you we're naughty La Llorona Will come And take you that was mine…what was yours?

  • Glenda Mendoza

    I live in jondar

  • Nico Oliver Harrod

    Oh crap I'm in MEXICO

  • HarudenღヅヅღKai

    In Vietnam i heard a legend about a water ghost named "Ma Da"

  • Sreya prabhu 16

    Why the hell did she she kill her kids and then started crying


  • Adriana Alvarez

    Is it just me me but at the end of every scary draw the life I always get jump scared

  • Yenifer Mendez Morales

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ????????

  • Yenifer Mendez Morales

    Oh I’m scared cuz I’m latina

  • Dr. platoon

    Weeping angels?


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