Learn Grease Pencil 2D Animation in Blender 2.8 Alpha 2

Hi guys! Matias Mendiola here, storyboard artist and member of the grease pencil team as you know Grease Pencil was
merged recently into Blender 2.8 Alpha 2 I want to show you in this quick video
the basics of Grease Pencil and how it works but before we start please be aware that
Grease Pencil is in Alpha so you can expect a lot of improvements and a lot of
changes in the future. Also be aware that Grease Pencil and EEVEE require a good
graphics card to perform nicely so be aware of that too.
That’s it. Let’s start! As you may know the old Grease Pencil was separated in two different tools. new grease pencil upset so if you only
want to add notes here in the pupil or in other editors in blender you should
use annotation annotation has only very basic setting to do that if you want to
make complex things like to the animation or storyboarding you should
use the grease pencil object you can find annotation at the bottom of the
toolbar to add new notes just select the rotate tool and start to draw a frikkin there are also other annotation tool for
make lines polygons for the light note use the eraser the notes are grouped in
layers in the sidebar you’ll find an annotation panel for manage the note you
can add or delete new note layers change the color the thickness and turn-on of
the visibility but if you want to hide all of your note at once you can go to
the open a pop-up and turn off annotation RIS pencil is not anymore all over the
place in the blender interface is now a real new option in blender with its own
properties and modes so let’s see how to work with this new object to start
working with grease pencil we need to first add a new option to work with to
add the object go to the add menu on your fangerous pencil there with three
option blank to add an empty object to a start from scratch
stroke to add a simple line among key to add a 2d Suzanne stroke a monkey have
also proceeded layers and materials to make it easier to start working in
option more grease pencil behaves like any other updating blender you can move
rotate scale parent or do anything that other object in blender could there are
several places where you can find things related to grease pencil the object data
where you can find the 2d layer and set object properties the material panel to
create materials for stroke and field modifiers with a special modifier for
grease pencil the effects a totally new concept in blender to add real-time
effects in the viewport in the top sheet responsive has its own mode to animate
their keyframes there is also a section in overlays for grease pencil and in
certain modes like in pro mode you can find a special brushes in the toolbar
and top bar and in the tool setting to help artists blender will have an
especial workspace called 2d animation the workplace reminds to the painting
software the white background help to work with black strokes you have a
toolbar in grow mode that shows a set of preset brushes on the right side the
opposite liner materials are very useful at the bottom you have a timeline and a
top sheet to work with your 2d animations let’s do a quick drawing session to know
more about brushes layers and materials we are going to start with a blank
grease pencil up set and enter in draw mode by default the stroke will be
placed at object origin but you can use 3d cursor or made surface if you want
the easiest way to know where you are going to draw in the 3d space is
activate the cameras grid in overlays unlock your stroke to one of the axis Y
X ozzie in our case we’re going to lock on Y and enter in camera view and to get
rid of these threatening things I’ll turn off all the overlays
before start roaming I’m gonna add some new materials renamed ad format us black
and add a great one with solid fill color you Akira’s is not just solid colors you can
also create more complex materials with texture or gradient if you want
to start drawing select one of the preset brushes then select the materials
you want to use and start to draw on the viewport to keep your drawing organized you can
add delete or modify to the layers in the object data panel you can also lock
layers turn on/off visibility or modify the opacity the brushes are actually
preset settings you can change the settings in the top bar and in the tool
settings for different list structure results to raise you can select one of the
racers soft heart or line to the light and dryer lines a scalp mode is very useful to trigger
growing and improve your lines you can a smooth shank thickness and
move struck softly with proportional editing on in edit mode you can delete purchases
join split or subdivided strokes in a similar way as mesh object Phil / – can use to feel a cloud strokes
area with a solid color you can use Alt key to create temporary boundary strokes
to close an open area and above this version of your color or you can hold
ctrl key to Mono you draw solid fill areas you can add modifiers or effects to your
grease pencil object to deform change color and many other things in a
non-destructive way last I want to show you how to work on a
bird basic animation we are going to change their character expression add in
some keyframe and using the duck sheet to adjust the timing to work in the
animation use the top sheet and make sure you are using the grease pencil
context rich pencil will create a keyframe on every frame you draw new
strokes you can start with a blank frame or you
can copy an existing key frame with shifty on the top sheet for use onion
skinning you have to turn it down on the layer you want to use and also be sure
that you have the onion skinning overlay activated move your keyframes to adjust timing well that’s all for now this was just
another view of grease pencil remembered grease pencil is an alpha version and
stay tuned because we are working on a more detail it I complete tutorials to
be published on the blender club so see you there and stay tuned and thanks for
watching bye


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  • Rancher o

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