Learn how to spray paint. Airless Paint Spraying 101 (German with English subtitles)

Welcome to the Airless Discounter video series Today we are going to talk about spraying technique We are often asked how to spray in the best possible way, how to use the gun properly How to keep it in the hand, how much distance should there be Whether you should spray horizontally or vertically We will now quickly provide you with an overview on how to work with an airless paint sprayer Let’s begin with the question, is it better to spray horizontally, from left to right Or from right to left Or you can spray vertically, from top to bottom or from bottom to top It is very easy to do, here I have a Wagner spray gun, Wagner Vector Grip You can change the position of spray nozzle, like this And with this you can decide wheter to spray horizontally or vertically Just by turning the tip guard I will show it to you right now on the wall. And to the professional painters out there, This wall is here just to show us how to the paint sprayer works, only for demonstrative purposes 🙂 We will now begin to work from top to bottom So the tip guard and the nozzle are in this position It is now not the best of spraying, but it was just to show you how to do it We can now just turn the tip guard, 90 degrees and we have the horizontal setting So that we can spray horizontally It is simply a matter of inclination Or just which way you feel more comfortable Both ways are perfectly fine Another question would be: which distance should I keep from the surface? Generally the gun should be held 25 cm to 30 cm from the surface So that the spray tip is 25 cm up to 30 cm from the wall Then the question would be: how should you keep the gun? You should keep the gun straight, 90 degrees to the wall. So really like this, Not like this, and during the movement you should not change the position Often people make the mistake, like I just did myself That they begin keeping the gun straight, but then, because the arm is not long enough Open their arm. This would lead to a stronger paint spraying in this area And here to the edges a weaker spraying So you should try not to move your wrist but reposition the whole arm Like this, along the wall And this ideally keeping the same speed Always maintaining the same distance, 25 – 30 cm Another problem would be how to you paint while moving. Here too I just showed you how NOT to do it You should spray while moving, which means you do not begin here, spray and then move Rather you should move the arm first and then you pull the trigger If you spray in one place and you move only after that You would have at the starting point always a stronger paint application I will show it here now How NOT to do it Briefly, without moving, ok, I am exaggerating a bit, I spray and then move Here it is clear we have a thicker layer of paint The paint here is not watered and relatively thick, you can see it but the flange is not that big If we had a thinner material, like dispersion paint, you would quickly get this flange This is enough to show that the paint application is uneven and this is not what you want So now I will show you What the best way would be. 30 cm distance Move the arm, not the wriste, and then first move the arm and after that pull the trigger So it is now at least better than before We do not have here at the beginning the thicker paint layer But a rather even distribution The difference jumps to the eye Another question is: how to get an even and uniform spray pattern? In order to avoid stains and patchy spots? This is actually obtained overlapping the paint application So if we have a paint stripe here So we would try to get the second spray stripe so that it covers half of the stripe we have You have to aim at the edge of the paint stripe you have with the tip Now we have here an overlap of 50% So that every area is sprayed 2 times And we have a very good cover effect with that, which turns out into an even spray pattern I will show it now, aiming at the lower edge and moving the tip along this line A second time So now we have a uniform spray pattern, overlapping I hope you like the results At least it is a good illustration and that you got a picture of basic rules of paint spraying Airless Paint Spraying 101, how to handle an airless paint sprayer How to get the best possible result For that the wall should not also be prepaped accordingly and not look like this one But we got an overview of a few point, how to keep the gun The spraying angle, overlapping For a uniform spray pattern And just as a conclusion, the pressure regulation, on that we have made a separated video If it is too much pressure or too little pressure If you have questions on paint spraying, send us an email or call us. BYE!

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