Leather Seat Repair 4K

hello its Alimech and in this video i
will repair a leather seat so you will need vinyl & leather repair kit
microfiber towel detailing brush scissors and a cleaner okay before doing
anything we have to trim the cut so you have a clean cut to work with with using detailing brush and cleaner
clean around the cut about one inch wipe it with a microfiber towel and then
leave it until it’s completely dry this is the repair kit I’m gonna use
today it comes with iron – bunch of colors
resin color matching chart templates and a manual these are the templates to choose
depending on what kind leatherworking on and these are the backing cloth now make
sure you will choose the right template now I’m gonna use mixing color chart to
mix the colors and then mix it with %25 hardener powder this is
the backing cloth cut the backing cloth slightly bigger than the cut use the spatula that comes with the kit
to insert the backing clothes into the cut and now it’s time to pour some resin using spatula to separate the resin and
work your way gets under the leather and now we have to leave it for four hours
to cure according to the manual so while our resin gets cure I’m gonna mix the
color close as possible to my leather color after getting the right color
mixture don’t forget to mix it with a 25% hardener powder now apply thin
layers and separated with a spatula and now put the template on it and iron it for 45 seconds once you put the template do not move it and do not let
the iron touch the leather after ironing for 45 seconds let it cool for 3
minutes after 3 minutes cooling peel the template if you saw the template is
sticking iron it again as you can see we have some imperfection I’m going to
apply another thin layer you can leave it like that or make the
holes like so it’s much better now only if you get
close you will notice the repair so if you liked the video hit the like buttom
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