LEGO STORE PRANK (Master Builder Sculpture Destroyed!) – REBRICKULOUS

I am in the Lego store with Tyler and Dimitri. We are going to prank some Black Friday shoppers haha woman: really? That’s okay Alright hey guys. We are in the Lego store today We are decked out under cover and Lego employees, and we brought our tried-and-true trusty trick table It made Dimitri to be hiding underneath we see those presents. There’s holes in them we’re gonna be sticking our hands or knocking them over and making people think that they did it and see how they react basically we’re Gonna be trying to get people to believe That we are trying to break a world of record or something like that and then basically they’re gonna participate thinking that they’re gonna help up and Something’s gonna happen. We’re putting cameras all throughout the store Where hiding them where people dont see them This camera is hidden inside a massive Minifig I’m Tyler nice to meet you they’re different things cool dippin. Everything is natural and telling us What’s up, hey guys doing I’m in today, I’m a master builder I this what I do is my job all the time So we’re building some so the holiday gift revealing some snowmen and we’ve got this little one here you guys want to see if you Can throw it together real quick? You got to build this guy oh? Shoot let me. There’s more little carrot noses in the back I’m gonna go grab one of those for you guys, and I’ll be right back Did you see anything, I just it just fell over Weird that it would happen We have a master builder here for the first time Hi guys welcome to the Lego store Basically what we’re gonna be doing is we’re making a bunch of these Presents making a hundred and then putting a little snowman inside that people make so What you guys possibly have some time and you want to make a little snowman? So I’m gonna need some more pieces over here Oh Wow What I did not knew that oh my gosh we’re halfway, did you do I did not rush dad promises oh my gosh It’s it’s okay Little wonky are those hats flat Briggs. I will be right back This is what happened started sliding and then Let’s stop at once oh Really, it was just really committed. I guess yeah. Oh my god. No if it’s the table or shoot. I’m supposed to deliver that tonight It’s revealed so I think hearing that sort of sliding yeah, yeah, I mean this looks – yes in a cement underneath oh yeah, it’s got a little bit like a chute Is there a trapdoor gonna, but how did you get yeah? I was just looking at it at the table. Oh, I think you’re Way off I Think we have one of these hold on I don’t see one here, but hold on let me get one Well I split up, I just felt like I was over here, I’ll try to grab it, that’s No, I mean just yeah Can you help me clean it up Yeah, just let me then tell me to get these up. Yeah Black Friday shopping more episodes of for pretty TLAs. How you choose?


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