Lexus RX Facelift vs. Vorgänger – Das hat sich verändert | Design/Details/Features

Welcome back to the Auto Weller YouTube Channel! I´m Josephine and todays video is about the new Lexus RX facelift. We will point out the the small but nice changes compared to its predecessor. The front, the rear and the interior had undergone changes. Also a new navigation system has been added to the new RX which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. As you can see, we got the 2015 model and the 2019 facelift in the F-Sport version. Lets start by comparing the fronts of both! The Diabolo Grill in the new RX has been edited distinctly. In the basis, executive and luxury line the grill got a new three-dimensional, L-shaped pattern. The F-Sport version on the other hand got the honeycomb pattern, which you might know from the LS. Furthermore, the chrome-applications in the front are contrasted in black and also the air inlets on the sides are honeycomb-shaped and black. The bottom edge of the grill has been liftet upwards which leads to a more harmonically looking transition from the grill towards the foglights up to the rear. This also makes the new RX appear more massive. As you can see, these headlights are split into three individual lights. This because each light has its own dim light and full beam. Furthermore, the Luxury line and F-Sport version come with the world´s first blade scan high-beam This helps you having full view in the dark, which does not blend other traffic participants. How that looks is shown by Lexus in this video. Having a look at the front of the older model compared to the new RX, you can se that the grill has not been lifted upwards. This makes the car appear more narrow and slightly higher. The grill also has the honeycomb pattern but the applications are still in chrome and the air inlets are a little smaller The headlights appear dynamically as well, but aren´t as sharp as in the new model and don´t feature the blade scan high-beam The side of the new RX has not changed that much, but this particular line reaching from the front up to the rear has been made a little smoother creating a more harmonically transition from the front to the rear New rim designs are announced 18 inch for the basic edition, 20 inch light metall rims for the executive line And the Luxury line can be fitted with a new 20 inch rim The side of the old model is nearly identical wit the new RX But few minor changes have been made The headline is not as flattened as the new one And the line on the side is a little wider at the driver´s door level Of course we can notice changes in the rear of the new RX The rear is not as bold as the old one which makes the wohle vehicle appear more beefy This ia also an advantage for the RX 450h L: The seven seater has more space for the passengers and a higher trunk volume The bumper of the new RX got a new design and has been lowered which gives the car a more vigorous appearance The L-shaped taillights have been adapted as well and the backlights and indicators have switched place The black highlighted chrome trim is there as well. The animation of the indicator has been improved Lexus has installed more LEDs creating a smoother flow The smallest detail-changes are the reflectors on the bottom of the bumpers which fit to the other design-changes of the new RX As you can see, the higher volume of the trunk offers more space. If you don´t need that much, you can lift up the additional seats Observing the rear of the old model it is remarkable how it is similar to a coupé model which gives you leas headroom in the font Not only have the taillight a different order, they also appear more edged Again, a chrome trim separates the taillights which is not colored in black though Also the bumper has a different design and the reflectors on the side are a slightly narrower The LEDs of the impulse indicator of the older RX are not as vast as in the new one An obvious difference: Whereas the indicators in the old mo head to the top, the new indicators are flowing downwards. The trunk of the old RX is large as well, for more space simply fold down the passenger seat row The interior of the new RX seems familiar to us because the basics are the same as in its predecessor. The best materials have been processed as known from Lexus For example the new decor optic: Walnut open-pore The area to control the infotainment- and multimedia- systems has been separated by this precise line. This line with the grey seam is crosses all over the dashboard. This line is even burst by a cool feature: You can now control the display by touch. So you don´t depend on the touchpad anymore. The predecessor had a little joystick. The 8 inch touch display comes in every model You can also get it as an 12,3 inch display in the premium navigation package. The new MM19 infotainment system is based on the one built in the old RX, but has many new features. You can now choose whether to use the Lexus infotainment system or connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This gives you the opportunity to use your preferred voice assistant in your Lexus RX extending the range of functions as you like. How the use of those system works can you see in another video we have prepared for you. As soon as it is available, we will link it in the description and you can find it inour channel You can further choose, how you like to be navigated: Via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or your Lexus Premium Navigation System Updates for the maps are being don over the air, which means via radio frequency, twice a year. The first three years are for free Lexus has also launched a new connectivity app: Lexus Link It is available for both iOS and Android. The App not only gives you the opportunity to be connected to your Lexus all day, but also to locate your Lexus, preparing trips from your smartphone and to set up service checks. We will also explain the controls of the Lexus in another video. As soon as it is available, you can fin it in the infobox, description and our channel. Now we´re back in the old RX. Of course the old RX does look noble as well. One of the main difference is the distance of the display from the driver´s seat. This is because it is not operated by touch, but the joystick in the central console. It is substituted by the touchpad in the facelift. Unfortunately, the old RX does not offer Apple CarPlay and the connectivity to the Lexus Link App. But we do have good news for all owners of the old RX: Lexus has announced that they will offer to retrofit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your vehicle. This will probably be possible in the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 and the price is expected to be between €200 and €400 Last but not least we will have a look at the engines. Nothing has changed there, the RX still comes in Germany as Hybrid and Petrol The petrol engine RX 300 offers 238hp. The turbo charged 2 liter engine grants an agile handling. The hybrid engine RX 450h combines a 3,5 liter V6 engine and an electric engine This is added by the E4 AWD This creates a perfect synergy between performance and control with very little CO2 emissions All in all the RX 450h has 313hp That was our video about the changes of the new RX facelift.
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