L’histoire de Spinali Design jusqu’au 09 décembre 2016

The Spinali Design adventure begins at the beginning of 2015 with an intuition : to use new technology to make clothes connected and more intelligent. Marie Spinali is the originator of the project. She founds the company, Spinali Design, in 2015. Her first goal : revolutionize the field of swimsuits. Her idea : find a way to be notified by her clothes in the case of overexposure to sunlight, based on her skin type and the type of sunscreen used. The business context isn’t simple, everything needs to be built and invented : the UV sensor, the fabrication process, the line of products, the smartphone application. By March 2015, the core team includes among others, Romain Spinali, Innovation Manager; Iman Lokayba and Emeline Naas, Project Managers; Florine Marais, Seamstress, soon joined by Nicolas and Françoise. The team’s challenge : move in 4 weeks from idea to product. The company decides to surround itself by the best, including Thomas Frey, Master Photographer, whose talent joins in on our adventure. There’s no shortage of work to do; every field-material, electronic, textile, digital, medical-requires innovation. Mission accomplished for the young start up in May 2015 with a presentation at the Filature in Mulhouse, a city well known for its role in the textile and digital industries, of the first connected swimsuit in the world, the NEVIANO. A collossal success surprises the young company. From the US to Japan, the world discovers and develops a passion for this new technology that unites textiles, that unites textiles, electronics and digital technology. Interviews and news coverage follow in radio, newspaper, television, and written press. The wave in the media is considerable. Spinali Design comes to embody a European vision of technology and textiles. The company therefore decides to pursue and accellerate the development of these new products. After the swimsuits, there comes the connected dress Pleasure, then the luminescent dress Caress, that are presented, respectively, in Autumn 2015 and in March 2016. Once again, the intuition proves right. Success is on the horizon and allows the company to move on to the international scene, but also to organize itself by bringing in new partners : Merdan Sarmis, Thomas, Anthony, Fanny and others join the adventure. In March 2016, the brand definitively adopts its new slogan, “Be Nice, Be Rebel, Be Yourself”, reflecting the spirit of the startup and its leaders. In Spring 2016, the company presents a collection of 70 Neviano for the 70th birthday of the bikini. These swimsuits integrate IAGO technology, developed by Spinali Design. In Summer 2016, the call of the international scene becomes stronger and stronger. Concerned to pursue innovation in the domain of connected development, Marie Spinali and her team decide to launch the first vibrating connected jeans in the world. In New York, on the 19th of September 2016, these new jeans, made entirely in France, like all of the brand’s clothes, are presented to the Americans. The innovation, the slogan, the state of mind, the quality immediately give the impression of true modernity. The company pursue its research in the development of electronics, digital technology and health, all while working on the quality of its products and designs. It then prepares for its third fashion show in Avoriaz. This event is a chance to show the brand’s new developments, its vision for the future of the company, and its new collection. And all this happens right now !

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